Sunday, November 24, 2019
Cameron, Texas, USA

et's make some proposed assumptions on what would have been, if our First Parents; Adam and Eve, hadn't disobeyed their Maker and Creator in the Garden of Eden, rather than our current discombobulated world reality. First, spiritual and physical death would not have occurred. Second, evil of all hues would not have been known. Third, eternal life that is in the distant of Time would have been ours naturally. Fourth, all which is Godly and the new heaven and new earth that Revelation 21:1-27 presents to us in a gaze and an aspiration would have been ours to behold and enjoy. Fifth, the earth would be able to accommodate us all, because no one except the True Lord God Almighty knows the dimension and width of the earth-not even Satan and his demons (Job 38:4-7). Sixth, most importantly, what type of political arrangement would the human race have instituted to govern themselves? Would there be politics? From the Book of Life, yes there would still have been politics in the affairs of the human race, if Adam and Eve hadn't fallen.

A glimpse into the life of the nation of Israel-the nation the Almighty God chose as His Sovereign Choice to redeem fallen human race through His Physical Intervention to rescue the human race by our Lord Jesus Christ confirmed this assertion. Following the defeat of the Egyptian suzerainty over the Israelites and the judgment of the Lord God Almighty over the gods and goddesses in Egypt, the Sovereign Lord God Almighty instituted three political platforms on how the nation of Israel should be governed. These were: the Priesthood, the Kingship and He-the Lord God Almighty as Head of both. "So all the elders of Israel…" (I Samuel 8: 4-6). When the children of Israel asked for a king to rule over them, they invariably rejected the Jehovah Lord God Almighty as their King. "And the Lord said to him: Listen to all that the people are saying to you, it is not you they have rejected but they have rejected Me as their King" (I Samuel 8:7).

Hitherto in Deuteronomy 17:15, the Lord God Almighty had foreseen the children of Israel demanding for a king. So why was the Lord angry at the Israelites demanding for a king upon reaching the Promised Land? It wasn't the demand that pissed the Lord but the reason for asking for a king: "to be like the other nations." The Almighty God weighs motives behind all our actions and prayers; many prayers are unanswered not because the requests aren't legitimate, but the motives behind such prayers, because "…motives are weighed by the Lord" (Proverbs 16:2b, 21:2). Consequently, there is nothing absolutely wrong with all things created by the Lord God Almighty; rather, the uses to which those things are put into by the human race at the instigation of Satan and his demons. Take sexual intercourse for instance. The Almighty God created it as the facilitator of progeny and in fulfillment of God's Will for the human race (Gen. 1:27-28). But see what Satan and his demons have turned sexual intercourse- a beautiful act of the Lord God Almighty- into today on earth?

Can a genuinely-regenerated and truly-converted born-again Christian participate in politics and become a politician and not be tainted? Is it possible for a born-again Christian to be in politics and be uncorrupted? Majority of reactions to my two articles in these series were in the negative. The contention was that; politics is dirty; it requires constant slugfest and stiff competition for resources and thus brings the highest bestiality in humans. As with all inventions of Satan (Gen. 11:1-), it will be difficult for the prince of this world and his fallen hordes to be insulated from politics as evinced by the perverse intrusions of the occult, voodoo, charms and supernatural forces in politics and among politicians. President Ronald Reagan of the United States consulted Jean Dixon (1904-1997) a known witch who lived few blocks to the White House, Washington DC and the 40th president procured the services of Joan Ceciel Quigley (1927-2014), an astrologer on the payroll of the White House throughout Reagan's eight year presidency. Mr. Ferdinand Marcos (1917-1989), the kleptocratic dictator of the Philippines was consulting the Ouija Board inside Malacanag Palace the day Corazon Aquino (1933-2009) and the people's revolt in The Philippines in 1986 swept Marcos into exile in Honolulu here in America where he died in obloquy. Sani Abacha (1943-1998), late Madman of Nigeria kept Islamic mullahs, marabout and stargazers mostly imported from Senegal, Mali, Morocco and Egypt inside Aso Rock, Abuja Nigeria but still died unmissed and unwept on June 8, 1998 without realizing his forlorn ambition of a military tyrant-turned civilian president. Idi Amin Dada (1925-2003), the Butcher of Kampala, Jean-Bedel Bokassa (1921-1996), the Cannibal of Bangui, Mobute Desire Sesezeko,1930-1997), the Feline of erstwhile Zaire (DRC), Gnassingbe Eyadema (1935-2005), the Killer of Togo, Samuel Kanyon Doe (1951-1990),

