Saturday, July 11, 2020
Atlanta, GA, USA

Continued from Part 2

“Not only is anger natural but necessary”-Amanda Gorman, a young African - American poet

f you live in the United States today, you must be very, very angry at what Donald Trump and the Republican party are doing to the lives of the people. These heartless monsters are most unconscionably sacrificing human lives for purely selfish political gains.

“Mass murder on a national scale”. This is how MEIDAS TOUCH, a Progressive PAC, in a commercial, described Donald Trump’s open confession that he asked his people to slow down testing for the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. A medical expert had earlier referred to Donald Trump’s maniac decision to hold a mass campaign rally in a COVID-19 ravaged Tulsa Oklahoma, without physical distancing nor mandatory face covering, as “criminal endangerment”.

Talking of “mass murder” and “criminal endangerment”, with COVID -19 infection exploding daily in America, Donald Trump is ordering state governors to open schools next month, a move that one infectious disease expert described as adding fuel to the burning fire. Donald Trump even went as far as threatening to cut funding from schools that refuse to open. His protégé the governor of Florida Ron De Santis ,immediately after Donald Trump’s announcement, ordered schools in the state to re-open, even as Florida remains the epicenter of the COVID-19 infection in the world, with over ten thousand daily cases. Yet, he refuses to mandate wearing of masks in Florida as infection and death piles on. And Donald Trump’s moron of an education secretary, Besty Devos, called opposition to school re-opening in a COVID-19 ravaged environment, “fear mongering”. This woman must be a witch.

Yet, a recent study has shown that young people are disproportionately spreading the COVID-19 infection because the disease is infectious before showing symptoms and young people who carry the infection are largely asymptomatic. Donald Trump’s order carry grave implications-school kids would get infected, sometimes with fatal results; not to talk of carrying the disease to their parents at home. However, Mike Pence has revealed why Trump desperately want kids back in school, and that is, so their parents can return to work and grow the economy. Once again, this monster want to sacrifice the lives of school kids for economic growth so his chance of re-election could brighten. And as always, the CDC, Centers for disease control and prevention, is about to assist Donald Trump commit mass murder. As soon as Donald Trump twitted, kicking against the CDC’s released guidelines for safely reopening schools, claiming that they were too tough and expensive, the CDC recapitulated as Mike Pence announced it was going to revised the guidelines to please tyrant Trump. Recall, the CDC did the same thing when it first released a sixty-three page guidelines for safely reopening the economy and Donald Trump protested, the CDC retreated and published a watered down six page reopening guidelines .

The whole world, not just the United States, have every reason to agree with Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, who described the American president as the world’s most dangerous man. Today, Donald Trump is using the most powerful office in the world to spread dangerous lies, hate and destruction, in the midst of a soul devouring pandemic. So why is Donald Trump so mean-spirited? Why does this monster take so much pleasure in inflicting pain on people? Some say he is a psychopath.

It is now beyond doubt that the Donald Trump and the Republican party have since resolved to sacrifice the lives of the American people for political power. With each passing day, Donald Trump, enabled by a heartless Republican party continue to drive the nail deeper and deeper into the coffin of Americans. There is also incontrovertible evidence that Donald Trump and the Republican party are deliberately spreading the COVID-19 infection in America. And as they are escalating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic so are they escalating their war on voting rights. Donald Trump and his deputy Mike Pence are going around the country addressing political rallies and gatherings, without requirements for face coverings, and no physical distancing, thus furthering the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On July 4 eve, Donald Trump went to Mount Rushmore to celebrate statues, with a large crowd of supporters, a setting which is a magnet for the spread of COVID-19, but which the Republican governor of South Dakota, an apparent Trump devotee, gleefully announced in advance on public television, that there will be no physical (social) distancing. Die hard Trump supporters seem to view resistance to wearing of mask in public as a badge of honor. One of such fools is Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate now in charge of winning over black people to Trump, during the ill-fated Tulsa , Oklahoma rally sat defiantly in a packed crowd, with no face covering .He is now reportedly in the hospital fighting for his life after he came down with COVID-19 .

