Monday, December 21, 2020
Atlanta, GA, USA

Continued from Part 4

“From the start, Donald Trump has downplayed the danger of this virus, and now, on his temper-tantrum-fueled way out the door, he’s determined to leave death and destruction in his wake’ -Zac Petkanas, director, Our Cares, coronavirus war room (The London Guardian, December 3, 2020).

midst the pandemic surge, the monster continues to host packed maskless parties in the White House and his at Mar-a-Lago resort, and his diehard supporters flock in to their detriment, if only to massage the bloated ego of “dear leader”. Then, one by one, they start dropping dead from COVID- 19 infection. And he doesn’t care!

And the TMZ take: “Donald Trump is clearly angry-enraged-which is the only explanation for the revenge he seems to want to exact on the American people, because he's goosing his followers to expose themselves to COVID, and the Supreme Court has just facilitated his wish”.

Just as healthcare officials and city leaders were warning Americans to hunker down; avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving- holidays, avoid indoor gatherings - in anticipation of the covid-19 head winds which was blowing their way, Donald Trump sent this counter message: “I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings”. This message is coming from a supposed leader of a country that was losing over 2,000 lives daily (now it is close to 4,000 daily) to Covid-19 and over 200,000 infections per day. Donald Trump admonished Americans to do the exact opposite of what health experts are advising to help stem down the spread of the deadly infection. Only a monster, a very evil one, would do this to a people, his own people.

As he continues to turn America into the Golgotha of covid19, Donald Trump went to Valdosta Georgia on Saturday December 5, to hold a campaign rally, with as usual, no social distancing thus infecting more Americans with covid-19. And as usual, continued his mantra of a fat big lie, “We are turning the corner” as the pandemic claims 3,000 Americans daily. The problem is that Donald Trump continues to lie to his supporters because he trusts them to believe him.

However, as Donald Trump was telling Americans that the country was turning the corner on Covid-19 infection and demanding “opening up” of the economy, he knew the deadly consequences of his dirty political games. We know this through an internal email communication between Trump administration officials which reads in part “There is a rise in cases due to testing and also simultaneously due to the relaxing of restrictions, less social distancing. We always knew as you relax and open up cases will rise”.

According to VOX news, a recent study done by four Stanford University economic researchers, determined that Trump rallies may be responsible for an estimated 30,000 covid-19 infections and 700 deaths. Yet, this study only covered Trump’s rallies up to March. But the tyrant would care less. He must win re-election by all means and at all cost-even if it meant sacrificing the lives of Americans.

A tale of two leaders and two characters: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, contracted the covid-19 infection, almost got killed as he spent some days in the ICU. However, the British Prime Minister upon recovery showed some humility and took the pandemic more seriously, enacting more restrictions to protect the British people. On the other hand, Donald Trump caught the virus, was given a rapid response treatment from the best medical team available in the country, including getting experimental drugs which were yet to be approved by the FDA. The United States tax payers reportedly spent over $650,000 for his Covid-9 treatment. He came out and instead of being sober, he doubled down on down-playing the seriousness of the pandemic. He continued to hold crowded campaign rallies, with no mask mandates and no social distancing. In fact, in those Covid-19 super-spreader events he would tell his supporters that those who are asking them to wear masks are trying to take away their freedom, and urge them to resist.

He even told them that if he could survive Covid-19 infection, they too could handle it. Yet, they fail to realize that if they contract the infection, they would not get the kind of treatment that Donald Trump got.

Donald Trump and his supporters are not only refusing to wear masks in public; they have gone to a more dangerous level of attacking those who wear them. During a recent rampage in Washington Dc, Donald Trump- backed right wing terror group, the so-called proud boys, after terrorizing any black person in their path and vandalizing Black Lives Matter signs, went ahead to harass anyone wearing face masks including motorists; as they suspect them of being liberals.

Very recently, Donald Trump’s cartoon character personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani in a public setting bullied a young lady who was sited next to him as he tried to force her to take off her face mask. The young lady looked visibly scared from that public intimidation, but stood her ground and refused to take off her mask. Days later Mr. Giuliani tested positive for Covid-19, and he was hospitalized. The fact that Mr. Giuliani was given the same drug cocktail as Donald Trump shows that his situation was serious. Yet, if that young lady had listened to Giuliani and removed her face mask and caught Covid-19 infection from him, she would not have gotten the same treatment he got. She could have possibly died. This brings us back to a pathetic black fellow called Herman Cain, a faithful follower of Donald Trump, who attended his ill-fated campaign rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, and refused to take safety precautions, refused to wear a face mask, caught Covid-19 and died from it. Herman Cain, who at 74 was the same age as Trump, might have been alive today if he had the same treatment Trump had.

As Donald Trump and his allies were allowing Covid-19 infection to run riot in the country, they were also embarking on a massive disinformation campaign and a criminal cover-up scheme. According to The South Florida Sun Sentinel the governor of Florida, and Trump protégé, Ron DeSantis, suppressed COVID-19 information in the state before the 2020 election to help Trump. According to the paper’s investigation, Ron DeSantis used his influence to direct a state's department of health official to stop issuing public statements regarding covid-19- between September3 and November 3. The report went on, “Mr. DeSantis suppressed unfavorable facts, dispensed dangerous misinformation, dismissed public health professionals, and promoted the views of scientific dissenters who supported Mr. DeSantis' response to the virus”.

