Friday, December 11, 2020
Atlanta, GA, USA

“Just in case you were about to feel an unfamiliar spasm of sympathy for Donald Trump following his contraction of coronavirus, this week has provided a helpful reminder not only of his morally repugnant character but also of the danger he poses to the United States and the wider world” -Jonathan Freedland (The London Guardian, Oct. 09, 2020).

rofessor David Gergen, adviser to five US presidents, Democrats and Republicans; from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton, is not some crazy Trump-hating liberal. Neither is he a never-Trumper Republican. He is presumably what we call an independent (unaligned with any political party) in American politics. So when three days to the recently concluded US general elections, he appeared on CNN and said: “We have three days to get rid of the mad man in the White House”, that extra-ordinary remark from an otherwise level-headed presidential adviser arguably encapsulates the exasperation of well-meaning Americans, and indeed the world community at large. Not just America, but indeed the whole world is exhausted with seeing a seventy-four year old “child” in the White House, squabbling with and throwing tantrums at everyone who crosses path with him, from war heroes like the late Senator John McCain to 16 year olds like renowned Environmental Rights activist Greta Thunberg.

Donald Trump whose middle name is fraud, has debased the American presidency- with persistent lying, insults, corruption, tyranny, thuggery , gross abuse of power, fanning the embers of hate and an open embrace of racism and white supremacist domestic terrorism. Here is a man whose niece, Mary Trump ,described as an immature bully and the world’s most dangerous man.

And to have an unabashed racist in the White House in 21st century America is horrifying. The racist-in –chief on campaign trails openly told white people that he has saved them from the menace of black people moving into their neighborhoods, and that they should reward him for that with their votes . With a racist in the White House it is no co-incidence that according to the Associated Press, AP, hate crimes in the United States is at its highest level in a decade.

Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Ambassador John Bolton, said if he is limited to a single term of four years the damage he has done to America could be mitigated, but that eight years of Donald Trump in the White House would be insurmountable. However, political analysts’ and psychologists are now saying that the damage that Donald Trump has done to not only the body politic but the very fabric of the American society, may have been permanent.

Donald Trump has exacerbated America’s culture of violence. Remember when during his first presidential campaign in 2016 Trump admonished his supporters to punch hecklers in the face and promising to pay any legal bill that results from such an assault? And in the heat of the Covid-19 lockdown he called on his white supremacist domestic terrorists to “liberate” Michigan and Virginia. And they listened to him, and plotted to assassinate the Democratic governors of those states. He has unleashed a vicious army of rightwing white supremacist domestic terrorists that is bound to torment America, until God knows when. Remember the KKK? Before Donald Trump occupied the White House they were always around, but in the shadows. Now they no longer wear hoods, they are all over the place, in plain sight.

Sadly, some of Donald Trump’s repugnant legacies have been exported beyond the shores of the United States. One of them is the “fake news” tag. Donald Trump is notorious for tagging any news story that is not favorable to him “fake news”. And before long , tyrannical dictators and corrupt government officials across the globe started parroting “fake news”. And I am outraged to note that dumb Nigeria officials have started using the “fake news” tag in dismissing unfavorable news reports about the government. As if there is anything fanciful about that monster.

Donald Trump’s foot soldiers are all over the place issuing threats and asking that anyone who refuses to rig the election for him be shot or beheaded. This is tyranny of the worst order. Donald Trump has so normalized the language of violence that even lawyers associated with him (lawyers are ordinarily expected to be measured in their public utterances ) are now talking like gang members. For instance, Donald Trump’s lawyer Joe DiGenova the other day said the ex-election security chief Chris Krebs who contradicted Donald Trump’s bogus claims of election fraud should be “taken out at dawn and shot”. Recall, Steve Bannon a former Trump White House strategist and a prominent white supremacist operative had earlier said FBI director Christopher Wray and Director National Institute of Health, Dr. Anthony Fauci should be beheaded.

A Georgia election official, Gabriel Sterling, was so alarmed by Donald Trump’s open incitement of violence that he was compelled to call a press conference during which he rebuked the deranged monster and asked him to stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence.

Everyone in the world knows that Donald Trump is an impulsive liar, but what is really terrifying about his lies is that like with everything about him, Donald Trump has weaponized lie-telling. And this weaponization of lies by Donald Trump is killing people. Like when he lies about covid-19 and his supporters refusing to social distance or wearing of masks and thus help to spread the infection to the public. As the monster continue to lie about election fraud his army of white supremacists domestic terrorists who truly believe that their idol have been cheated out of an election victory, continue to threaten and indeed unleash mayhem on law abiding Americans .