I hope that fool recovers and come back to his senses. However, Donald Trump’s people do not learn any lessons. Indeed, Donald Trump, to his supporters is like a cult leader. He seemed to have hypnotized them so much so that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the leader’s cause. There is this Donald Trump sheriff in Arizona, Mark Lamb, who contracted COVID-19, but said he would not wear a mask in public and that he would not also enforce wearing of mask after his county has mandated wearing of masks. Meantime, the anti-mask protesters have exposed themselves as the fabric of the despicable Donald Trump’s white supremacists base. They are now chanting all lives matter (countering the popular Black Lives Matter message.

They are vowing to resist mail-in ballots in the November general elections as they reason that fear of the COVID-19 infection now ravaging the country would keep voters away from polling stations. The Trump administration has launched a full scale assault on mail-in ballots. Mr. Trump himself continue to make fraudulent claims about mail-in ballots being fraught with voter fraud . His attorney-general and secretary for (in)justice, William Bar was on Fox news the other day propagating Donald Trump’s fraudulent claim of mail-in ballots as fostering voter fraud. This has been the Republicans modus operandi. Their voter suppression schemes are always preceded by wild claims of nonexistent voter fraud.

Donald Trump wasted eight weeks to make a half-hearted response to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. He was busy downplaying the threat, calling it a hoax and later claiming it would magically go away.

And after the pandemic has engulfed America Donald Trump turned to his familiar trick-diverting attention from his criminal negligence to China , calling it “China virus”; which is a racist rant that has caught fire with his white supremacists base. As Donald Trump has intended it to be, Asian Americans, including patriotic hardworking healthcare workers-doctors and nurses, who are risking their lives in the frontline of the pandemic are now being targeted for hate attacks. However, before Donald Trump broke into his “China virus “ rant he had praised the Chinese President for the way he has handled the outbreak of the pandemic. And we now know why. As revealed by his former National Security Adviser, Ambassador John Bolton, in his tell-all book, while Donald Trump is on public television lambasting China for every ill that has befallen America, he is secretly behind the scene, begging the Chinese president to help him win the forthcoming Presidential election.

Meantime, as both the infection and death from COVID-19 continue to soar, Donald Trump and Mike Pence continue to escalate their act of lying. As Arizona bleeds from the explosion of COVID-19 infection, Mike Pence who is in charge of the White House Task Force lands in Phoenix and announces “ I couldn’t be prouder of the federal response”. Donald Trump and Mike Pence have elevated the act of lying. And these days Mike Pence seems desperate to over take Donald Trump in the lying business, in what looks like a desperate attempt to remain in favor with his erratic boss. These monsters have no shame. They don’t even have a soul; not to talk of conscience. So you can be proud of a response that leads to an explosion of the problem you aim to solve ?. By the way, observers have noted that there is indeed nothing like a federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. What we have here is a patch-work of state responses. Even at the state levels, the state governors who are largely Republicans are frustrating the efforts of city mayors who are largely Democrats, trying to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Mike Pence, the sycophantic vice president of the United States, ever eager to massage the bloated ego of Donald, always start every public address with: ”Thanks to the leadership of President Trump” . Right a “leadership” that has seen America become the scorn of the world-a leadership that has seen the most powerful and richest country in the world become the most infected nation on the surface of the earth!

In addition to politics, the American mentality is also responsible for the abyss that the country has become in the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans are inherently arrogant and sometimes outright foolish. So you open your television set and see people ranting about being born into freedom and so would not listen to anyone telling them to wear masks or physical distancing. Even as health experts continue to warn that no one is invincible, some young people are going about pool partying and beach partying, claiming that they have immunity against the disease.

