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he English Language is a hybrid language which has borrowed prolifically from other languages of the world. The word: "corruption" came from the Hebrew word, which when it is reduced to its barest interpretation as used by King David in Psalm 16:10 the Holy Bible simply means, death. "...because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead. Nor will you let your faithful one see corruption or decay" A thing is corrupted when it smells and oozes out such putrefying odor that it should be buried. Many of the political office holders, public servants, even men and women of the True Lord God Almighty in Nigeria scarcely understand the spiritual implication of corruption in the spirit realm. Corruption is equated to the sin of idolatry. Corruption is stealing. King David knew the spiritual meaning of corruption that he had to pray numerous times to the Lord Almighty not to abandon his soul to corruption. In other words, he prayed that his soul would not decay in hell. Corruption and stealing are the same. The burglar that forces his/her way into another man's dwelling, the thief that steals what doesn't belong to him/her, the armed robber that violently dispossess another fellow human being of his/her possession and the governor, senator, member of parliament, civil servant and or the president of a nation or someone in position of trust that abuses that trust are collectively treated the same in the Eternal Court of Divine Justice. The Decalogue cannot be more than succinct when in Exodus 20: 15 the Almighty Lord commanded thus" You shall not steal." Just as the rest portions of the Ten Commandments have both spiritual and secular/literary meanings, Exodus 20:15 has implications and bearings with and to the remainder of the Nine Laws. I will show you how through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

First, when you violate the Law of God in Exodus 20:15 and steal, you have also violated the first law of idolatry. The reason the Almighty God commanded us not to steal is because He Is more than able to meet all our earthly needs. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 6: 25-34: "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?..."When people steal and cook up the figures as public officials in order to amass what they are not legitimately entitled to, they unwittingly are telling the Lord that the Lord Almighty is not strong and reliable enough to supply their needs. In Philippians 4:19: "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." The

Jehovah Jireh says He would meet all our needs. The urge for instant gratification of the immediate and the now are the catalysts for corruption, at least in Nigeria. You are afraid of the future and want to acquire all you can now. This is why public office holders dip their hands into the public till in Nigeria. They don't even steal millions any more, but billions of stolen funds now. The most pathetic aspect of the looting is that, most of them don't live long enough to enjoy the loot. Sami Abacha stole nearly $5billion out of Nigeria and died without enjoying one Cent out of it. Mrs Diezani Allison-Maduekwe allegedly squirreled the same amount of public money out of Nigeria and she will soon die of cancer. What a waste? If only these spiritually-ignorant souls would understand and imbibe the evergreen Words of Job that we came to this world with nothing and we shall leave this temporary earthly existence with nothing. As Apostle Paul wrote to believers in 1 Timothy 6-7: “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.”

Second, when you steal what belongs to a community, a nation or a country as many public office holders do in Nigeria, you have violated another part of the Decalogue of "You shall not kill." Communal ownership entails providing for every member of that society what each and everyone cannot provide individually for ourselves. That is why the human race is the most distinguished and different from other creative sphere on earth. No one can be a Robinson Crusoe Island and that is why we live and congregate together as citizens in cities, towns and nations. Our Lord Jesus Christ précis the entire Decalogue into these two sentences in Luke 10:27: "He answered, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" You can't tell me you love your Creator and yet disobey Him. You are being deceptive if you say you love the Lord God Almighty with all your heart, but don't trust Him to supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Glory according to Philippians 4:19. You are not a true child of the True Lord God Almighty, if you steal what belongs to the commonwealth of Nigerians which is tantamount to stealing and you say you don't commit fornication and adultery. You are being disingenuous if you say you love your neighbor as yourself as the Law says and steal public money and won't be liable to murder charge in the Eternal Court of Divine Justice. Imagine the number of Nigerians that die daily on Nigerian roads and highways, because public officials given money to repair the highways bilked the funds. Think about the number of Nigerians that die in public hospitals for lack of drugs, medical equipments, and medical doctors, because money budgeted for Nigeria's medical department has been misappropriated and stolen. Try and connect the dots between bad and ill equipped public schools, colleges and universities and the menace of cult and gang-related activities in our society. There is coterminous between graft and the sea of heads roaming about the streets looking for jobs in Nigeria. The list continues.

