Sunday, September 10, 2023
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"Victory nowadays in soccer, generally, don't happen through accidental/ coincidental happenstance, but through carefully articulated plans/policies, that are first of all made in the boardroom of the FA; before that can be translated through the coaches to the players on the soccer pitch."- Cyril C. Nwokeji

"The Super Eagles of Nigeria, have a bright future and can realise their immediate and long term ambitions, given the correct developmental environment." Cyril C. Nwokeji

ndeed the whole contract extension 'saga' was with benefit of hindsight a conundrum!

Even before the NFF entered into negotiations with Coach Peseiro, for a contract extension, it looked as if Coach Peseiro would be shown the door, considering the mixed results obtained by Nigeria under his watch thus far. The critics had a field day, criticising and even lambasting the Coach for his not-too-impressive performance and of course the NFF, for hiring an " incompetent" coach. One commentator even went as far as describing him as a " Portuguese fruit seller" who had no business with soccer and insuniated he was apparently brought in to coach the Super Eagles because of the corruption and inefficiency that is the lot of the NFF.

Yours sincerely partially understood their feelings, but one felt given the Portuguese coach's resume, couldn't be dismissed as a incompetent or worse still as fake. One knew the reactions were in some instances emotional, because of not meeting their expectations, with regards the Super Eagles performance thus far.

From one's little experience in life, one has learnt that good things don't always come easy. Some times a decent measure of suffering and disappointment precede success. And coupled with rising soccer standards, certainly didn't make Coach Peseiro's task any easier.

From one's life's experiences, and from having followed soccer for many years, one knew Coach Peseiro needed to be given some time to prove himself as coach, before we could make a fairly balanced judgement about what quality of tactician he is. And, also, added to Coach Peseiro's challenges, it takes some time to build a team!

The 2023 AFCON tournament , in Cote d' Ivoire , in 2024, would present the perfect opportunity to assess Coach Peseiro's standards as a coach. There he would face the 'Creme de la creme' of African soccer! In other words, the best African teams would be on parade, and the extent to which he succeeds in navigating the Super Eagles' fortunes, will in yours sincerely's considered opinion, determine what quality of tactician he is.

In this light, yours sincerely is very much in agreement with the NFF's decision, to extend the contract to the end of AFCON 2023. The semi-final appearance given to him as standards, is fair and square, taken all relevant factors into consideration, both man-made and natural factors.

One of the interesting things about the contract extension conundrum, was that during the negotiations, non of the parties threatened to walk away. Never mind some of the fake negative buzz on social media about the threat to sack Coach Peseiro and all the other negativisms.

Truth is, the contract extension negotiation between the NFF and Coach Peseiro, could be likened to two lovers who needed to extend their nuptials' agreement, at the expiration of the previous one. Notwithstanding the misgivings they have for each other, they never thought about break-up, but stuck to each other throughout the negotiation's 'saga', until inevitably, they reached an agreement! Because they knew they were best for each other in the circumstances! Like all negotiations, concessions were made on both sides.

The NFF knew under the circumstances, continuing with Coach Peseiro was the best alternative for Nigeria. One is happy they didn't go in the direction of an "Interim Coach's" arrangement, which had failed, and would continue to fail Nigeria! Continuing with Coach Peseiro ensures continuity and that is needed to build a great team for the AFCON tournament and the 2026 World cup qualifiers!

On the other hand, Coach Peseiro knew coaching Nigeria successfully, would catapult his reputation as a coach, and, thus, would make him available for much bigger pay days in the future! Thus, the present sacrifice of taking a pay cut, could later translate to a much bigger pay day , either in Nigeria or elsewhere! Coaching the Super Eagles, is certainly his biggest, and most glamorous challenge thus far as coach! It is a priviledge many a foreign coach long for and would grab with both hands when given the chance! He has certainly decided to take his chance with both hands; and, consequently, temporarily, 'suffer' the present consequences of a pay cut in his salary.

In conclusion, one believes it will work out well for all and sundry at the end of the day!



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