Thursday, January 17, 2019
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"Victory nowadays in soccer, generally, don't happen through accidental/ coincidental happenstance, but through carefully articulated plans/policies, that are first of all made in the boardroom of the FA; before that can be translated through the coaches to the players on the soccer pitch."- Cyril C. Nwokeji

fter the Super Eagles' qualification for AFCON 2019, yours sincerely thought the NFF would wait till the conclusion of AFCON 2019 competition, to renew Coach Rohr's contract, if the Super Eagles performed to expectations. However, the NFF, took yours sincerely pleasantly by surprise, by moving ahead with the renewal of Coach Rohr's contract, even before the first ball of AFCON 2019 was kicked! That is indeed welcome news, and further shows another sign of "pro-activity" with regards the way the NFF now does business. Congratulations to the NFF!!!! Such dynamic and pro-active ways of running Nigeria's soccer affairs can only move Nigeria's soccer on the fast lane of sustained/ sustainable development! Congratulations once more to the NFF, for this intelligent move!!!!!!

Yours sincerely has always known that Coach Rohr is a good coach, with a positive mind set. He impressed yours sincerely, from the very beginning, when told of the major condition for his being contracted in 2016: the qualification for the 2018 World cup competition; replied that he not only believed in the Super Eagles' qualification for the 2018 World cup competition, but believed in the Super Eagles' qualification for the later stages of the 2018 World cup competition! The first aspect of his optimism, was fantastically delivered, as the Super Eagles got the 2018 World cup ticket with one match to go, in the qualification series.

The second aspect of his optimistic view of the Super Eagles' chances at the 2018 World cup competition, was not achieved; but one, contrary to some commentators, doesn't consider it a failure. But rather a window of opportunity for the Super Eagles to grow and become a much better team at the next World cup competition! That the Super Eagles have got tremendous potentials is certainly not in doubt. Any soccer connoisseur would easily subscribe to my optimism about the potentials of the present set of Super Eagles of Nigeria! This potentiality is apparently the reason Coach Rohr wants to be in charge of the team till the 2022 World cup competition. He made this desire clearly to all and sundry after the 2018 World cup competition. Apparently, as a consequence, he refused all the big money offers he got to coach other teams, after the 2018 World cup competition!

Coach Rohr, as earlier stated, certainly knows his onions, as a coach! Apart from his experience in managing soccer teams over the years, he is certainly a soccer tactician of renown. He is technically and tactically sound, and can read a game very well. He is in addition, unlike the typical German coach, tactically flexible/adaptable! He is not a tactically "dogmatic" coach! This certainly makes the Super Eagles very difficult to confront by opponents. Above all, he knows and understands the African mentality! And has adapted/ adapting well to Nigeria and Nigerians. Above all, he has a good mien and gets along well with his employers, the NFF, the Super Eagles players, the press and Nigerians in general. He is also endowed with the typical German discipline, with which he has turned the Super Eagles into one big, strong, united and disciplined family!

It is in this wise, that yours sincerely considers as fantastic, the decision of the NFF, to further extend Coach Rohr's contract, apparently till 2022!

Coach Rohr, would now have the opportunity to further build the Super Eagles team. The team according to him, is now seventy percent ready. By the time of the 2022 World cup, please God, the Super Eagles would be hundred percent ready; and, consequently, would be ready to take the soccer world by storm!

It takes time to build a good team, "Rome" they say "was not built in a day!" The importance of continuity in a soccer team's management, cannot be over-emphasized. Management not only from the perspective of coaches, but most importantly, from the soccer administrators. A "sick" NFF cannot and can never produce a fantastic Super Eagles of Nigeria!

In conclusion, from the foregoing, one sees that all the puzzles needed in the build-up of the Super Eagles in the direction of World cup 2022, have fallen in place: A good set of young, talented Super Eagles players, a World class coach, a pro-active NFF and of course the ever-supportive Nigerian public and other Super Eagles supporters and admirers! The Super Eagles have got a wonderful opportunity to write history and raise African soccer standards to the next level, at the 2022 World cup competition!

If there is one African country that can realise this objective, that country is Nigeria; we have done it before, and can do it again! I believe this with all my heart!!!!!


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