As COVID-19 ravages America, Donald Trump goes around, as someone said, trafficking in racism, extoling the “virtues” and protecting and defending the statues of confederate personalities who enslaved and murdered black people. The sole aim here is to keep his racist, white supremacist base excited and energized. The other day someone on public television, asked if Donald Trump was more concerned with toppling of confederate monuments than the COVID-19 related death of Americans, now running into tens of thousands per day. And the answer is a capital YES! I tell you, sometime former National Security Adviser Ambassador John Bolton, said is that Donald Trump could have short attention span on everything under the sun, including issues of national security, but that when it comes to his re-election issue, he is laser-focused.

The only thing that Donald Trump, whom Ron Howard, Oscar winning director, described as “a self-serving dishonest, morally bankrupt ego maniac ”is concerned about is his re-election. He drums it everyday, irrespective of any dire national emergency. When an African-American reporter asked him how he intends to address the issue of the disproportionate COIVD-19 related death rate of black people as compared to whites, Donald Trump refused to answered the pointed question, but began to ramble into how the unemployment rate of African-Americans has been lowest under his administration. Of course, that is a big lie. But the point Mr. Trump was making is that black people ought to be grateful to him and get ready to reward him with their votes in November rather than complain about COVID-19.

When Donald Trump said places of worship must reopen around Easter Sunday, (in the middle of a pandemic) and added that “we need more not less prayers now”. You would think that he cares about prayers or knows anything about religious charity. No, he was merely playing to his base of white and so-called “evangelical Christians” who together with white supremacists form “the axis of evil” in America. When Donald continues to downplay and sometimes even ignore the COVID-19 pandemic which his own appointed CDC, director testified to Congress that “It has brought America to its kneels”, but rushed to sign an executive order protecting national monuments, he was just playing politics. Donald Trump knows that anything that denigrates black people such as confederate statues and confederate flags, excites his white supremacists supporters. But at least there is a Republican who really understands what Donald Trump’s cherished confederate statues really are. He is Chris Christy, the former governor of New Jersey. Governor Christy, an otherwise Trump ally, argued that removing confederate statues were the right thing to do, adding that he does not understand why those he described as traitors who rebelled against the American government should have their statues up there.

All said, Donald Trump and the Republican party know that they are becoming so unpopular that the 35-40% of their white supremacists and white evangelical Christian base would not be enough to carry them over the finishing line in November. So they are now relying on their traditional fortress-voter suppression. And of course, help from Putin, the Russian dictator. It is not surprising to note that the only human on earth that Donald Trump could not cross path with is Vladimir Putin. He knows that he needs Putin to help him rig the November polls like he did in 2016. Also he knows how much Putin knows about his many secret deeds and criminal enterprise. That is why even when Putin paid bounties to the Taliban on the head of American soldiers in Afghanistan, the supposed American president looked the other way and took refuge in one big fat lie- that he was not apprised of the intelligence or that the intelligence was not actionable. Of course the whole world knows that Donald Trump and his people in the White House are lying. And where is the Republican party, the party of national security and supporter of “our troops”?. Republicans are burying their heads in the sand as Donald Trump trades the lives of American soldiers with election victory from Putin.

When Donald Trump and the governing Republican party pushed Americans back to work at a time the COVID-19 pandemic was on the rise, not subsiding, they knew too well that it was not safe to do so. The decision to reopen too early was driven by politics, not science, not common sense. They were scared to death that an economic recession could lead them to lose the November general elections. So they decided to sacrifice the lives of Americans for economic good news; which they reason could translate into political victory.

If they must reopen the economy in the midst of a surging pandemic, the least commonsensical thing to do would have been to issue a strict national mandate of mask wearing. But they continue to resist that. However, as much as Donald Trump and his people hate Dr. Anthony Fauci, with a venom, he remains the oracle of reason in today’s COVID-19 ravaged America . He warned that opening too early would lead to a resurgence of the pandemic and reclosing of America. This is exactly what has happened.

“ But now the stakes are higher than they’ve been before. They are literally life and death. Unlike any previous time in his life, Donald’s failings cannot be hidden or ignored because they threaten us all”- Mary Trump (in a new book)

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Continued from Part 2