Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Atlanta, GA, USA

Continued from Part 1

“World looks on in horror as Trump flails despite claim US leads way” The London Guardian, May 15, 2020).

n a recent ABC interview with World News anchor, David Muir, Donald Trump claimed that the most difficult decision he has made in his beleaguered presidency, is the decision to close the country. You see, if Donald Trump were to be any normal president, any normal human, if he had heart, that would have not occurred to him as the “most difficult” decision to make. For any normal leader the decision to save lives should not be a difficult one. There was another decision that he made which should rank as the most difficult; the decision to hastily open up the country to economic activities at a time when both the pace of infection and death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic is on the rise.

Donald trump refusing to extend those half-hearted restrictions (America never really lock down) beyond April 30 and instigating the state governors to open up their states to resumption of economic activities, tantamount to marching Americans to war front unarmed and, potentially to their death. It is not as if Donald Trump and the Republican party are not aware that their selfish and purely political move here would lead to more deaths in America. They have openly declared their intention to sacrifice the lives of Americans for political expediency.

In fact, Donald Trump and the Republican party are in the mood of covering up the death toll of the coronavirus, rather than striving to protect the lives of the American people. The other day, Donald Trump callously declared that testing for the coronavirus “would make us look bad”. He at least, understands that the more tests that are carried conducted, the more the infection rate in the country will be exposed. This would embarrass him and the Republican party who have spent months playing politics with the lives of the American people by downplaying the seriousness of the threat posed by the COVID-19 in the country. They have even gone to the pathetic extend of disputing figures being released to the media. They claim the figures are being inflated whereas healthcare experts like Dr.Anthony Fuaci are saying death figures may have been undercounted. So Donald Trump and his people are now desperate to cover-up both the infection rate and the death of the coronavirus in America; the same crime they are accusing China of. In fact, if not for the vibrant independent media in America Donald Trump and the Republican party could have simply declared to the outside world that there are no coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Now, it has been revealed that the Trump campaign is gearing up to recruit rouge medical doctors who are going to be used to discredit whatever medical experts and scientists’ reports about the state of infection of the coronavirus, that are not palatable to the White House. Recall those rogue scientists which the dirty fossil fuel industry recruited to propagate climate-change denials? This is what Donald Trump and the Republican party are going to replicate, to cover-up the harvest of death that the coronavirus is unleashing on the United States.

Donald Trump, America’s liar-in-chief, is characteristically spinning what President Obama described as “an absolute chaotic disaster”, as a victory of sorts. He hoists a banner that reads “ America leads the world in testing”. This banner is a fraudulent deflection from the fact that America actually leads the world in both infection and death from COVID-19 . As for testing, as per capita, America is lagging behind most advance countries.

It is now clear that Donald Trump and the Republican party have resolved to open up America to death and destruction, in total disregard to sound medical and scientific advice. They are throwing America into deadly chaos, encouraging their supporters to defy stay at home safety measures, put in place by state governors. They do this through open incitements and through the law courts in states where they control.. And their fanatical supporters are taking the baits, pouring out onto the streets, without wearing masks; thus spreading COVID-19 and death. Republican politicians seem to openly encourage their supporters not to wear masks in public. For example, Senator Rand Paul, the sickly looking ophthalmologist from Kentucky State, who has himself contracted COVID-19 still refuses to wear masks in public. Of course, Donald Trump himself still refuses to wear masks in public. I have no problem with cold hearted politicians who are playing politics with American lives, coming down with COVID--19; only that they will continue to spread it to innocent victims of their political games.

And Donald Trump has been openly and shamelessly inciting his mob of supporters to pour out on the streets to protest, in most cases with no face coverings, to further spread the COVID-19 infection, as they threaten the lives of anyone who disagrees with their boss.. The Guardian (London) of May 18, 2020, reported that cell phone data suggests that lockdown protests may have fueled the of spread COVID -19, in the United States. The same Guardian story also pointed out that a particular protest leader in North Carolina who tested positive from COVID-19, in April promised to attend further rallies (and continue to spread her COVID-19 infection to others). These people are so brutal and heartless in making a political statement. And these are the characters Donald Trump is cheering on. You call this character a president, of which banana republic?