the Murderer of Liberia, Nicolae Ceausescue (1918-1989), the ogre of Romania and many of the tea-pot dictators and tyrants in history relied on voodoo, charms, juju, the occult and the arsenals of Satan and paraphernalia of demonic forces to kill millions, maim, and perpetrate evil and horrendous carnage on their citizens as we chronicled them in our book: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed. (

Such horrific and mind-chilling evils of military thugs, political gangsters and buffoons have sent fears into the minds of those aspiring to participate in the political process. Yet, in this long list of charlatans and political kooks are also the beautiful ones in politics. Leaders such as President Jimmy Carter, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and few others have done remarkably well in politics. In our climes, people like Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin (1908-1997), Lateef Kayode Jakande (1929-)Victor Olabisi Onabanjo ( 1927-1990), Ambrose Folorunsho Alli (1929-1989) Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe (1929-2004), Shetima Ali Monguno (1926-2016), Solomon Daushep Lar (1933-2013),Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa (1936-), Malam Aminu Kano (1920-1983), Chief Joseph Modupe Johnson (1912-1987) and few others are epitomes of probity, humility, uprightness and incorruptibility in politics.

There are seven means, reasons and ways a genuine born-again Christian can play politics and still maintain the white dress of incorruptibility and be inoculated against the garment of shame.

Instructions From the Holy Spirit: - Every regenerated and truly-redeemed Born-Again Christian has the assurances of the Holy Spirit as proof of your heavenly-bound journey (Ephesians 1:3-14). Candidly, you are not a Christian without the Holy Spirit, Who is none Other Person than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Spirit in you. Consequently, the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, Guide and Master on this temporary earth throughout our individual Christian Journey. If He-the Holy Spirit-instructs you to go into politics, you should and obey Him. Now, don't get me wrong; some people have told me that; they think or feel the Holy Spirit is telling them to go into politics. That is not good enough. Do not think or feel but be assertive and surefooted. As Apostle Peter warned you and me as genuine children of the Living God: "Therefore, brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure…" (2 Peter 1:10A). There are seven ways or forms a Born-Again Christian can confirm the Holy Spirit is truly and indeed instructing you to go into politics. The Holy Spirit specifically told a military general to stage a coup d'état and carried out certain specific tasks in the life of a nation as General Jehu's case illustrated (2 Kings 9: 1-13). Moses did not take it upon himself to liberate the children of Israel from Egyptian thralldom but was called by the True Lord God Almighty Himself to this arduous task (Exodus 3:1-7). Gideon did not thrust himself into limelight but; "the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, who blew the ram's horn and rallied…" (Judges 6:34). In Haggai 1:14, we read that the Holy Spirit stirred the spirit of Zerubbabel, the spirit of Joshua etc to carry out specific tasks in the politics of the nation. Is the Lord God Almighty stirring your heart to go into politics? Did you hear Him well and rightly enough? Are you sure it is the Holy Spirit or your own spirit? This is the first question we put to politicians who come here to the Jesus Christ Solution Center in Cameron TX for political consultation.

Love for People As Answer to prayer:- We hear it all the time from bread and butter politicians who bamboozle the masses with the ludicrous statement of answering the call of the people as raison d'ętre for being in politics. That won't cut it for a true Born-Again Christian. There are some souls that God created to serve others. These are not eye servants, but created by the Lord God Almighty to have that thirst and desire to serve the people in leadership. A classic example was David. He was a shepherd boy, devoted and committed to the animals he was saddled with herding by his father. He would have made a mess of that duty, but he once put his life on the line when a wolf and a lion came to the herd. The Almighty God had all along been watching this young man in this small task and as the Lord God Almighty Who looks at the heart, He saw the motive of this lad and decided to task him with the gigantic responsibility of governing a nation. He said so Himself: "After removing Saul, He made David their king. God testified concerning him: I have found David son of Jesse, a man after My Own Heart, he will do everything I want him to do" (Acts 13:22). Even Saul, before he went astray, he didn't jockey for the kingship. As a matter of fact, he was missing and hiding on the day of his coronation and had to be fished out from hiding. It was when he became king that pride, arrogance and disobedience entered into him because of his handsomeness. Again, as with the first factor or means above, there are seven ways a Born-Again Christian can know he or she has the gift of love for people and his or her involvement in politics is an answer to this genuine and Godly-impacted desire.