Corruption is a cancer that spreads destructively in all areas of private and public lives. Like a decomposing carcass, it's odor disturbs every one in the neighborhood. You may not be a part of the homicide, but when the dead body begins to decompose, the health of everyone is imperiled. When I said in the nineties that if Nigeria didn't kill corruption but corruption would kill Nigeria, I didn't know the monster would soon metastasize to a humongous level it is now, especially these shenanigans we are reading about during the ignominious administration of that dour fellow known as Goodluck Jonathan and his Looting Gang. We thought Nigeria could not be serially raped and abused more than the Abacha National Tragedy of the nineties which was over the top. Now Mr Goodluck Jonathan seems to have topped it all making one to wonder the essence of democracy. This corruption on steroid is mind-boggling. A fundamental and structural re-ordering of the Nigerian society is direly needed now under the current Buhari Administration.


It is incredible how all the stories of fraud, stealing and gargantuan corruption Nigerians are reading now under the Goodluck Jonathan Administration occurred at the Central Bank of Nigeria. This is more than someone sleeping at the switch, this occurred because the switcher himself was part of the looting. A feckless sissy governor at Nigeria's apex bank slept off at the nation's vault and literally handed the key over to a dour president who came to office with the intention to steal and loot. The question the Buhari Administration should ask as the nation shops for a replacement for Godwin Emefiele is that, was there no one at the Central Bank of Nigeria that offered wise counsel when President Jonathan asked for the key of the nation's vault be handed over to him? Was morality so seriously at a discounted level that none of the Deputy Governors at the Central Bank under Emefiele had the balls and backbone to voice opposition to Emefiele's unprofessional conduct? How could a CBN Governor not know it was tantamount to money laundering to cart hard currency in suit cases out of the nation's vault? This is a national outrage!

Here are certain Godly characteristics that should guide the Buhari Administration in appointing the next Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in addition to the political propriety of an Ibo man.

First, Character should be foremost in the resume of the incoming CBN Governor. The Word of Life, the Holy Bible says in Proverbs 28:6 that " Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways." Anyone who handles money in any organization, including a nation's Central Bank should be a person of integrity. He should command respect. The person should be well balanced and the citizens should have confidence in such a person's leadership. I remember while working at the Newbreed Magazine in the 1980s under the late Chief Madu Abrochukwu Chris Okolie. He was one of the finest journalists Nigeria has ever produced, even though he had his shortcomings. He used to yell at any applicant who came to be hired as his newspapers' chief accountant: " Are you chartered?" We used to crack up each time Chris barked those words. It was funny, but as he used to say" How can I hire someone who is unqualified and not chartered to handle my money? But seriously, it is true. The problem with Nigeria is this stupid idea and practice of giving public offices to our second and third eleventh when we know they are unqualified. The decision of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria affects the general economic wellbeing as well as the pockets of all Nigerians. Character and gravitas are essential for this job.

The Buhari Administration should not make the mistake of appointing someone from commercial banking experience as the next Governor of the CBN. It creates conflict of interests. When objective and dispassionate economic policy and regulatory decision-making are about to be taken, someone who came to the governorship of the CBN from commercial banks often find it hard to separate vested commercial interests from national interests. Commercial banks are run as business entities but the Central Bank of Nigeria is not a profit-making institution. In advanced and well-functioning and serious economies, there is a standard practice of separating these two conflicting professional interests. The problems with Mr. Godwin Emefiele is the way and manner he was appointed by Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and his commercial banking experience.

The nation's apex bank should be immune to partisan politics. Even though an Ibo man is the right person for this job, because of the political ramifications as afore stated in previous articles, yet the person coming should be apolitical. The Buhari Administration needs a round peg in a round hole in the next CBN Governor. Intellectual competence and professionalism and relevant experience are also important. Policy wonks will argue that higher order thinking and edge in the higher academy are desiderata in the policy analyses and implementation of econometric policies at the nation's apex bank. Finally, international exposure is essential, because if the person that heads the nation's Central Bank doesn't command respect and confidence of Nigerians and foreign countries, Nigeria will be in trouble.