Republicans seem to have settled on a fraudulent strategy of creating the impression that COIVD-19 is no longer a problem in America, even as infection and death tolls continue to soar. How callous, how heartless could a group of people be , sacrificing human lives in exchange for corporate greed and political power? .These soulless monsters will stop at nothing in their desperation to hold on to political power. And sadly, the White House has successfully enlisted members of the White House COVID-19 Task Force to play along. The Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Bix, continue to cover-up for Donald Trump. The other day on the CNN, Dr. Bix was asked by Anderson Copper why the state governors were not following the guidelines set by her own Task Force, in opening up their states for business, but rather than expressing any disappointment for the governors’ actions, she started to spin. Dr. Bix explaining away the governors disregard for her Task Force’s guidelines, now said that the assessment should be based on county by county situation. The White House Coronavirus Task Force has recommended two weeks of continuous (state-wide) decline in infections, among others as a condition for reopening. But Dr. Bix was again, challenged by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the futility of her county by county matrix. Dr. Gupta pointed out that movement of people across county lines would make her new formula unrealistic, as he pointed out for example, that when the governor of Georgia, prematurely reopened hair salons and barber shops, there were influx of people from neighboring states into Georgia, to have haircuts and other salon services. Of course, Dr. Sanjay Gupta promptly informed Dr. Bix that he lives in Atlanta. So he has his facts.

The only credible member of the White House’s COVID-19 Task Force who still has the guts to speak truth to power, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is now the most hated man on Trump’s propaganda network, Foxx News. And he has been receiving death threats from Donald Trump’s foot-soldiers.

Meanwhile, the CDC, Centers for Disease control and prevention has been bullied into submission by Donald Trump. And as a result, the CDC can no longer be relied upon to protect the American people from the ravaging pandemic. The CDC continue to lower safety standards and in the process continue to expose Americans to increasing risk of catching the COVID -19. For instance, the CDC prepared a sixty three page guidelines for safely reopening America but the White House kicked against it, claiming that the guidelines were too stringent. Rather than standing its ground, to defend the American people, the CDC capitulated and released a six page watered down version of safety guidelines. In protest, the American association of school superintendents have resolved to follow the original sixty-three page safety guidelines, which the White House buried but which got leaked and was published by the Associated Press, AP.

A study conducted by National Nurses United revealed that 87% of nurses in US hospitals are forced to reuse protective equipment. Commenting on this, Jean Ross, president of National Nurses United said “We’ve known for years we’re behind,” “Not because we couldn’t have what we needed – because we are the richest country on the planet – but because of greed, because of the profit system that doesn’t really look out for the welfare of patients. Therefore it couldn’t possibly look out for the welfare of workers.”(The Guardian, 15, May 2020) . The CDC has allowed multiple use of N-95 masks by healthcare workers at great risks to their lives, just to cover up for the Trump administration’s failure to adequately prepare for the COVID- 19 pandemic; even after being warned in advance. This incident would be seen as a scandal anywhere in the world, except in Donald Trump’s America where malfeasance no longer counts for anything. The CDC Director, Dr. Redfield should honorably resign rather than allowing himself to be used by Donald Trump as a tool to endanger the lives of Americans.

Meanwhile, the disparity in approach to the coronavirus crisis in the United States by the two major political parties is striking. Like a television anchor noted the other day, while Democrats are talking about saving lives , Republicans are talking about saving the economy, actually corporate greed. In fact, Republicans in congress are more obsessed with protecting corporate America over the lives of employees. They are poised to propose a legislation that would protect those shylock employers who are fleecing their employees, sometimes refusing to provide them with health insurance, from liability law suits.

