Saturday, July 7, 2018
he World cup competition, though currently ongoing, is indeed ended for our dear Super Eagles. The unexpected, or rather pre-mature elimination of Nigeria, is indeed painful, very painful indeed! It's even more painful considering the calibre of opponent that eliminated the Super Eagles: the weakest Argentinian team yours sincerely has seen at the World cup tournament!; and also considering the fact the Super Eagles were a hair's breadth away from qualification for the second round, when that second goal was scored by Argentina! It pained yours sincerely very much. As a consequence, one took some time off to let the emotions die down before writing this piece.

The critical question at this juncture is: Did the Super Eagles perform badly at the 2018 World cup tournament? Did they fail?

My humble assessment is that the Super Eagles of Nigeria, realistically speaking, didn't fail at the 2018 World cup tournament, may be Nigerians raised their expectations way too high, considering the team's standards! The Super Eagles were the youngest team of the 2018 World cup tournament. For most of the players, it was their first participation at a major tournament. According to Coach Rohr, the 2018 World cup tournament came way too soon for these group of Super Eagles!

Me thinks the 2018 World cup tournament was a very useful "learning experience", for the Super Eagles of Nigeria! The lessons learnt from the tournament, if well harnessed, and properly applied to the team's development, will certainly result in a formidable Super Eagles of Nigeria, come the 2022 World cup tournament!

This makes the point, the need to keep the present coaching crew, as much as possible, in place. Changing the coaching guards at this juncture could be inimical to the Super Eagles' 2022 World cup chances. It takes time to build a formidable team. Starting from the scratch at this juncture will almost certainly not help us. We should learn a lesson from the 2014 post World cup experience, when partly as a consequence of some deliberate or accidental administrative mix-up ( the NFF's crises), the fortunes of the Super Eagles nose-dived badly, so badly that Nigeria failed to qualify for two consecutive editions of the African Nations' cup competition, for the first time in Nigeria's soccer history! It was a painful set back that cost quite some efforts to rectify. We shouldn't repeat that mistake again. We now have the "template" of a potentially great Super Eagles of Nigeria. All that needs to be done, is to "improve" the team and not "rebuild" it !!!!!!

At this juncture, the man most suited to do the coaching job, is Coach Gernot Rohr. Coach Rohr, has proved himself, his record for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, speaks for itself. In less than two years, he raised a Super Eagles team, that was then virtually in tatters, to the top of African soccer, qualifying for the 2018 World cup in style, with one match left to go, in a so called "group of death"! He certainly deserves to keep his job.

The decision of the NFF, to extend his contract till 2020, even before the 2018 World cup tournament, was a smart, pro-active step!

Nigerians should continue to support the Super Eagles. This is certainly not the time to 'destroy' or 'destabilise' the team with negative, scathing and disparaging criticisms. But time to continue to encourage them, while giving constructive criticisms, and opinions aimed at helping to make the team better. That the Super Eagles of Nigeria will rule the soccer world at the highest level, is not a question of "if ", but rather "when" that would happen. If the right things are done, that time would certainly not be in the distant future!

The French team that won the 1998 World cup tournament, failed to qualify for the 1994 World cup tournament, but bounced back four years later to rule the soccer world, with the same coaching crew that failed in 1994!

In conclusion, me thinks that out of the ashes of this "Russian" experience, the Super Eagles of Nigeria, if well managed, would shock the world, at the 2022 World cup tournament, in Quater! Yours sincerely believes this with all his heart!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" " Iseeehhhhhh!"


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