Monday, June 25, 2018
he soccer fever that has caught up with Nigerians, and indeed all lovers of the Super Eagles of Nigeria, has reached a never-seen-before height! The soccer fever has reached an unusual and unprecedented pitch!!!!! The image of that patriotic woman, who anointed each Super Eagles' player, while Nigeria's national anthem was being sung, before the encounter against the Icelanders, says it all!

See the video:

The match against the Argentinians, given what is at stake, is a match-up, yours sincerely would have preferred to avoid for Nigeria. In my piece on the Super Eagles' World cup group, in the immediate aftermath of the World cup draws, yours sincerely, preferred a second round qualification ticket for the Super Eagles, before encountering the Argentinians. But helaas, as providence would have it, the ticket for the second round of the World cup competition, for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, must be gotten at the expense of the Argentinians! In other words, the Super Eagles, as it is, must do a major "giant killing", to get to the knock-out stage of the World cup competition. Thus, they have a very important date or rendezvous with "destiny", come Tuesday, the 26th of June!!!!!!!

Are the Super Eagles equal to the task? Is it doable? Me thinks yes! Very well so!

What are the reasons for my optimism?:

Firstly, as an unrepentant optimist, not only in the affairs of the Super Eagles, but in my personal affairs, yours sincerely, would rather see a half-filled glass of water, than a half-empty glass! ;

Secondly, yours sincerely, has always believed in the "Nigerian spirit"! This usually propels Nigerians to success, even with their backs to the wall! Nigerians, characteristically, leave it too late in the day to strike for gold. We are usually given to complacency, but when we mean it, we usually get the job done!;

Thirdly, the Argentinian national team is not as strong as four years ago. The present team has great players, but certainly not a great team! The reliance on Lionel Messi, is enormous. If Messi, is tactically taken out, they would be in trouble! ;

Fourthly, the Super Eagles are backed by a rich and glorious "African history", at the World cup competition. At the 1986 soccer World cup in Mexico, the Moroccan national team, one of the then two African representatives, was pushed to the wall. They had to defeat and consequently eliminate "almighty" Portugal, to qualify for the second round of the World cup competition. Nobody gave them a chance, considering the quality of the opposition, and considering Africa's history at the World cup. But on match day, Morocco, did the "impossible", by not only getting the job done, but doing so in style: the Portuguese were roundly defeated, 3-1! Morocco, thus, became the first African team to qualify for the knock-out stage of the FIFA senior World cup competition! Consequently, FIFA, awarded a third slot to Africa, at it's quadrennial soccer show piece event! The then Brazilian coach of Morocco: the late Jose Farias, of blessed memory, consequently, told the world press that the victory of Morocco, and the consequent Africa's first qualification for the knock-out stage of the World cup, was the best achievement of his coaching career! He went on to say that even if he died at that point in time, he would die a satisfied man! This coach would later on convert to Islam, got married to a Moroccan woman and would spend the rest of his life in Morocco. After his death, on his request, he was buried in Morocco! Thus, it was a very memorable victory that not only changed one man's 'destiny', but also changed the soccer 'destiny' of a whole continent - Africa!

In conclusion, the Super Eagles of Nigeria, have a very important bridge to cross, to get to the knock-out stage of the World cup competition. They have done it before, and, yours sincerely, believes they can do it again! This time around, just like Morocco, thirty-two years ago, the Super Eagles, can please God, help "change" Africa's destiny at the FIFA senior World cup competition, by helping the continent attain never-seen-before heights!!!!!!

This is the fervent wish and expectation of all Nigerians and indeed all fans and lovers of the Super Eagles of Nigeria!

Its doable!!!! Our time has come!!!!! Go Super Eagles go!!!!!! We are all behind you in this battle!!!!!!!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" "Iseeeehhhhh!"



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