Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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he title of this piece summarizes my sentiments about the Flying Eagles' performance in the match. Are the Flying Eagles, indeed, ready for the under-20 World cup tournament? Are the Flying Eagles, rather, a bunch of media hyped-up players, made up of "quantity" but with very little vital "quality" ? Quality needed to make a difference in a soccer match!

Yours sincerely was very much unimpressed with what one saw for all of ninety minutes! The Flying Eagles players worked hard throughout the match, but, apparently, met a better side, that gave them virtually no quarters to operate!

For all of ninety minutes, the Flying Eagles players notwithstanding their high work rate, couldn't create one decent goal scoring opportunity!!!!!! What happened to creativity in mid-field? Why was it so difficult to dislodge an average United states team, that appeared invincible, no thanks to the under- performance of the Flying Eagles, even for once?

The United states team, in my considered opinion, is no more than an average team, that appeared invincible to the Nigerians for earlier stated reason; a team that would certainly be taken apart by a more technical side! The Americans were better than the Nigerians in all departments of the game! And certainly deserved their victory.

The Nigerian team showed weaknesses in all departments of the game! The defenders, sometimes, defended like amateurs, scandalously, losing concentration at vital moments; a reality which the Americans capitalised on to score two vital goals! The Nigerian mid-field showed the needed work rate, but lacked the vitally needed creativity, needed to make the vital defence-splitting passes, in the vital area of their opponents. This deficiency made the American defence to appear impregnable; and made the American defenders appear like 'dinosaurs' that gave the Nigerian attackers no quarters.

A more technical Flying Eagles mid-field, would have torn them apart. Like as earlier stated, the relatively weak Nigerian team, made the Americans look like a great side, which they are not!

Going forward, the fact that Coach Aigbogun didn't have players, particularly in mid-field, who could make a difference, notwithstanding the high work rate of the Nigerians and notwithstanding the fact all three substitutions were exhausted quite 'early ' in the match, makes me wonder how far this team would go in the competition. This is more especially so, considering the fact the competition would get "hotter" from now onwards!

In conclusion, like a true optimist, and a fighter, I sincerely do hope the Flying Eagles would come out smoking against the Ukrainians, in their last group's match. This wouldn't be easy, but they have no choice. 'Unfortunately' for them, Nigerians always have huge expectations of their soccer teams at international competitions. Yours sincerely continues to wish them well!


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