Thursday, August 27, 2020

Vincent Kompany

" Failure is an inverted side of success." A philosopher

" Sometimes you need to take a step backwards, in order to move forward." Cyril C. Nwokeji

incent Kompany threw a bomb shell, earlier on in August 2020, that he was quitting the stage as an active soccer player, after 17 years of meritorious services as a professional soccer player.

The young man at the age of thirty-four, under normal circumstances, could have gone on a few more years as an active soccer player, but me thinks his rather frequent flirtations with injuries, apparently, persuaded him to throw in the towel as an active soccer player.

What does yours sincerely know about Vincent Kompany?

The young man, a youth product of "Anderlecht Football Club" of Belgium, broke through to the first team of Anderlecht FC, at 17 years. At that time, notwithstanding the fact he was a minor, the Anderlecht FC authorities deemed it fit to contract him to the senior team. The then coach of Anderlecht, Hugo Broos, talked profusely over him in the press, of his extra ordinary talent as a defender! And thought he was ripe enough to play for the Anderlecht team.

Yours sincerely took note of the coach's opinion, as it were, wanted to find out for myself what kind of a player he was. A few times of watching him in the training sessions of Anderlecht, convinced me he was indeed a big talent waiting to be developed and exploited.

Anderlecht FC, deed develop him as much as they could before selling him to the German first division side: Hamburg FC.

Before he left the shores of Belgium, he had established himself in the few seasons he played in Belgium, as a highly talented player, and won the award of : "Belgian Player of the year"!

At Hamburg FC, his career didn't go as planned. A blight of injuries ( his Achilles heel), disrupted his sojourn in Germany. He consequently earned the unenviable nickname of : "glass man" ! Hamburg FC that paid about 10million Euros for his services, were too happy to dispense of his services to Manchester City FC, at a loss, for 8 million Euros!

At Manchester City FC, his career under Coach Hughes took off on a brilliant note, he achieved many successes and he went on to profile himself as a World class player and a club icon; he later on became the captain of the team, under Coach Roberto Mancini!

At national team level, he was a huge success. He made his debut in the Belgian national team at 18 years. And, later on, went on to become one of the best players in the team and, eventually, became captain of the Belgian national team!

He was a member of the Belgian national team that won bronze medal at the 2018 World cup competition in Russia; and, thus, achieved Belgium's best ever performance at national team level! He was also a member of the Belgian national team that attained the status of number 1, on the FIFA world rankings of national teams!

Vincent Kompany's brilliant career as a soccer player, has now ended. It ended at the very club where it all began for him: Anderlecht FC of Brussels. He has now started a coaching career and is the coach of the club where it all started for him : Anderlecht FC of Brussels.

Off the soccer field, he is an affable and an amiable gentleman. Yours sincerely had the opportunity of encountering him in the flesh, on one occasion. One got a nice impression from that sole encounter with him.

In conclusion, in the words of a Belgian soccer commentator, he will go down in the annals of Belgium soccer history, as one of the best Belgian soccer players ever!!!!!!!!

One wishes him luck in his future endeavours!

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