Sunday, May 20, 2018
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he list of thirty players recently released by Coach Gernot Rohr, which represents a provisional list of Super Eagles' players for the 2018 World cup, is to say the least fair and balanced! They represent the best thirty players of the moment, for the Super Eagles. Yours sincerely has no doubt in his mind, that Coach Rohr, will certainly select from the provisional list, the best twenty-three players to represent Nigeria at the World cup.

An evidence in support of the balanced nature of the provisional list, is the fact that the list has been generally accepted by soccer commentators all over! Those commentators who have expressed reservations for the inclusion or non- inclusion of certain players, should accept the list as it is, since Coach Rohr has the final say and takes responsibility for the team's performance!

Certain aspects of the team's selection excite yours sincerely:

One is happy there is the inclusion of Goalkeeper Dele Ajiboye, currently one of the best performers on the local scene. That young man showed his talent and ability at the last CHAN championship, and certainly deserves his call up.

The defensive list is unchanged from the last time around. Coach Rohr, will have a hard time selecting the likely 7 defenders that will make the World cup list. This means he would drop three fine defenders in the present list. That would certainly be tough!

Selection of the likely six mid-fielders would not be easy either. They are all currently in good form for their various club sides. One of them: Uche Agbo, who plies his trade with a local club side here, in Belgium, is in such a fine form that a Belgian friend of mine wondered how he cannot be in the final Nigerian World cup list. My reply was that, Coach Rohr, would have the final say!

The selection of the offensive players would, in my considered opinion, be somewhat easier. Coach Rohr, from the list of called up players, apparently, has made up his mind with regards what kind of strikers he wants to prosecute the world cup with. The only position he is still in doubt, apparently, is the third central striker in the team. Apparently, Coach Rohr, wants a seven-man attacking squad in his final World cup list. He already knows his wide players, he is apparently looking for a third centre-forward to complement Odion Ighalo and Kelechi Ihenacho. So in my considered opinion, Coach Rohr, will pick either Simeon Nwankwo or Lokosa, in his final squad.

In conclusion, whatever Coach Rohr decides in his final list of players, your sincerely is sure he will certainly get the support of Nigerians and all lovers of the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Yours sincerely has this gut feeling these Super Eagles are destined for great things at the 2018 World cup competition! Who knows they might just go all the way!!!!!! Am I being too optimistic ? Don't forget folks, in soccer, anything can happen; certainly in a tournament!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" "Iseeeeeehhhh!"



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