The United States of America operates a virulent strain of capitalism that values corporate profit over human lives. And this is the reason why the United States remains the only advanced nation in the western world which does not guarantee universal healthcare for its citizens. Private health insurance companies that operate as a Ponzi, scheme would insure you only if it is super profitable to cover you, otherwise they let you die. This is how capitalism kills in America.

The other day I saw a sign from the right wing protesters which reads WORK NOT WELFARE. However, the inalienable truth is that people have to stay alive in order to work. Like my state governor back home in Nigeria would say: “people have to be alive to eat meat”. Yet, today in America we are seeing people dying working- healthcare workers, grocery store workers and of course, meat plant workers which has turned out to be the hotbed of coronavirus infection in America. You will recall that Donald Trump recently issued an executive order directing all meat plants in America to stay open. And this is coming in the midst of a scandalous explosion of the coronavirus outbreak in the nation’s meat plants. As many as a thousand employees at a Tyson meat plant in Iowa have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus , as death toll continue to mount. The lives of those employees count for nothing, as far as Donald Trump is concerned. After all, a majority of those who work at those meat plants are immigrants, some of them undocumented. They could easily be threatened with termination if they hesitate to return to work for obvious risk to their lives. Some of them do not even have health insurance. What is going on at those meat plants is a testament to modern day slavery in America. And Donald Trump has put a stamp of authority on those slavery practices.

The Republican governor of Ohio State, Mike De wine, once attempted to impose mask or face covering regulation in his state ( which is the right thing to do for any state to “safely” reopen) , but then he said he just remembered that that order was going too far. And he rescinded the order. But wait until you hear this: Governor De wine went on to explain that the reason his earlier mask wearing mand-

atory order was wrong is because, conservatives (Republicans) do not like the idea of government telling them what to do!, Including telling them to do something that would save their lives and those of their neighbors? You see, this is what is killing America, people claiming too much rights, sometimes foolishly. And dumb ideological politics. However, these same conservatives who do not like the idea of government telling them what to do, are not protesting Donald Trump’s draconian executive order, mandating infected meat plants to stay open and continue to spread the coronavirus; risking the lives of employees and host communities.

In that same ABC interview, Donald Trump as has become his mantra, gloated about “the greatest economy the world has ever known”, that he was having; and all of a sudden he was asked to shut down the country. By the way, the greatest economy that he brags about is not of his own creation. It is the “greatest economy” that he inherited from President Obama. By the time President Obama left office in January 2017 , the unemployment rate was between 3.5 and 4 percent. When asked by an African American reporter, Ayesha Rascoe, what he is doing specifically to address the plight of blacks Donald Trump started rambling about the lowest unemployment rate among the black population. This delusional lunatic said nothing concerning what his administration would do to redress the outrageous disproportional coronavirus death rate among African Americans and other minorities in the country in comparison with the white population.

Donald Trump feels threatened by the collapsing economy. This is why he and the Republican party are callously pushing Americans out into the coronavirus infested society, to die. They know that a protracted economic recession could doom their hold on power in the November general elections. However, should the economy recover by election day, the American people could overlook the hundreds of thousands of lives that will have been lost as a result of Donald Trump’s cavalier attitude towards the COVID-19 pandemic .This is the deadly state of capitalism in America.

By the way, Donald Trump and the GOP are poised to use the COVID-19 pandemic to rig the November general elections. They have already indicated that they are going to resist mail-in absentee ballot. They are going to insist on in-person voting, as they reckon that people are going to be afraid to come out and vote in a COVID-19 infested environment. So Donald Trump and the GOP want Americans to choose between their lives and their voting right. Historically, the GOP wins elections when voter turn -out is low. This explains why the GOP has also historically adopted voter suppression as a winning formula.

Donald Trump plays golf while America bleeds from the ever escalating death toll from COVID-19. This guy is America’s eternal shame. How did this “soulless” monster find his way into the White House?

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