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hen the True Jehovah Lord God Almighty created the angels; He created three high-ranking angels called Archangels namely: Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. The archangels have subordinate angels under them that report to them and whom they supervise. While Michael is stationed in the North of the Third heaven as the Leader of a fighting army, Lucifer and his subordinates were created to prepare God's Food which is praise worship and songs. Archangel Gabriel was the Chief of Staff perpetually stationed at the Entrance and Presence of the Creator. Lucifer became proud and was supposed to undergo 12 levels of training, but fell short at the 6th level when he and the angels under him rebelled against the True Lord God Almighty. His rebellion and that of his subordinates against their Maker led to war in heaven (Rev. 12: 7-12). Consequently, the insurrection fiasco led to the banishment of Lucifer and his rebellious angels- one-third of them-from heaven. Lucifer whose name originally means: "Morning Star" now became Satan, which means: "The Oppose One" while the angels that joined him in his treason became known as: "demonic spirits" of varying degrees. Beelzebub, Ashtoreth and the Queen of the Coast were the three main principalities that aligned with Lucifer later known as Satan to rebel in heaven. We disclosed more in The Kingdom of Satan Exposed, which you can grab a copy at any reputable bookstore near you or online.

When the True Lord God Almighty created Adam, he was created with 12 elements far above fallen Satan. This was the reason Satan had to tempt Adam and Eve so they could fall under Satan and through the tragic incident that occurred in the Garden of Eden, Satan stole the Power, Authority and Dominion God gave to our First Parents at Creation. Because Satan and his rebellious hordes were denied reprieve and second chance for their rebellion, these fallen angels have resolved to oppose the agendas of their Maker every step of the way on earth. Satan and his fallen spirits are not fighting God, but His Wills in the lives of every human soul on earth: you and I. Satan vowed that he and his losers will ensure no human being on earth serves and does the will of God and they will ensure His Holy Name is erased completely under heaven. This is the motif of the spiritual warfare going on in the lives of all human souls on earth. This was the reason our Lord Jesus Christ came to the earth in physical form to give us-all human beings; you and I who believe in Him-"…authority to trample on snakes and scorpions-referring to Satan and his fallen angels- and to overcome all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you (us)." (Luke 10:19). So how did Jesus Christ achieve this? He had to be punished for the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden first. Then this vicarious Death on Calvary satisfied God's Righteous requirement that the disobedience of Adam and Eve could not be forgiven without shedding of blood. Our Lord Jesus Christ paid this with His Blood. Since Jesus Christ didn't sin, He had and still has the Power to come back to life. This is what His Resurrection is all about, Hallelujah! This is not religion; this is Christianity.

Last week, we examined the seven ways in the physical human body that Satan and his demons use to inhabit humans to lure them to sin against their Maker. This week, we look at the remaining 7 ways. As we disclosed last week, these are the 14 major demonic ways that the denizens of darkness use and also continue to device more demonic ways to lure humans to sin until the Final Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Human Soul/Heart:- Most human beings erroneously think the True Lord God Almighty communicate with us via the human soul or heart. No. He uses His Word: the Holy Bible to talk to the human heart in the soul while He speaks to us directly in the human spirit. The human spirit is divided into three levels while the human soul is subdivided into 7 areas. We explained in details all these vital spiritual components as taught us by the Holy Spirit in our best-seller: The Kingdom of Satan Exposed. Satan and his fallen angels have studied the human souls for thousands of years and have discovered that, the human soul under the spirit-which is from God-is extremely powerful indeed. This is why evil forces do not go after souls of animals like they do to human beings. The latter do not have spirits. That was the reason the Legion pleaded to be let into the pigs in Gadara, but because the demons were so many and malevolently powerful, the pigs could not withstand hosting those demons and thus went into the abyss immediately (Matthew 8: 28-34). Satan and his demons have power to put insane and outrageous ideas into human hearts like he did to Judas. Like the 18-year old boy in the news recently who was commanded by a witch doctor to kill his biological mother and necromancy her corpse. Or the Kenyan woman also reported in the social media with her viral video was told to make love to a mad man in an open market so she could be rich. These are all lies. Demons use such acts to enter into the physical body of such ignorant humans. Demons often poke fun at human beings and refer to them as fools, idiots and ignoramuses that will believe and do anything told them by demons. Even the fallen angels find it incredulous at the gullibility of Adam's children.

