Friday, May 11, 2018
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he Super Eagles' final leg of preparations for Russia '2018, is nigh. All hands are certainly on deck for a good and memorable world cup adventure. The Super Eagles fortuitously have virtually everything going for them in the preparations for the world cup thus far: A fairly well talented, solid team, that plays like one solid block!; a very proactive NFF, one of the best in many years; a government that is very supportive of the team; well-meaning Nigerians who are always and would always be there for the Super Eagles of Nigeria!; and above all the super abundant blessings of God Almighty!!!!!!!

Considering the foregoing, what stands between the team and a huge success in Russia ?; or in Igbo parlance: "Gini jizi nkita onwu" ?

Me thinks the players' attitude will go a long way towards determining the Super Eagles' success in Russia. In other words, Nigerians expect a highly committed Super Eagles' players from the very first day of camping for the final lap of preparations. The players should even more than before, commit themselves to the Super Eagles' course. There should be no excuses; they have everything going for them! Nigerians are usually very demanding with regards their dear Super Eagles. Why not? The Super Eagles, is the Nigerian peoples' movement! What this means is that the Super Eagles' players, have a huge responsibility representing Nigeria, more especially at the FIFA senior world cup tournament! The players are expected to give nothing less than 120 percent effort in the course of the preparations; and of course in the world cup proper.

Yours sincerely at a recent social occasion, discussed with some Nigerians how far the Super Eagles would go at the world cup tournament. The general consensus was that the Super Eagles should at the very least, improve on the record of past world cup participations. Yours sincerely couldn't agree more, considering everything around and about the team. The Super Eagles of Nigeria, is one very big project as stated earlier. However, we should be cautious in our expectations of the team; or rather realistic in our expectations. There are no more small teams in world soccer! Nations having realised the importance of soccer in the scheme of things, now invest huge capital in soccer development. Who would have imagined even ten years ago, that China, a soccer dwarf, would invest so much money in the game, that their country is fast becoming the mecca of soccer? Who would have imagined ten years ago, that so much money would be pumped into the English premiership championship, that Arsenal, a hitherto constant in the top four finish in the premiership, would be struggling to make the top four list? That is the reality of modern football! Soccer is no more a sport for only entertainment, but one that has over the years grown in stature! A friend of mine told me in 1990, at the end of that year's world cup tournament, in Italy, that considering the followership of the game at that world cup, "soccer has conquered the world!" I couldn't agree more. Following my friend's thinking, if soccer conquered the world in 1990, soccer has certainly "killed" the world in 2018!!!!!

In conclusion, the sum total of the above analysis, is that the Super Eagles must apply themselves even with more raw, rugged determination, gusto, "grinta", never-say -die spirit, and all they need to excel, even from the first day of preparations, for the world cup tournament. There should be no excuses! Me thinks that if they do the needful, with some element of good luck, given the typical Nigerian fighting spirit, notwithstanding the opposition, they would do well at the World cup preparations and at the World cup tournament. Who knows they might just as well go all the way! Nigerians normally battle without complexes, no matter the opposition! Nigerians are usually sufficiently audacious to face and conquer any challenges! Nigerians are goal getters! Nigerians can do the impossible! These are some of the reasons yours sincerely believes in our great country Nigeria, notwithstanding our present challenges.

With all due respects and - appreciations of the other teams that would be at the World cup, if there is one team outside the usually great soccer nations, that normally win the World cup, that can shock the world and go all the way, that country is Nigeria! If there is one African country that can rule the world at the highest level in soccer now, that country is Nigeria! Nigerians have done it before, albeit at a lower level in soccer:

The CKC college, Onitsha, in Anambra state, was the first African school to win the World secondary school's competition, in Dublin, Ireland, in 1977, under leadership of Nnamdi Nwokocha, alias "Camel."

The World golden Eaglets, became the first African and - team in the world to win the maiden edition of the Under-17 World cup competition in 1985. Nigeria holds the record of five victories, at the Under-17 World cup competition ;

Nigeria's Flying Eagles, became the first African team to get to the final of the world under-20 soccer competition in 1989, in Saudi Arabia;

Nigeria has also excelled in women's soccer!

Yours sincerely believes that the Super Eagles potentially have got what it takes to cause a "soccer tsunami," in Russia. The Super Eagles with a bit of good luck, can shake the soccer world to it's rudest foundation!!!! This is doable!!!!!!!!!!

Yours sincerely believes in these Super Eagles!

"Anyi bu nkwa!" "Iseeehhhh!"



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