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" Failure is an inverted side of success." A philosopher

" There are many ways to achieve success in life." Cyril C. Nwokeji

" The doors of life open to those who push hardest." Anonymous

" God gives success, we can only make an effort as humans." Cyril C. Nwokeji

" Challenges paradoxically make life interesting and worth living" Cyril C. Nwokeji

" A life without challenges is not worth living" Cyril C. Nwokeji

" Every effort one makes towards achieving a particular objective, regardless of a possible immediate negative outcome, will eventually count towards giving one the desired result later on." Engr. Freedoline Nwokeji

" Every failure in the short term, brings one closer to a later success " A popular American Proverb

" Failure is not the opposite side of success, it is a stepping stone to success" Anonymous

" The future belongs to the brave" President Ronald Reagan

ur compatriot Ademola Lookman, chose the right/best moment to impose his game and himself on soccer posterity by banging in three solid goals in a European soccer cup final! By so- doing, he has etched his name, not only on the sands of (soccer) time, but in the game's posterity, as not many soccer players have been so blessed, on such a special occassion as a soccer cup final; a European soccer cup final for that matter! A big congratulations to him and his team: "Atalanta Bergamo"!

The likely implication(s) of Ademola Lookman's performance throught the season, for both club and country, would be discussed in the concluding part of this piece.

"Atalanta Bergamo", is a modest club by Italian soccer standards. Certainly not in the league of the soccer club 'heavy weights ', like AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, Lazio Roma etc. But in the last two seasons has shown an uncanny resurgence that has propelled the club, for now, in the league of the 'heavy weights ' of Italian serie A soccer.

What with strong showings in the Italian soccer first division: Serie A, the Italian FA cup, or "Coppa Italia" and of course in the European competition. The crowning glory of which has become their new status as winners of the 2023/2024 edition of the Europa league, Europe's second most important soccer competition!

Their hitherto moderate soccer status in Italy, contributed strongly to their relatively scanty collection of trophys over the years. As a matter of fact, their last trophy (success), dates back to 1963! Thus, there was a long wait of 61 years before another trophy could be added to their trophy's cabinet.

The long wait was certainly not an easy one. Even in the current soccer season where they finally triumphed, they had to go through the pains and pangs of losing the Serie A title to "Inter Milan; losing the "Coppa Italia" in the very final match to Juventus and having to confront a very tough opponent, in the Europa league final match, that triumphed in the German soccer league, the "Bundesliga", as champions, without conceding a defeat!

However, despite the odds staked against them , the "Atalanta" team fought like trojans and finally triumphed in a most convincing fashion against the current German soccer champions! A very big Congratulations to them! This victory may well herald a certain renaissance in their fortunes, in the years to come. Yours sincerely wishes them the very best of luck for the future.

In celebrating the success of "Atalanta Bergamo", as earlier- mentioned, the role played by our very own Ademola Lookman, can certainly not be underestimated. He has thus far, played a key role in their success over the last two seasons.

The success of Ademola Lookman with "Atalanta" in the current soccer season, like with the entire club, didn't come on a platter either for him. Apart from the earlier-stated loses, Ademola Lookman, also lost the final of the "2023 African Nations' cup" with the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Notwithstanding that loss, he was one of the light points of the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the last AFCON tournament. And made the team of the tournament!

Before getting to this level of success, Ademola Lookman endured many failures as a player in the English premier league, before being sent out on loan to the German Budesliga team : Leipzig, where he hit the headlines, before his transfer to "Atalanta Bergamo".

To our other compatriots, on the losing German side: "Bayer Leverkussen": Victor Boniface and Nathan Tella, yours sincerely says also a big congratulations; and a big kudos, for their efforts/contributions in helping "Bayer Leverkussen" attain the enviable heights of the current soccer season!

In conclusion, the latest success of Ademola Lookman, in addition to his previous successes with club and country, will most likely put him in contention to be the "2024 African footballer of the year"!

Yours sincerely continues to wish him and the other Super Eagles' players lots of soccer success; and, hopefully, their successes will translate to bigger and better fortunes for the Super Eagles of Nigeria.



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