Sunday, February 2, 2020

et me start by wishing my numerous readers and all of mankind, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020, and even beyond. May the good Lord continue to bless and lift us far above and beyond our expectations now and always. Amen !!!!!!

The 2022 World cup second round draw, that pits the Super Eagles against: Cape Verde, Central African Republic and Liberia, is interesting and tricky on face value. Under normal circumstances, the opponents of the Super Eagles shouldn't be a problem to Nigeria given the Super Eagles' pedigree in African soccer. However, complacency should be avoided as there are no more small teams in African soccer. For earlier stated reasons, soccer has taken the fore front in sports in Africa.

Countries seeing the importance of soccer have invested heavily over the years in the game. The consequence is that the game has developed over the years in Africa. A further testament to this fact is at the last Nations' cup tournament, in Egypt, where even the hosts Egypt, with their array of stars and of course with the ever ferocious and- fervent support of their ever teeming fans, were nonetheless bumped out at the quarter-final stage by the little fancied South-Africa! And also the fact that at that tournament, and even at the qualifying stages, no team, no matter how unfancied, was walloped or thrashed by a monster score, further proves the point about the quick developing African soccer standards!

The fact that the winner of the group and the possessor of the sole ticket from the group, will be decided on the basis of "winner-takes-all", is an extra reason for the Super Eagles to be careful and go all out for it from the first match! Thus, there should be no reason to be complacent!!!!

Having stated the above sentiments, there is the most important question: The renewal of Coach Rohr's contract ! Under normal circumstances, the contract negotiations should be ongoing or already concluded. One fervently hopes that Coach Rohr's contract is renewed at least till 2022, which will give the German, the chance to conclude the good job he has been doing since 2016.

As earlier stated, a Super Eagles' team under Coach Rohr's tutelage, will shake the soccer world to it's rudest foundations, at the Qatar 2022 World cup tournament, and would concomitantly seal Nigeria's image as not only the leader in African soccer, but as one of the leaders of World soccer!!!!! A position which we truly deserve, given Nigeria's potentials in the round leader game!!!!!

In conclusion, we all continue to wish the Super Eagles the best in 2020 and beyond.

Iseeeeeehhhh !!!!!!!


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