Bizarre! Bizarre!! Bizarre!!!. Anti-lock down protesters in America are getting more and more brazen just as the Covid-19 pandemic is smothering the population. A town in Washington State led by the mayor literally declared mass disobedience against Coivid-19 restrictions put in place to save them from the ragging inferno. They pour out into the streets, wearing no masks and no social distancing, regaling in “freedom”, bearing Trump and American flags. And they openly declare that they do not believe there is anything called Covid-19. They are doing this to defy a Democratic governor, and ignoring the calamity their reckless behavior is going to wrought on their community and those of their neighbors . No, they just want to take a political stand; a dumb and deadly stand at that. If these suicide squads were to go down alone, I would have had no tears for them, except that they continue to spread the deadly virus to innocent members of society.

This is how USA Today reports on the situation in Gove County, Colorado: “Despite the efforts of local public health officials and experts, many residents aren't taking the deadly pandemic seriously. Bearded farmers stride defiantly down Main Street past signs requiring them to wear masks. School is still in session and churches are open. Someone threatened to blow up the home of a pro-mask county commissioner. This is a typical Trump country. He reportedly got 88 percent of the votes cast in this county in the November 3 presidential election. Well, poetic justice has caught up with this Trump country. They are reportedly now dying like sardine fish, from COVID -19 infections. Whom the gods want to destroy they first make made. No tears for them.

Yet, time and time again, it has been proven both in the US and abroad, that lock downs and strict restrictions work in slowing the spread of the Covid-19 infections. Lock downs and tight restrictions drastically curtailed the spread of the infection in China. And it has been reported that Hawaii has the lowest Covid-19 infection rate in the US today, because the island also has the strictest restriction measures in the country.

However, Donald Trump and Republican politicians are not the only monsters spreading Covid-19 infections and death in the United States. Their partner-in-crime, the so-called evangelical Christians, actually, Donald Trump’s support base, -the Franklin Grahams and Greg Lockes of the world, who together with white supremacists constitute America’s “axis of evil”, are actively spreading Covid-19 infection and death. As the government of California procures 5,000 body bags and 60 morgue trucks on way ahead of expected surge in Covid-19 deaths, those lunatics were organizing what they call “Christmas carols protests”, during which they gather in large crowds (with no face coverings) and singing to protest Covid-19 restrictions in California. Similar “Christmas carols” protests have been going on in New York. Organizers vow to continue such protests until Christmas day. However, one must note that the reckless behavior of these lunatics have no bearing with true Christian teachings. It’s sad to note that people are all over the place committing all manner of atrocities, in the name of Christmas, a fantasy which does not even appear anywhere in the Bible.

A lunatic called Pastor Greg Locke, a Trump devotee, is reportedly preaching against wearing of masks and has called COVID-19 a “fake pandemic”. You can imagine how many souls who attend his criminal cult called church would be lost to COVID-19, listening to him.

Paradoxically, the case of White House security director has laid bare the pathetic state of health insurance in the United States. According to a CNN report, the White House security director contracted Covid-19, and spent three months, most of it in the ICU. The condition of the said White House security director was so serious that he had to be amputated on his leg. And even though he is said to have a health insurance policy, he is facing mounting medical bills as a result of his hospitalization. His friend had to establish a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay for his medical bills. I mean this unfortunate fellow works in the White House, the highest level of the US government. This is an overwhelming argument in favor of Medicare for all, (universal health insurance coverage a concept which Republicans derisively called “socialism” ),health insurance plan for the United States. Or this is the harshest example of the evil of the- for-profit private health insurance policy in America.

Donald Trump can’t have enough revenge against the American people for throwing him out of the White House. He has called up his white supremacist terror group to go to Washington DC on January 6, the day Congress is slated to vote to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory, to embark on what he openly called a “wild protest”. He careless about Covid-19 surge that would ultimately result from such maskless “wild protest”, at a time America is losing over 3,000 souls daily from the pandemic’s death. He is so obsessed with hanging on to power that dying Americans means nothing to him. Not to talk of the violent implication of this callous declaration. Here is a self-styled “law and order” president who relishes in dishing out thuggery languages with no pretense to decorum. Of course, we know his “law and order” mantra only applies to goading on the white racist police force to randomly murder black people in the streets. Where is the Republican party, the party of “family value” ? Where is the outrage from “little Marco” Rubio?

The vaccines are here, but like the health experts are warning, it is still going to be some long months away of harvest of death in America before the benefit of vaccination kicks in. And the impatience and lack of discipline among Americans would only add to exacerbate an already hopeless situation.

Meanwhile, this soulless lunatic who allowed COVID-19 to decimate the American population has the audacity to attack the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for swiftly taking measures to protect his country in the wake of a detected new strain of more aggressive COVID-19 virus. The deranged monster has turned out to be a terminal cancer that has infected the fabric of America. This cancer has no cure, and like I have said earlier, he will remain America’s eternal shame.

Continued from Part 4