Tuesday, June 5, 2018
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he final list of twenty-three players recently released by Coach Gernot Rohr indeed represent the best twenty-three players of the moment for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. In selecting those players, Coach Rohr, certainly took into account the principles of: equity, justice and fair play. No one can realistically complain of the unfair addition or elimination of certain players. Unlike four years ago, when some of us cried foul about certain aspects of the final World cup list, one doesn't expect complaints about the 2018 World cup list. Coach Gernot Rohr, just as he has always done his best since his appointment almost two years ago, certainly did his best in compiling this final World cup list.

Coach Rohr is not a Nigerian and as such has the advantage of performing his duties for the Super Eagles without the least element of bias influencing his sense of judgement! So far he has performed well. Coach Rohr's interest - though somewhat selfish- is to make a name for himself and further raise his profile as a coach; that wouldn't be bad for business ( marketing himself as a good coach)!

In this wise, Nigerians should be rest assured he will and would continue to do his best, as coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria!

Coach Rohr admitted to journalists, at the beginning of his tenure as Super Eagles' coach, that he had always wished he would coach a big soccer nation, in his coaching career. So when the opportunity to coach Nigeria came, he seized it with both hands! The French coach who was offered the job before Coach Rohr, who apparently, will now be full of regrets for refusing a job he thought was impossible to perform, considering the then lower standards of the Super Eagles, cannot but admire the courage of a man who saw the potentials of the then fumbling and bumbling Super Eagles, and, thus, decided to take the risk. Coach Rohr, when told of the condition sin qua non for the Super Eagles' job: qualification for World cup 2018, not only acceded to this condition, but expressed his faith and belief in the eventual qualification of the Super Eagles for the later stages of the 2018 World cup competition!!!!! Thus far, he has not only accomplished the first part of his objectives, but is working assiduously towards accomplishing the second part of it.

One cannot overemphasize this fact: Coach Rohr has done well so far! And is not only working hard towards getting the Super Eagles to where he wants them to be at the world cup, but will please God accomplish that objective!!!!!!!

To those players who are certainly disappointed as a consequence of being dropped, more especially at the last minute, one says take heart! They should continue to support the Super Eagles, and most importantly continue to work hard in their respective soccer careers, who knows they may be in the World cup list of 2022. They should realise that some of the players who made the 2018 World list, were dropped from the 2014 World cup squad. That is how it goes in soccer!

Once again yours sincerely calls on all Nigerians to continue to support the Super Eagles unequivocally, as they have always done. The World cup tournament will certainly not be easy, but one believes that, please God, these Super Eagles will make Nigerians happy at Russia 2018!

Yours sincerely believes in these Super Eagles!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" "Iseeeeeehhhh!"



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