N. H. IbangaWednesday, November 27, 2002
Nigerian Publius


opposed the hosting of the Miss World Contest by Nigeria for most of the same reasons that had been well articulated in the Internet by some Muslim writers. Nigeria (in the hierarchy of needs) is at Maslow level 1 - still seeking food and shelter (at 42!). The countries that host these types of contests are at least at Maslow level 4 (where they seek esteem and recognition). They have secured food and shelter, they have security, they feel they belong in their societies and their social needs are met. Now they seek peer recognition and they then begin to do things just for the fun of it. These people can actually afford to pay for the contest without adversely affecting the social needs of their populace.

Then there is the politically incorrect argument against these contests the way they are conducted nowadays - they are immoral. As "enjoyable" as they may be, they are still immoral. Readers who are Christians remember that Jesus said that (Matthew 5 vs. 28 ) one does not have to actually bed a woman (not his wife) to commit adultery, mere thinking about it makes one equally guilty. I submit that looking at scantily clad women can cause a man's thoughts to go astray.

I had hoped that after the lessons of the impeachment imbroglio, this present Nigerian Government had learnt its lesson and has started to pay attention to what the people were saying. I was wrong again about this government. They went ahead to continue with misplaced priorities and waste money trying to impress others instead of their citizens. Those who threatened mayhem carried out their threat as they always do. Instead of the good PR the government had hoped for, Nigeria got a black eye. Maybe now they will believe those of us who have been advising the President to administer justice as a pre-requisite for foreign investment. One could say that the Nigerian government is predictable. But could anyone have predicted the trigger of this Miss World mayhem?

A Newspaper article is said to have offended Muslims by musing that Mohammed could have selected a wife from the contestants of the Miss World Contest. Not being a Muslim, I find it hard to believe that such speculation is reason enough for innocent people to lose their lives. I have not heard any Muslim disassociate himself with the historical fact that Mohammed married a six year old girl. Which is worse, an adult man marrying a six year old girl or someone speculating that the same man would welcome an opportunity to select a wife from a group of (adult) beauty contestants? What about the fact that Mohammed was alleged to have received a (convenient) revelation to tell his adopted son to divorce his (son's) wife so that Mohammed could marry her? This revelation is in direct contradiction of Leviticus 18 vs. 15 which says "You shall not uncover the nakedness of your daughter in law; she is your son's wife; you shall not uncover her nakedness". This law was given millennia before the birth of Mohammed and we know that God does not contradict Himself! Did belly dancing not originate in the Islamic world and are belly dancers not as scantily clad as the beauty contestants in the Miss World pageant? How many people have been murdered in other Islamic countries because of belly dancing?

There is a puzzling angle to this blasphemy issue. Can someone blaspheme another human being? I have always been taught that one can only blaspheme God. What is the real reason for this super sensitivity by Muslims? Are you sure you have the truth? Can't Allah discipline on the spot anyone that he wants to correct? When a group of people thought that Moses was usurping too much power and wanted recognition, the Christian God settled the issue on the spot. The earth opened and swallowed ONLY those (and their families) who had opposed God's messenger. NO innocent person was harmed in any way. Does Allah condone the killing of innocent people for an "offence" committed by another? Is there a reward in heaven for this murder? Most amazing is the fact that these killings were committed during a month of fasting and prayer. Is it not reasonable to expect that the restraining power of the Spirit of God would be on anyone who had been earnestly fasting and praying for two weeks before they were provoked to anger? Or did the perpetrators (wrongfully) believe they were doing God's work? Isn't this behavior more like that of someone doing everything in their power to cover up a lie?

To the Imams that mislead the ignorant and downtrodden Ummah to commit these crimes, a review of what God has said over the ages is in order. The Creator of the universe and all in it does not contradict Himself. The rules laid down before the advent of Islam remain valid.

Jesus Christ (by and through whom heaven and earth were created) said that heaven and earth will pass away but His words will never pass away. This same Jesus told His followers to leave the wheat and the tares (believers and unbelievers) to grow together so that they (His disciples or believers) do not uproot the wheat while trying to root out the tares. He also said that there will be those who think they are doing God's work by killing others. The Imams need to pay renewed attention to these sayings and make sure their teachings are in line with these admonitions. The reason is simple. Those who teach will be judged more harshly than their students. Imagine if one of the innocent people killed was a fearer of God! There surely will be hell to pay in the hereafter.

The violent methods of the Northern Nigerian Muslim have accomplished a lot, politically speaking, for them on this earth. This is why they resort to it at the drop of a hat over and over again. They have intimidated the political elite of the country. But remember that the spirit world operates on a reciprocal scale to the physical world. Those who want to be great in the spirit world are required to be the servants in this present world. Those who have received their reward in this life have little to nothing in the spirit world!

The Northern Nigerian Muslim's willingness to defend his faith is to be commended. This is why I know they will not back down from the challenge I want to throw their way. I would also like to use the same opportunity to challenge the Nigerian Christians. To both groups and the rest of Nigerians, I say that it is time to obey God. I frame the challenge by quoting three Northern Nigerians, two very prominent and the third just an ordinary citizen like myself.

Sir Ahmadu Bello long ago stated that the amalgamation of 1914 was a mistake. He spoke his conviction. Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon stated years ago that the basis for Nigerian unity does not exist. He spoke his conviction. Mr. M. Danlami stated two or so years ago that the average Northerner "considered people that were culturally and linguistically different from them (Northerners) as isolates….different in forms and habits" It is abundantly clear that we should stop pretending otherwise. I now quote God's admonition from the Bible, as found in 2nd Corinthians 6, verses 16 - 18. "And what agreement has the temple of God with idols?........Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you …"

How about it? Let us obey God. Let us come together and negotiate our separation so that you can worship Allah your way, and we can worship God our way. We will no longer be a stumbling block for you and neither will you be one for us. If you refuse to choose the peaceful negotiations, your Allah will come face to face with our God. You should review the outcome of a similar encounter during the days of Prophet Elijah (who is still alive in heaven, unlike your Mohammed). We have requested a double spirit of Elijah in this battle.

Christians remember that we have a promise that God's righteous right hand will uphold us, hence we must be strong and of good courage. Fear not!

To the Muslim North, do not let the oil of the Niger Delta becloud your judgment. You will take as much of the money from that oil to the spiritual world as your fellow Northerner, Sani Abacha did. If the oil of the Niger Delta is the reason for your piety to "keep Nigeria one", that dog will not hunt anymore. God gave Muslims plenty of oil in Saudi Arabia (where Islam originated), and other Muslim countries like Iraq, Kuwait etc. Go and peacefully share that oil among your own holy kind. If you chose war instead of peace and align your Islamic forces against the non Islamic one, the non Islamic world will win that fight. Guaranteed. The Lord rebukes you.