Exploring Ways to Witness: - Power of whatever hues can be extremely dangerous, if not tempered and tamed with the fear of the Lord. When pride and arrogance are mixed together with power, the absence of Godly people to speak honest truth to power endangers lives. Most of the dictators and tyrants the world has ever known didn't start beastly and monstrously in life, but became pigheaded when inebriated with power. Satan and his demons have been watching and experimenting with human beings for eons and they have found out that fallen humans have affinities with them in our thinking and aspirations. That was the trick Satan pulled on Eve: "Thou shalt be like God…" (Gen. 3:4). Kwame Nkrumah, first president of independent Ghana was a freedom fighter and fought the British colonizers to a standstill and even went to prison. But as soon as he became president, he went after his political opponents and imprisoned scores. At a time, he fed his lions with the flesh of his political enemies. Robert Gabriel Mugabe was brought up in a strict puritanical Catholic family among the Shona tribe in former Southern Rhodesia and grew up to become a highly-educated and if not the most educated president in the world. But see how power corrupted him, absolute power corrupted him absolutely? They said Adolf Hitler was a genial fellow when he was growing up in rural Linz Austria. But see what the demonic spirit of absolute power and autocracy turned the man into in later years!

In the Book of Life, we saw how the Three Musketeers of Faith; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego used the opportunities of being in public service to tame and humble a megalomaniac dictator (Daniel 3:16-28). Daniel was a refugee in Old Babylon, but the Holy Spirit used him mightily as an adviser to four kings in quick succession; King Nebuchadnezzar, his son Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. During those years spanning half a century, Daniel was in the royal court as adviser, but maintained his spiritual relationship with the Lord God Almighty that dreams and visions were shown and revealed to him concerning contemporary and world events. He was in power as an invaluable adviser and go-to-guy but didn't involve himself in any shady deals to the envy of his colleagues but to the admiration and praise of his fellow believers. There are some Born-Again Christians called to perform this vital role in the affairs of their nations. The problem is that, most of these Born-Again Christians derail and soon begin to rely on themselves rather than clinging onto the Holy Spirit. They also forget this powerful prayer from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: "Our Father which art in heaven…And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…"Matthew 6:9-13). Consequently, being in public service and politics can be veritable outlets for Born-Again Christians to witness to a morally-discounted world not by our words of mouth by the strength of our conduct and behaviors, unassailable character and strong convictions.

Christian Ethics for governance:- Most of the moral codes, ethical values instituted and laws put in place by advanced Western democracies of the world guiding politicians and public office holders were virtually taken from the Holy Bible. The jurisprudences of Western democracies were all embedded in Judeo-Christian philosophies. Consequently, the deontological principles of any society guiding politicians and public office holders will determine how strong and enduring their institutions. Apostle Paul made a fascinating disclosure about the power of Christian deontological principles thus: "For we are to God the sweet aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To those one, we are an odor of death and demise; to the other, a fragrance that brings life…" (2 Corinthians 2:16). Take a look at the countries and nations of the world that are poor, impoverished, stagnant, underdeveloped, and citizens deprived of basic human rights and freedom; they are non-Christian nations. Look at the Arab nations with all their gazillion oil and petrodollars, yet they rely on Western Christian nations for virtually all they need and do, including security and drinking water. You would have thought that with the billions of dollars being doled out to Afghanistan and those Arab nations by foreign donors would have made them self-sufficient and develop, yet they are still poor. But see tiny Israel that became a nation less than four scores ago without oil and known natural resources but today is the sixth most industrialized and developed nation and the seventh most technological advanced nation on earth. See how Judeo-Christian principles turned Uganda into the second most technological advanced nation to South Africa in the African Continent.

