Wednesday, June 13, 2018
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he World cup competition 2018, will kick off tomorrow. The die is certainly cast for what hopefully would be a memorable tournament. For the Super Eagles of Nigeria, the expectations couldn't be higher! Nigerians want nothing but a successful prosecution of the World cup tournament by their favourite soccer team. The critical question at this juncture is: Are the Super Eagles equal to the task ahead? My humble answer is: Yes! What informs my optimism? A number of reasons or factors :

Firstly, Nigeria's soccer history at soccer tournaments. Nigerian teams don't go to tournaments to make up the numbers. They participate in tournaments with the mind set to conquer and they succeed in quite a good number of cases. You may call this the triumph of the "Nigerian spirit "! ;

Secondly, Nigeria is highly blessed with talented players. This set of Super Eagles, is not short on talents!; and they have had quite decent preparations for the tournament;

Thirdly, the Super Eagles have a world class tactician, who has remained largely unsung in his coaching career. While the continent of Africa has recently discovered his coaching qualities - he came second in the prize of "African coach of the year,2017"- the whole world would get to know him after the World cup tournament in Russia;

Fourthly, for the first time in many years, we have a really pro-active NFF, that now expertly co-ordinates Nigeria's soccer affairs; also they are actively supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria;

Fifthly, a friend of mine informed me that it appears destiny has decided to smile on Africa, going by the recent positive developments, affecting the continent - the "Batman story" in France and so on!;

Lastly, the Super Eagles can count on unprecedented support and followership from millions of Nigerians as well as other admirers.

The net effect of the above factors, is that the Super Eagles of Nigeria, are well equipped to compete favourably with the very best in world soccer, at 2018 soccer World cup.

The results of the friendly matches ? Though, generally not impressive, but friendly matches are meant to expose a team's weaknesses, before the real event; for onward polishing by the coaching crew!

Nigerians, rather than write off the team, should continue to pray for the team! Please God, it will come out well for Nigeria!!!!!

Yours sincerely, please God, is confident of a successful World cup campaign by our dearest Super Eagles!!!!!!!!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" "Iseeeeehhh!"



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