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• Soccer nowadays has become a chess game of sorts, with both coaches at the opposite ends of the chess board directing/urging on their players to victory" Cyril C. Nwokeji

• Soccer nowadays has become a coach's game" A popular soccer wiseness

• Only a team wins" Coach Jose Mourinho

• Good coaches are born, not made" Cyril C. Nwokeji

very big congratulations to Coach Finidi George, for coming out tops in the Super Eagles' coach's job selection, and, thus, landing one of the most coveted and - demanding jobs in world soccer!

Yes, the job of Super Eagles' coach is one of the most difficult any where on the globe! The last coach: Jose Peseiro confirmed this fact. What with a team that is the biggest and best brand of a nation of more than two hundred million people! A people that have adopted soccer as a culture; a religion of sorts. A soccer- obsessed people; sometimes soccer 'crazy' ! A project that unites all Nigerians!!!!!

A team that has more than two hundred million 'coaches'! And some of them with even better soccer knowledge than the substantive coach. Such a job is certainly very demanding!

Coach Finidi George, this time around, as Nigeria's twenty-seventh Super Eagles' coach, is certainly not a "nobody" for the job. Having seen and experienced it all as a highly talented soccer player that played soccer at the highest levels, and, concomittantly, won some of the biggest and best honours in soccer; and, also, with an impressive coaching/managerial credential thus far, in his relatively short coaching/managerial stint to march, is certainly cut out for the job of Super Eagles' gaffer at this time.

He certainly needs the support of all Nigerians and the other Super Eagles' supporters to succeed in his onerous task.

Yours sincerely will make his own contributions in this wise thus:

Coach George Finidi should be his own man from the beginning of his tenure as Super Eagles' gaffer. He should not accept dictations from any quarters. Thus far, he has shown positive signs in this respect by insisting on selcting his own backroom staff.

He should make a declaration on the status of Skipper Ahmed Musa; preferably in his first press conference. He should decide whether to continue with him as skipper of the team, or encourage him to retire and pave the way for up- and- coming players. If Skipper Ahmed Musa is 'retired'/ 'retires' from the Super Eagles, Coach Finidi George, should appoint his own captain/skipper of the Super Eagles. That choice should be his; even if he defies conventional wisdom in making the choice.

He should beware of unscrupulous players' agents. Who would stop at nothing to have their wards play for the Super Eagles, even if they don't fit the bill. Such players' agents would tempt the coach with wads of dollar bills to make him play ball. These wads of dollar bills may appear tempting initially, but in the final analysis, would pale into pittance ; thus, relatively insignificant, compared to what Coach Finidi George stands to gain if he does his job conscientously and wins laurels with the Super Eagles of Nigeria!

He should be able to manage the egos of the millionaires in the dressing room. In this wise, as a mature and also a successful man, one expects him to make use of his maturity and imagination.

The job will entail winning matches right from the onset, in order to stand a good chance of meeting the demands of his employers and fellow Nigerians. In this respect, having highly talented players won't be enough; there would be the need to formulate the winning formula/strategy, to win matches. This would call into play the extent of his technical/tactical depth as a coach! Certainly in a highly competitve and demanding African soccer space/league. He needs to be up to it! Compared to the other ''class of 94'' Super Eagles players, the legendary golden generation of Super Eagles and of Nigerian soccer, who coached the Super Eagles, he inherits the most highly talented team! Thus, there can be no excuses for failure.

If need be, he should hire a public relations officer to help him with communications. This aspect of his job as Super Eagles' gaffer, may be wont to be faulty, considering the huge burden of expectations placed on the team and on Coach Finidi George. Bad communications can herald even the best coach's failure.

Lastly, Coach Finidi George should insist on a decent pay packet, fairly comparable to what would have been paid to a foreign coach. This is logical from the point of view of the huge expectations placed on his shoulders.

In conclusion, If Coach Finidi George succeeds as Super Eagles'coach, he would go down in history as a successful Super Eagles' coach and would be permanently remembered as one by the ever-grateful Nigerian Super Eagles' supporters.

Yours sincerely wishes him the very best of luck.



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