Thursday, June 23, 2022

hat the Super Eagles of Nigeria defeated a team like Sao Tome and Principe, should not come as a surprise to any good soccer connoisseur. The reason being the enormous class difference between both teams! And Guinea-Bissau further put the Super Eagles under pressure with regards expectations, by thumping the Islanders: 5-1!

The question on the lips of the average Super Eagles' supporter thus was, by how much the Super Eagles were going to win the match-up with the Islanders from Sao Tome and Principe?

Yours sincerely is not usually given to making predictions about soccer matches since the round leather game can be unpredictable. More especially, a weaker team that plays with ten out-field players behind the ball, can sometimes be difficult to defeat, more especially, if they play with extra or an unusually defensive gusto!

However, in the match-up with the Super Eagles of Nigeria, the Islanders dared attack and in the process fell into the attacking 'trap' of the Super Eagles!

When yours sincerely saw the Super Eagles' line-up, for the match, one wondered if Coach Jose Peseiro would operate in a 4-4-2 formation. One noticed in the line-up, Coach Peseiro, had room for a defensive mid-fielder, unlike in the starting line-up against Sierra-Leone. But when action started, one only saw a "one- directional" soccer activity, as the Super Eagles out-classed the Islanders in all departments of the game!

Even if Coach Peseiro, in his original tactical set-up, intended for a more cautious offensive play, with a gradual build-up from mid-field, a la 4-4-2, the ease with which the Super Eagles out-classed the Islanders, apparently made the original tactical plan, collapse from a 4-4-2 to a 4-2-4 formation.

There was nothing like a gradual/cautious attacking build-up from the mid-field, but rather an all-out offensive soccer mode, patterned along 4-2-4 tactical plans!

The Islanders, thus, 'suffered' for the entire duration of the game, the Super Eagles' continued/continuous offensive salvos; that was not relenting and sometimes temporarily tweaked to a 4-1-5 formation, when one of the Super Eagles' mid-fielders joined wholly the attacking fray, because of the ease with which the Islanders were put behind, by the Super Eagles' superior attacking mould!

It was essentially "one directional" attacking soccer and the Super Eagles achieved far-more than expectations and banged the Islanders relentlessly : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 !!!!!!!!!!

To record the Super Eagles' best ever soccer victory : 10-0, and, consequently, bettered/battered Nigeria' s hitherto soccer victory record, that stood at : Nigeria 10 , Benin Republic 1 ; in 1959!

The players all played well! One however, notes the "man-of-the match" performance of Victor Oshimen, alias "El Fantastico", who banged in four personal goals and contributed to two other goals. He even had two goals disallowed. As a true 'predator' he took maximal advantage of a weak team to improve his goal scoring tally with the Super Eagles and equal the late Rashid Yekini of blessed memory's record of four goals in a match!

In conclusion, though it's still early days, but Coach Jose Peseiro's tactical imprints are gradually taking hold in the Super Eagles' style of play.

Coach Peseiro, rightly noted that Nigeria has got quantity and quality in terms of soccer players- certainly a very good observation! In other words, he has got the materials to prosecute his job and meet his expectations as well as that of Nigerians' and other Super Eagles' supporters'. All he has to do is to select the best players at all times and organise them into the right technical and tactical mould, and the Super Eagles of Nigeria, would defeat any team on planet earth! This is not bragging, but reality. The Super Eagles of Nigeria, have got enormous potentialities!



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