Earlier on in this column, we prophesied that Senator Aisha Jumaai Alhassan, the APC Candidate for Taraba State Governorship Election would not govern the state this time around until in the near future. We equally counseled her not to contest the 2015 Taraba State Governorship Election at the Election Petitions Tribunal. She didn't listen to the Spoken Words of God from us and she went ahead to contest Governor Darius Ishaku's election victory. Then a momentary victory came from the Election Petitions Tribunal and everyone shouted for victory. Well, let us advise Senator Alhassan that she should keep her current ministerial job because Darius Ishaku will remain the Governor of Taraba State till 2019 as the Holy Spirit speaks through us.


The news from the Court of Appeal voiding the election of Mr Emmanuel Udom as Governor of Akwa Inom State did not come to us a surprise. On April 3, 2915 we told the people of Akwa Ibom that Mr Emmanuel Udom may be foisted on them, but Mr Umana Okon Umana would rule the state. On Sunday August 9, 2015, we reiterated the same thing again? History is being made right before our eyes and more revelation, prophecies and predictions on the political future of Nigeria are coming through the Power of the Holy Spirit in the New Year. Watch out.


A Daniel Has Come To Judgment In Nigeria: Dear Dr Moshood Fayemiwo,

All the time,I listen to prophecy watch in most American outlets and see the likes of Rabbi Jonathan, ,Hal Lindsey,late Paul Jackson etc and compared them with what I had known of some Nigerian based prophets especially those who devote much time predicting football or sports in the name of prophecies,I felt disappointed in our style and substance.Hence,I lost interest and opted to look to some American and Jewish prophets to supplement my readings, studies on bible prophecies.

For I love preachings ,words of God and prophecies that are like fire that permeates the soul and encourage soul searching,salvation,transformation and perfectly of GOd. The likes of Daniel,Jeremiah,Isaiah,Paul,Peter to name a few.This is the area I love God and His word more than only prosperity preaching.

This,oh, MOSHOOD,you are being used by GOD to provide for Nigerian and African audience.Now I confirm that GOD is impartial GOD...whose name is JEHOVAH.The earth is His and He chooses from any nation who would put His name in GOLD.

Please, Dr Moshood Fayemiwo, ride on.but please Dr. Moshood Fayemiwo never join the Nigerian politics.You would serve the Nigeria,Africa.etc better and best.I will protest even if you decide to do so.I protested against Onwuka Kalu from joining politics in the past.He is a genius and provided good employment for many. Nigerian present politics and operators. are death traps and trappers.

What Nigeria lacks now are truth,honest,fearing servants at the helm than followers of trends.We need wisdom,patrotism,will and broadness of heart. I am happy a Daniel in you had come to Nigeria in you. May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless and guide you, Amen.---Mr. Harry Asobara, Japan.


Dear Dr Fayemiwo, How are you doing today together with your family? No doubt everyone is fine. I am fine today with my wife. It was nice speaking with you last week. I understand you are in the middle of relocating to Texas, and your schedule has been quite hectic for you. I expected to hear from you at the end of last week as you promised, but I thought may be you were overwhelmed with so many things.

As you aware, I have already submitted my application to those schools, couple of weeks ago, and they have acknowledged the receipt of my applications. They are currently reviewing my applications of which they would decide on whether or not to invite me for interview, and subsequent admission offer. I am keeping my fingers crossed and patiently waiting for their response, hoping in God Almighty for his immense favor and grace on me. I have done what I needed to do and put the rest in God's hand. Please, continue to remember me in your daily prayers as there is immense power in prayer. Please, let me know the convenient time we could talk. I really appreciate your compassionate attitude towards me. I pray that God Almighty will continue to bless you and shower his abundant favor on you. Thank You.---D.O, Maine, New England, USA.


PROGRAM NOTE: I am seeking the face of the True Lord God Almighty on who will become the next President of the United States among more than a dozen presidential candidates canvassing for votes to succeed President Barack Obama. In January 2016, we shall unveil Who the Holy Spirit will reveal as the 45th President of the United States of America. This will be a major part of our usual annual prophecies ad predictions for the Year 2016. Watch out in this column.