Rev. John A. OnwukaTuesday, October 10, 2017
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Lagos, Nigeria


Title: Spiritual Formation.
Author: Nelson Iluno.
Publisher: SCOA Heritage Publishing.
ISBN: 978-978-8535-12-6.
Year of Publication: 2017.
Length: 530 pages.
Export Citation: Footnote.
Bookshops: ACTS, Bukuru, BSN, Lagos, CSS Bookshops, Lagos, SU Bookshop, Ibadan.
Price: N2, 000, 00.

Foreword written by: Rev. John Onwuka, Dean of Spiritual Formation and Practical Ministries, West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos State, Nigeria.

here is no time in the history of the Church that the issue of spiritual formation has become more critical than in these last days. Nominalism, worldliness, lukewarmness, syncretism and legalism have characterized Christianity that it is almost confusing for some people to know who actually is a Christian by the standards of the Holy Scriptures.

The appearance of Nelson Iluno's book, Spiritual Formation, is both timely and relevant. What the Church is lacking is organized nurturing and systematic upbringing of her members to spiritual maturity (using both the "milk and the strong meat" of the word). The contents of the book is fully loaded with highly and relevant facts on the spiritual formation of the believers.

The book serves as an eye-opener towards understanding the concepts and principles of spiritual formation. The instruments and conditions for spiritual formation are also implied. In fact, the effectiveness and spirituality of pastoral ministry are judged by the outcomes of spiritual formation among the members.

This is a book that must be read by all Churches with their respective leaders and workers so as to give their members an opportunity for spiritual development and growth.

Rev. John A. Onwuka
Dean of Spiritual Formation and Practical Ministries,
West Africa Theological Seminary,