Saturday, April 25, 2020

t is pleasing to note that the NFF have finally sent a contract renewal proposal to Coach Rohr, for his assent and concomitant signature, which if done would formally signal an extension of Coach Rohr's adventure with Nigeria, apparently, till the end of the 2022 World cup competition.

Feelers indicate, barring any unfortunate circumstance, a likely extension of Coach Rohr's contract. This thinking is re-enforced by the impressions of both parties in the contract extension case: the NFF are ready to continue with Coach Rohr, however, under certain strict but reasonable conditions; while Coach Rohr himself has indicated interest in a longer sojourn in Nigeria with the Super Eagles. Thus, all things being equal, Coach Rohr is likely to stay longer in Nigeria, at least till 2022!

The slight delay in signing the new contract unfortunately opened the doors for some opportunistic coaches, some of them former Super Eagles coaches, to want to have another go at the highly sought- after Nigerian job. Yes, the Super Eagles' coaching job, is a highly sought-after job. Many coaches all over the world want to coach the Super Eagles of Nigeria. The reason is not far-fetched. Nigeria is blessed with highly talented players, some of the best on the planet! Any coach who coaches Nigeria knows that from the very first day on the job, his job would be half done, given the above- mentioned reason : abundant talents! All that coach needs to do would be to organise the players in a decent tactical formation to get the needed results. Every coach wants this scenario in any team! The Super Eagles offer this wonderful opportunity, and, is, thus, the favourite job of many a coach in modern soccer!

However, notwithstanding this favourable job scenario offered by coaching the Super Eagles, the truth is that the Super Eagles' coaching job, is not vacant! For now, Coach Rohr has a contract till June 2020; and would most likely get an extension.

Thus, the 'dreamer' or 'dreaming' coaches should please forget about their Nigerian ambitions for now and may be come back in 2022. Me thinks that in 2022, Nigeria, regardless of the Super Eagles' 2022 World cup performance, would be ready for a post Coach Gernot Rohr coaching era. Those ambitious coaches, hell bent on coaching Nigeria, should hang on a little longer.

An interesting aspect of the coaches' desire to take over Coach Rohr's job, is the fact that some former Super Eagles coaches, who hitherto did well for Nigeria, have directly or indirectly shown interest in coaching the Super Eagles once again. This situation with all due respects to these coaches and their past sterling performance for Nigeria, is to say the least undesirable! Hiring those coaches again, regardless of their pedigree, would most likely not augur well for Nigeria. While one understands their nostalgia for the Nigerian job, but reality cautions that putting old wine in new wine skins can be bad!

These former Super Eagles coaches, know the Nigerian situation very well, having worked in Nigeria. This knowledge of the typical Nigerian circumstance, soccer wise, could this time around, do the nation more harm than good! They have over the years, as a consequence of having worked in Nigeria, made a lot of friends and enemies. May be in equal proportions. Some of these enemies could be very powerful enemies, who like the proverbial nemesis, may come back to hunt them, this time around, in much greater measure! And may even over shadow their friends; with concomitant negative circumstances!

Also, their former Nigeria sojourn may have 'corrupted' them, into knowing how to do things through ' back door' tactics, that would favour their selfish interests and harm in much greater measure, Nigeria's soccer interests! If that, unfortunately, should happen, the NFF can at best sack them; but they will get their fat pay check, before checking out of the country! This fat pay check, may even be the reason for their continued interest in the Nigerian job, many years after they left it; as opposed to the so-called altruistic reasons for wanting to coach Nigeria's Super Eagles once again!

In conclusion, as earlier stated, the ambitious coaches, wanting to coach the Super Eagles of Nigeria, should tarry a while, at least till 2022, but certainly not now! They should not, by seeking the Super Eagles job, in the present, constitute themselves into hornets who can do more harm than good to Nigeria soccer! Nigeria needs maximum concentration to prosecute the challenges of the 2021 AFCON competition; and of course, the most important of it all, the 2022 World cup competition! One certain way of putting off these 'hornets', is for the NFF, to do the needful as soon as possible, by renewing Coach Rohr's contract! The combination of the Super Eagles, the present NFF's board, Coach Gernot Rohr and of course the good people of Nigeria, the Super Eagles' number 1 supporters, is the best possible combination for the challenges of the Super Eagles in the very immediate future! Let's not rock the boot; certainly not now the boot is in the middle of the high sea!!!!!!


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