I was praying for a sister and all of a sudden, I saw a snake crawling out of her private area in the spirit. I didn't alert her and simply stopped the prayer. Then the Holy Spirit told me what happened and so I asked her: "Were you ever molested by your biological father?" She was stupefied and when she gathered her composure, she said dryly: "No man of God has ever asked me that question, Dr," she began and amid sobbing, as she narrated the ugly incident. Her father had died, she repressed the act, but that was why she could not keep a man. The demon entered into her from her biological father because, the father disobeyed the law of God in Leviticus 18:10.

Just as Satan and his demons can put demonic thoughts, weird and incredulous ideas into human hearts, they can also remove thoughts just as our Lord Jesus Christ revealed in Mark 4:15: "The sower sows the word. These are the ones along the path where the word is sown: when they hear, immediately Satan comes and takes away the word sown in them."

The Human Spirit: Satan and his demons do not necessarily care or demonstrate aggressive behavior toward controlling the human spirit. Every human being has his or her spirit, just like Satan and his fallen angels. The human spirit is distinct from the human soul, but both are housed inside the human physical body. The human spirit communicates with the spiritual and supernatural entities of God's angels and satanic forces respectively. Satan and his hordes shy away from controlling the human spirit, because Satan had already succeeded in cutting it off from God as soon as Adam and Eve rebelled and ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. Consequently, they forfeited the right to eat from the Tree of Life (Gen. 3:22). This is what is meant by death that the Creator warned Adam and Eve against in the Garden of Eden. While Satan and his malevolent acolytes do not crave the human spirit as they do the soul, there are some human beings that have on their own sold both soul and spirit to Satan and his fiendish rebels. These are witches, wizards, warlocks, necromancers, parapsychologists, witch and juju doctors, practitioners of black magic, white magic, false prophets, dibia men and women and the rest we listed and explained in The Kingdom of Satan Exposed. For those that are regular readers of this Holy Spirit-filled and directed column, you will remember I exposed my late paternal aunt; Madam Aina Rachel Fayemiwo, who was a witch and I wrote much about her in that book. She was so adept at being used by demons that she projected her spiritual and soulical powers onto her son; Adeoye Samuel in 1996 that she was able to locate my office in Lagos from Owo, Ondo State without physically present in Lagos-nearly 300 miles away. Yes, witches of high ranking powers trained by Satan and a group of demons have the ability to shrink time and space.

For examples, the late Mr. Olumba Olumba Obu of Brotherhood of the Cross with headquarters in Calabar, Cross River State during his lifetime could leave Calabar in eastern Nigeria and telepathically appeared in London UK without visa and entering airplane. The late Chief Obafemi Awolowo also had the same demonic power; so also the late Olowo of Owo, Oba Titus Olateru-Olagbegi II. The Yoruba people call it: ëgbe." Those human beings: politicians, traditional rulers, business men and women, academics, false prophets and pastors, musicians , film makers, soccer /sports stars, beauty and fashion moguls and many more who crave this type of satanic power for control, domination, prestige, respect, and also for temporary power on earth, fame, wealth, riches, celebrity and personal glory often pay dearly with blood of their wives and children as sacrifices, because Satan doesn't give out his so-called power for nothing. And ultimately, they will end with the rebellious spirits in the Nether Gloom. There was a man who practiced that telepathic and astral projection at the DMI, Apapa Lagos where I was detained in Nigeria in 1997 and 1998 and I warned him openly to the hearings of the rest detainees that, if he didn't stop the practice, I would make sure he would project out of his physical body and never return again. That was death. He heeded my warning and quickly stopped the demonic practice.

