Thursday, May 28, 2020

"Victory nowadays in soccer, generally, don't happen through accidental/ coincidental happenstance, but through carefully articulated plans/policies, that are first of all made in the boardroom of the FA; before that can be translated through the coaches to the players on the soccer pitch."- Cyril C. Nwokeji

"The Super Eagles of Nigeria, have a bright future and can realise their immediate and long term ambitions, given the correct developmental environment." Cyril C. Nwokeji

"The retention of Coach Gernot Rohr, at least till 2022, is a conditio sine qua non for the Super Eagles of Nigeria to take the soccer world by storm, at the Qatar 2022 World cup competition." Cyril C. Nwokeji

ords cannot adequately express the debt of my gratitude to the NFF for the renewal of Coach Gernot Rohr's contract! It is indeed a needed step in the right direction. Nigeria will now have the opportunity to have continuity in the coaching of the Super Eagles for a very appreciable period of time, since the era of Coach Clemens Westerhoff. By the time Coach Rohr's contract ends in 2022, he would have been in charge for six years! He may well go down as the longest serving substantive Super Eagles coach, in modern Nigerian soccer history!

This means that at the end of Coach Rohr's latest contract, he would have had the opportunity, perhaps more than any other Super Eagles' coach in modern Nigerian soccer history, to tinker the Super Eagles to his dreams and vision as a coach! And, thus, should under normal circumstances, have the opportunity to take the team to greater, nay greatest heights in Nigerian soccer history! Coach Rohr, certainly has his work cut out for him; and me thinks he is well-prepared for it!

The expectations are certainly high , if not highest, given this scenario, vis- a- viz Coach Rohr, from Nigerians! The Super Eagles are supposed to fly very high in the beautiful skies of world soccer! And why not, a country like Nigeria that is immensely endowed on all fronts, soccer inclusive, should not expect anything less from her dearly beloved Super Eagles, the "Apex soccer team" of Nigeria!

The Super Eagles of Nigeria under Coach Rohr, has shown decent improvements in it's fortunes, since Coach Rohr took over nearly four years ago. Then the team was in 'tatters', having failed for the second consecutive time to qualify for the AFCON tournament, for the inglorious first time in Nigeria's soccer history! The Super Eagles lacked top quality players, who could have made the job of the coach easier. But notwithstanding the daunting challenges facing the team then, vis-a-viz the expectations: qualification for the 2018 World cup competition, Coach Rohr went to work in earnest, and has so far produced decent results for Nigeria! The Super Eagles' ratings in African and World soccer have improved in the last four years. There are prospects for further improvements in the future!

Coach Rohr has chosen for the youth in the development of the Super Eagles. The Super Eagles now have about the youngest average age of players not only in Africa, but in the whole wide world! Young talented players who can become much bigger players in the future! And under the guidance of an experienced coach of the calibre of Coach Rohr and with a pro-active NFF, under leadership Mr. Amaju Pinninck , and with an ever- supportive Federal government and of course with the unflinching, unyielding and unwavering support and prayers of their country men and women, the sky can even be a stepping stone for the Super Eagles of Nigeria!

The omens certainly appear bright for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. With this latest move, the NFF have put about the last and apparently most important plan into action, to ensure a very successful Super Eagles in the coming challenges! Me thinks they would indeed perform!

To the critics of Coach Rohr, one advises them to temporarily sheath their sword; and give Coach Rohr another chance. The co-operation of all and sundry is needed at this crucial time to ensure success in the face of daunting challenges confronting the Super Eagles of Nigeria! Constructive criticisms are always needed and most welcome, but destructive criticisms are not wanted. They can only destroy and not build-up. Those critics that have misgivings about Coach Rohr's appointment based on nationality; and would rather have a Nigerian coach in his stead, should exercise some patience. Ideally, the national team coach of any country should be a national; but in certain circumstances a foreigner can be necessary to take a country to the desired height in soccer. Top soccer countries like England and Belgium have employed or are presently employing a foreign coach. It is thus not a 'sin' to employ Coach Rohr for Nigeria for now. Somewhere along the line, a Nigerian coach would have his chance. But that preferably should be after the Super Eagles would have gotten to the expected height! Certainly not at this time! The Super Eagles are on an upward march, making a change in the coaching guards at this time could be destructive!

In conclusion, once more congratulations to the NFF, on this brilliant, sensible and very pro-active step! By this latest move, the Super Eagles of Nigeria have been placed on a good pedestal for success in the future. Please God, they will achieve success!!!!!!

UP SUPER EAGLES! UP NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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