Enter the Age of Ignorance in America. The famous free thinker, Thomas Pine, in 1984 wrote about the Age of Reason. But paradoxically in 21st century America, we now have the Age of Ignorance, thanks to a monster called Donald Trump. Donald Trump did not only inspire a generation of racists and white supremacist domestic terrorists; he also inspired a generation of ignorant Americans. In fact, Donald Trump credulously cultivated and nurtured a cult of ignorance within his support base, and exploited it for political survival.

The other day, a Trump supporter said on national television that she truly believes that Trump won the election because the crowd at his rallies were massive compared with Biden’s sparse crowds. Yet, the whole world knows that Biden and the Democratic party had deliberately and strategically avoided packed campaign rallies, as a safety precaution against the coronavirus infection. While Donald Trump who is always obsessed with crowd size callously held packed stadium rallies, exposing his supporters to Covid-19 infections and death; just to showcase his support. He killed his supporters with Covid-19 and yet lost the election whereas Joe Biden responsibly and prudently operated mostly drive-thru and virtual campaign events, protected his supporters from covid-19 and won. Smart! .

However, before Donald Trump, Republicans had perfected the politics of fear as a manipulative tool for winning elections, as they exploit the ignorance of sections of the American community. Recall, the socialist label? Republicans have for decades used the socialist label to win elections in Florida, as they are adept at convincing Cuban and Venezuelan Americans in the sunshine state that Democrats are the same socialists or is it communists, who drove them away from their countries of birth. Socialism in America according to Republicans, is asking the government to provide safety net programs like healthcare for the citizens or tuition free education for the poor who would otherwise not be able to afford college education. So if government run healthcare program, which guarantees citizens access as of right and not a privilege, such as it operates in the United Kingdom, amounts to socialism, the United Kingdom of all places should qualify for a socialist nation. But do our Cuban and Venezuelan American brothers and sisters in Florida really believe that Great Britain is a socialist country?

By the way, the reason Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez were dreaded is not because they were socialists or communists, (provided free stuff for their peoples ) but because they were tyrannical dictators. Guess what? we now have a Republican president in the White House called Donald Trump, who is acting like a tyrannical dictator , as he bullies both election and Republican officials to overturn election results which he clearly lost, and declare him the winner. Florida listen up, it is not Joe Biden, not Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, who is acting like the Fidel Castros and the Hugo Chávezs of the world , it is Donald Trump. It is Donald Trump who is refusing to accept defeat and inciting violence to remain in power. And I bet you, if Donald Trump were to be in Cuba or Venezuela , he would have done worse than what Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez did .

The other day Senator Marco Rubio exported Florida socialism fear mongering politics to Georgia, where he warned Georgians to not allow Democrats win in the forthcoming Senate election run- off ,otherwise they would turn America into a socialist state. However, Marco Rubio knows that his parents did not escape from Cuba to the United States because Fidel Castro offered to provide them free stuff. They fled Cuba because of the tyrannical behavior of Fidel Castro.

While Donald Trump, an expert con man is maliciously claiming that he has been defrauded from winning an election that he knows he clearly lost, he is actively coercing Republican and election officials to commit fraud by changing election results in his favor; so he can illegally hold onto power. This is what the Fidel Castros and Hugo Chavezs of the world do, which should concern Marco Rubio, yet he supports Donald Trump, the tyrant, as the leader of his party. This is the same tyrant who on campaign trails asked his supporters to remember that they have “that thing called the Second Amendment”- the right to bear arms-a way of inciting them to shot at and possibly kill his political opponents.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to tag Democrats with the socialist label, as they divert attention from the unleashing of white supremacist domestic terrorism on America. However, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin , responded to the Republican socialist nonsense this way :”I don’t know any Democratic Senator who is a socialist, I am fiscally conservative and socially compassionate”. When Democrats express compassion for workers ( employees) the poor , the oppressed in society, Republicans tag them “socialists who are out to change America fundamentally. On the other hand all Republicans care about is the protection of corrupt corporate America who bankrolls their election campaigns. These heartless capitalists value corporate profit over the lives of Americans. And they continue to blackmail and insult the very people which the corrupt system has shortchanged, as being lazy, “welfare queens”.

However, Republicans always seem afraid of change. But we think change should be a welcome development provided it is progressive, not regressive .

One thing President Obama said about the modern Republican party is that they are anti-intellectualism. This may explain why they seem incapable of thinking straight. All they do these days in campaign rallies and on debate stages is to regurgitate stale talking points, like “radical liberal socialists”, “job-killing regulations”. They do not seem to know what socialism means; otherwise like I have stated repeatedly, their own idea of socialism would make the United Kingdom a socialist state even as the Kingdom is currently governed by the Conservative Party.