The Armpit:- This is a demonic doorway controlled by the Queen of the Coast who has under her some of the fallen angels that currently inhabit the marine world. These are sirens and mermaids that inhabit the aquatic world, but have the power to seduce human beings into forbidden sexual relations. They are androgynous beings and hermaphroditic spirits that come out at noon and also at midnight parading night clubs and downtown as humans but are actually supernatural creatures that the lawless and disobedient pick up for sexual intercourse at many of the world's red light districts. Most human beings will be amazed at the influence of demons on our everyday fashion gadgets and beauty products; from perfumes, eye lashes, trinkets, gold ornaments to many of the provocative dresses among our celebrities. A popular and well-known musician in the world is an agent of the marine world and many of them are commonly refer to as Divas. That word is from the marine world, unbeknown to authors, writers and journalists. It is the name given to the Queen of Coast in the demonic world. See Revelation 17:1-18. The demons that control the human armpits also supervise demons that transfer themselves from men's hairs to women in heathen nations which are sold as hair attachments. Many of the ladies, especially black women do not know that some of the hair attachments they display as fashion wears in their hair have demonic content. Some of the hair attachments sold across the world are from gurus of India.

The Human Feet: - There are certain places of worship that are exclusively devoted to demonic rites in the name of religion and should be off limits to genuine Christian believers. A friend said I should follow him to go see a relative at a place of worship where you have to take off your shoes and dip your finger into an "anointing water" before you can enter, and the Holy Spirit warned me to steer clear. "That is a demonic territory and if you go in there without my specific authorization, you've committed spiritual trespass." I was driving from New York to Tampa, Florida in 2005 during my doctoral years and as soon as I entered the Sunshine State from the border town of Valparaiso, Georgia, the air and the atmosphere of a certain ambience changed. Only those with the Holy Spirit would notice it. I wanted to stop to ease myself, but the Holy Spirit told me not to stop until I reached the next Rest Area. When I got to Tampa, I was curious to research the area and behold, I was near a village called Cassadaga Village in Osceola County, Florida. It is the headquarters of the largest witches' coven in North America. All those abominable practices that the Almighty God warned us against in the Holy Bible; witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, fetish, warlordism, to Tarot Cards, Ouija Board, psychic reading etc occur here in daylight. "Son, you aren't authorized to go there, unless I specifically command you," the Holy Spirit told me. "Every place that demons and Satan operate, they've the right to operate when certain conditions and requirements are met by their practitioners. If you go against my instruction, you're opening yourself to demonic infestation." If you accompany a friend or acquaintance to a witch doctor, warlock, wizard, witch or any of the occult practitioners for divination, albeit innocently, you have committed demonic trespass and Satan has the legal power and authority to send some demons into your life. If you accompany newly-weds to places that are forbidden in the Holy Bible, albeit benign, you're opening your life to demonic infestation. Just as it is in the secular realm that ignorance of the law is no excuse to break the law, so also in the spirit realm, including breaking God's Eternal Laws which will attract desert punishment. Read this in I Samuel 5:5: "That is why, to this day, the priests of Dagon-the demon-god and abomination of the Philistines- and everyone who enters the temple of Dagon in Ashdod do not step on Dagon's threshold."

The Anus: - This is another opening for demons in human beings. People that engage in anal sexual intercourse and homosexual activities are prime targets for such anal demonic infestation. We conducted a deliverance session on a brother in Switzerland few years ago and virtually all the demons exited through his anus. Much later, he revealed that he once lived a homosexual lifestyle in Europe and was in the closet. In their covens and during initiations into witchcraft, Satan enjoys sodomizing his worshippers and later on, other demons join in tormenting the initiates. Gen. 6:1-4 gave a hint of such abominable acts. See also Leviticus 18:22.

The Hands: - Satan and his demons need the human hands to commit all sorts of atrocities that they can use against them on the Day of Judgment. The hands are needed to steal, rob, covet, kill, pull the trigger, murder and use in sundry illicit and demonic ways and activities thus, Satan places his demons to direct events and activities toward populating his dark kingdom in the lives of disobedient children of Adam. For example, the sacrifice Satan asks you to bring to him through his menageries of agents: witch doctors and co must be slaughtered with your own bare hands. You must dip your hands in the blood of the sacrifices; both animal and human sacrifices so that Satan and his demons can capture you in the act and use it against you on the Day of Judgment. No wonder, our Lord Jesus Christ warned thus in The Beatitudes; "And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away, for I is better you lose one of the parts of your body than for your whole body to go into hell" (Matthew 5:30).