A Born-Again Christian called by the Holy Spirit into politics and public service can leverage on such vantage position to put in place Biblical principles and ethical values such as honesty, empathy for the weak, helping the vulnerable, opening our hands to the weak, helping the widows and elderly and many of the underprivileged and poor in our midst.

Use Position to help the Vulnerable:- There are seven groups of people in the society that the Heart of the True Lord God Almighty goes out continually namely: children (Matthew 19:14); the elderly, seniors and the aged ( Leviticus 19:32), the poor and strangers, including refugees (Deuteronomy 24:14), the handicapped and physically-challenged ( Leviticus 19:14), the widows (Isaiah 1:17 ), the fatherless and orphans ( Psalm 82:3; James 1:27) and the sick and prisoners (Matthew 25:35-40). The patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were all refugees and strangers on earth. The aim of government as one statesman once disclosed is to help the vulnerable and the disadvantaged members of the society what they cannot individually provide for themselves. It is not by accident that here in the United States and other advanced well-functioning democracies, the poor and homeless are helped with shelter through numerous NGOs, public housing provided for mothers with children, food pantries and subsidized meals are made available to the poor, the elderly and the sick, employment benefits paid to those out of work and those looking for employment and Medicare available to children, the sick and other underprivileged members of the society. These are all Judeo-Christian ethical values which every responsible and responsive governments should provide for their citizens. In Africa, many of those in government are bereft of these ideas and that is why government has no meaning and our folks want to come to the West at all costs. Of what use is government, if it destroys its citizens and everyone is basically on his or her own? That is an animal society. Any Born-Again Christian who has the opportunity to be called into politics and public service should uphold these values.

Brief Stay and Mental Vacation: A truly-regenerated and genuinely-converted person inspired by the Holy Spirit to go into politics and public service will be instructed by the Holy Spirit to accomplish specific objectives. Politics is and should not be a job for a Born-Again Christian. As a matter of fact, we aren't called by the Holy Spirit to look for a job, including political job, offer or appointment; rather, we are supposed to work for Him. I have had cause to turn down political appointments, because I know the work-not job-which the One Who called me has called me to do. Consequently, a Born-Again Christian should achieve that objective as communicated to him or her by the Holy Spirit in that political job or offer and leave as soon as those task(s) have been accomplished. It took much persuasion and pleading by Belshazzar for Daniel to remain as presidential adviser after the death of King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 5). The reason Daniel agreed to stay was because Belshazzar mounted the throne at a relatively young age and he eventually self-destruct. Political office should be a vocation and time for mental vacation for the truly-called Born-Again Christian. Many politicians are wayward and pigheaded; they can be power-drunk and carried away by the lure of power. Political power is indeed an aphrodisiac; consequently, a wise governor, president or politician in public office should surround himself or herself with genuine men and women of the True Lord God Almighty as advisers, because; "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed" (Proverbs 15:22).

A governor friend of mine in an African nation once told me to submit bids for contracts, because the Lord God Almighty used us to put him in that position. He was surprised when I told him I am not a contractor and do not execute government contracts. Many acquaintances came to me some time ago to help them talk to a highly-placed politician for positions and I told them pointblank I am not an influence-peddler and a political wheeler-dealer. I have never, I repeat never used my position with politicians for self-interests in my life. That is not my calling. Born-Again Christians called to be in political position are supposed to use such opportunities to speak truth, I mean honest truth to power, offer Godly advise and pray for those in authorities to administer justice, rule with the fear of God and govern with integrity, sense of purpose, discipline and transparence.

Be Ready for Spiritual Warfare:- The Holy Spirit Who inspired you to go into politics and public service would also tell you the spiritual dangers you will face as one of His Own. Daniel encountered tremendous opposition from the bad guys who thought Daniel was too irreproachable. Those in politics with ill-motives will go after you if you stand in their ways to pecuniary self-enrichment. Like they say in Nigeria: "If you do not want to chop, do not stand in the way of those of us who wan chop." Consequently, you must be prepared to take a stand and fight with the Power of the Holy Spirit to push back the gale of darkness in any area of politics and public service the True Lord God Almighty has called you in order to bring Him Glory to His Holy Name in a dark and demon-controlled world, Hallelujah!


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