Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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he English have not had any major soccer success at the highest level of men's soccer since 1966. They have over the last fifty-two years, failed to play the final of either the European championship or World cup tournament. In other words, since 1966, they have not quite come closer to winning either of the aforementioned championships.

Several reasons have been adduced for this title drought on the part of the English in soccer. Some commentators have adduced the "lack of technique" in their game as being responsible. They claim the English play "Kick and rush", while the rest of the world have moved on in their playing pattern. Others adduce bad luck as being responsible. They adduce the penalty shoot-out loss to the Germans in the semi-finals of the 1996 European championship, in England and in the 1990 World cup tournament in Italy, to buttress their point. Others adduce what they term "discrimination" on the part of player's selection, by the English national team selectors. As a consequence of which the best players are not usually selected for subjective reasons. Regardless of what side of the aisle one finds himself, the fact of the matter is that the English have stayed too long without a decent soccer title, considering their pedigree in world soccer.

The English introduced the game of soccer to the world; but over the years, as events have proven, the world seems to have taken the game of soccer away from them! This is notwithstanding the fact they have the best and most developed soccer league in the world! And also the fact they have the best and most committed soccer following on the planet. The game of soccer really "lives" in England!!!!!

The English are a very special breed of people, apart from having colonised a great measure of the developing world, their language - English - is the most popularly and most widely spoken language on earth! They have the most popular royal family on earth! They are masters at organising ceremonial occasions, the extent to which they add pomp and pageantry to such occasions, is second to none!

The fact they have failed to win the world cup since 1966, is a very painful realisation to them.

Can they win the world cup again, or any other major title at the highest level in men's soccer? My humble answer is, yes! As a matter of fact, their day in the sun is fast coming, considering the latest trend in their soccer fortunes.

The English won the world under-17 and -under-20 world cups in 2017. And got to the semi-finals of the 2018 World cup competition. The concomitant consequence of the latest realities in their soccer development, is that given the right kind of developmental environment, the synergy of these successes, could translate to an eventual victory at the next World cup or European championship or even in both tournaments! Yes, one believes this fact. The omens appear bright for them.

Finally, given the above mentioned characteristics of the English and their other admirable attributes, an English World cup victory, would be celebrated like no other( sporting) event on this planet! The world through the impulse of the English, would be set alight! The celebrations would be unprecedented, in the history of soccer! This reality would further give impetus to the development of the game in England, in particular, and, in the world in general!!!! The English deserve it; they have been in the wilderness of soccer success for so long.


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