Monday, August 16, 2021

Romelu Lukaku

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"Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a stepping stone to success" Anonymous

nother pleasant and interesting soccer transfer has been done: The transfer of the Belgian top striker: Romelu Lukaku, to Chelsea FC of England, the club of his dreams; in what is his second coming to "Stand ford Bridge", the home base of Chelsea FC. Romelu Lukaku, came from "Internationale Football Club" of Italy, where he had a successful two-year stint that culminated in winning the Italian league title, "Scudetto", in the 2020/2021 soccer season! He also won the "best player award" in the UEFA "Europa League" 2019/2020 and the "Most Valuable player" award in the Italian league, 2020/2021/. He also ended up as the second highest goal scorer in the Italian League in the 2020/2021 soccer season!

The Life/soccer journey for Romelu Lukaku, wasn't smooth initially. But through sheer dint of hard work, and, most importantly, abundance of God's grace, has risen to the height he finds himself in life today!

He came from a very modest background, he recounted how their mother had to dilute the milk they used for breakfast with water to ensure all members of her family had something of it! Needless saying the nutritional status of the milk was as a consequence compromised! But she had no choice.

Romelu Lukaku, apparently, knew soccer would be a way out of poverty and embraced it early enough. He combined it well with schooling.

He was formed in the famed "Anderlecht soccer academy", where he profiled himself, given his enormous talent, as a good soccer player. At the age of eighteen years, he was given a chance in the Anderlecht Football team's first team. And he grabbed his opportunity with both hands! One remembers, his first introduction in a "Europa League" match away in Belgrade. The match was headed to a scoreless outing, with about fifteen minutes remaining on the clock. He came in and made a difference by scoring two late goals that gave victory to Anderlecht. With that success, he launched himself firmly in his team , and became their number one striker!

His impressive performance subsequently in the Belgian league and in the Europa league, caught the attention of soccer scouts of Chelsea FC, who subsequently scouted him. Chelsea at the end of that season, bought him for a big transfer fee.

However, at the London club, he couldn't breakthrough because of his youth and relative inexperience! Still believing in his potentials, they transferred him on loan to "West Bromwich Albion", "WBA", in the midlands, in England, in the English soccer first division or "Premiership." At WBA, he did so well to justify his billing and to attract interest from other clubs.

He was subsequently loaned out to "Southampton FC " of England, also in the " Premiership", where he further blossomed as a top striker.

Subsequently , "Everton FC", came calling. This time around, they bought him out rightly from Chelsea, for a huge sum, that made Chelsea gain in the transaction! At Everton FC, he further profiled himself to be a top striker.

Manchester United FC, under Coach Jose Mourinho, subsequently, bought him for a record amount, as he had become a world class striker. But some unfortunate differences with Coach Oleg Gunner Soljlskaer, meant his adventure at "Old Trafford", the home base of Manchester United, was not meant to last for a long time. He was thus transferred to "Inter Milan" of Italy.

At Inter Milan, he profiled himself to be a super striker of world status! And his achievements at Inter Milan are chronicled at the beginning of the piece.

In conclusion, for Romelu Lukaku, he appears to have gone full circle with regards soccer development! Yours sincerely believes he would reap the fruits of his hard labour on the soccer field at Chelsea FC. He is now a super striker of world class, ready to justify his worth at Chelsea FC , unlike the first time around. He has certainly paid his dues and is now reaping the dividends, not only on the soccer pitch, but financially! He and his brother Jordan, another soccer player, have not only pulled their family out of poverty, but have made them rich; one of the richest in Belgium today.

Yours sincerely wishes Romelu Lukaku , lots of success in his second adventure at Stamford Bridge.

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