Donald Trump’s desperation to hang on to power is unprecedented, even in a dictatorship; not to talk of a supposed democracy. He continues to bully Republican state governors and legislators to subvert electoral decision of their voters and change election results for him. Yet, to their credit those Republican officials –from Georgia to Arizona, and all over the country, continue to rebuff him. But he is not deterred, he continues to bully on; his surrogates issuing dead threats to anyone who rebuffs him. He continues to file one frivolous law suits after the other; even when he knows those law suits are getting him nowhere. The courts continue to throw out his law suits like pieces of thrash. He continues to call for recounts after recounts. My state of Georgia for one, have had three times of ballot counts already. This lunatic is going bananas. May be he thinks at least his sideshows over a settled election result is helping him divert attention from how he has allowed covid-19 to turn America into the killing field. He is scared to death at the inevitability of his departure from the White House on January 20, 2021. He knows what probable crimes he has committed. His lawyers must have told him that he cannot pardon himself or his family members in New York.

Marco Rubio and other Republicans who are still standing by this despicable character should bury their ugly heads in toilet pits.

The buffoon who only became president as a result of “whitelash” against President Obama, and with some help from Russia is so intoxicated with power that he does not want to leave even when his time is up.

Yet, Donald Trump the evil genius, has perfected the art of turning defense into attack. He just suffered the worst defect in presidential election in recent American history; the only president to lose re-election bid in over twenty years yet has succeeded in weaponizing his defeat as he embarked on a drawn out disinformation campaign of unproven election fraud, desperately trying to discredit the victory of his conqueror.

However, I think the reason Donald Trump and Republicans are so angry about the 2020 general election is that their traditional voter suppression campaign failed, this time around. They have always “won” elections by suppressing the Blacks votes. For instance, the Trump campaign in 2016 reportedly targeted 3.5 million African Americans to deter them from voting. Ian Bassin, executive director of Project Democracy, commented on Republican voter suppression thus :” I don’t know of another advanced democracy in the world where one of the two major political parties has invested in voter suppression as a core strategy”.

However, in November 2020 African Americans navigated all the obstacles placed in their way and came out in full force to vote. In fact, some observers have noted that the votes Donald Trump continue to claim are illegal votes and is asking to be thrown out are Blacks votes. He is targeting votes from Blacks districts like Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc. Like Stacy Abrams noted : “He is arguing that the wrong people got to vote and that’s why he lost.” So, in part, Donald Trump’s and Republicans attempt to throw out Blacks votes is racist.

Having failed to stop Black people from voting in 2020, Republicans have vowed to return with vengeance. In the run up to the 2020 elections Donald Trump said that if mail-in voting is allowed Republicans will never win presidential elections. And after the election, his lap dog Senator Lindsey Graham, said Republicans will never win a presidential election again if they do not DO SOMETHING (emphasis, mine) about mail-in voting. And the Republican governor of Mississippi state, yes, Mississippi, have vowed to end mail-in voting and possibly early voting in the state, in subsequent elections. These bastards have no shame; they don’t even have a soul! Black people in America must be prepared to resist any attempt by the GOP to continue to suppress our votes.

Take it from me, Republicans are going to use the coronavirus pandemic to blackmail President Biden just the same way they used their own economic recession to blackmail President Obama. It is an open secret that the monster called Donald Trump, deliberately allowed the pandemic to fester and kill Americans for political reasons. And worse still, in the dying days of his scandal laden administration he did not even pretend to do anything about the situation as the pandemic explodes, turning America into the Golgotha of the pandemic. Yet, as soon as President-elect Joe Biden assumes the mantle of leadership, the same Republicans who were enabling Donald Trump to kill Americans with Covid-19 will turn around and blame the new president for the American calamity. They would falsely claim that he promised to eradicate the virus from America on day one, and that he has failed to do so.

To be clear, no one is under any illusion that President Joe Biden is going to be able to undo all the damages Donald Trump has done to the psyche and indeed fabric of the American society. In fact, some argue that some of those damages are permanent. That Donald Trump has been defeated but “Trumpism” is very much alive and kicking. However, at least, President Biden is going to be able to restore credibility, civility, compassion and dignity to the White House. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, can work again to protect Americans from air pollution, the “Flint treatment” and an outright onslaught on the environment as dirty oil and their collaborators would be held accountable rather than being in charge. Because as Erica Cobb said, “The American system was built on racism and oppression”, Black people in America would continue to be executed by white supremacists in police uniforms. However, this time around they would not have an enabler in the White House. The Proud Boys and other white supremacist terrorist groups would continue to hunt down Black people in the streets, but this time around they would not have a patron in the white House. Putin’s puppet and the betrayer of the EU and NATO is gone!

An addendum: Mitch McConnell vowed to make Barack Obama a one-term president. The result: President Obama occupied the White House for eight years, as a two-term president. For Donald Trump, it was a one-way ticket; no return.