Your Physical Cash:- This is a no-brainer. Do you ever notice that Satan's agents will naturally and insistently ask you to bring money out of your pocket, no matter how small, even a pittance before they attend to you? It is not the money itself, but the act of paying for the divination or psychic reading and other demonic services. You see, such act is not mere symbolic gesture, but a spiritual act that enables demons to be placed in your life. Come to think of it; your money is actually you. When our Lord Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 6: 19-20: "Don't lay for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves-referring to Satan and his demons-break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves don't break in and steal," many believers didn't get it and of course, unbelievers are clueless of its spiritual impact. But our Lord Jesus Christ told us why: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21).

Many believers have given their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, they work their butts off and they can't account for their money, because the more they work like elephants, but the more they eat like rats not knowing what is amiss. If you have visited any of those satanic amanuenses in the past and have removed money from your wallet, purse or pocket as divination fees, there are specific demons placed in your life to ensure your financial life is in shambles. You may be hardworking, earning big and fat salary, but somehow, you can't account for how you spend your money. There are special devouring demons that ensure you do not amount to anything in real life. They steal your money and then give such money to those ignorant fools that come to them for money rituals, while those idiots and mega-morons too are deceived by being short-changed in their years of life by these seducing and deceiving demons.



In 2013, we prophesied in this column the deposition of three African heads of state and the three prophecies came to past in Burkina Faso and the tiny South African nation of Lesotho and Mugabe of Zimbabwe topped the list two years later. Here is the link of the prophecies and their fulfillments published here on Friday December 05, 2014.

Here were our exact words four years ago as published in this column:

"Also in 2013, at the threshold of the outgoing year 2014, we predicted through the Holy Spirit thus: "The Holy Spirit says the days of long-reigning African dictators are over as two of them will pass away this year. There will be two coup attempts in two African nations this year; one in a tiny West African nation whose leader himself seized power and legitimized himself through democratic process..." Did you hear Mr. Blasé Compaore of Burkina Faso was removed from office in October 2014? Were you here when Prime Minister Thomas Thabane of Lesotho in Southern Africa ran away from the tiny nation to South Africa in a coup attempt in August 2014? Here is another one in the first part of our predictions and prophecies for the outgoing 2014: "More incidents and cases of Islamic insurgence and terrorist activities will spread in Africa, especially from Northern Africa, the Maghreb to other parts of the continent. Strange things and events yet unheard of, especially in weather and climatic conditions, among humans and animals will occur in many parts of Africa this year. There will be more bombings and guerrilla activities and many youth will take to crime and criminal activities as populations increase and the riches of Africa are monopolized by few elites at the detriment of the poor masses…" Ever before Mr. Putin was kicked out of the G8, the Lord showed us. We also saw the crises in Ukraine and China's high-handed policy in Hong Kong. Read this: "President Vladimir Putin of Russia and China will surreptitiously begin to plot behind the scenes in 2014 to introduce a new world currency as a counterpoise against the United States Dollars, which will cause tension in the G 8." Only few around the world know that Vladimir Putin has authorized Russia's Central Bank dumping of the American Dollar; about $2billion this year as a result of the current economic sanctions imposed on Russia. More news on this in 2015 in our up-coming prophecies and predictions for 2015. Before you say ISIL, the Holy Spirit showed us: "There will continue to be wars, instability and general state of anarchy in the Arab world and Israel will increasingly be the butts of hatred and animosity from her Arab neighbors in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. A new group of Islamic terrorist organization will spring up this year and announce the firing of Ayman al-Zawahiri. The factional in-fighting will lead to power struggle and more of Al-Qaeda leaders will be eliminated by the United States…" Do you Coalition Forces? We saw the cowardly and unconscionable slaughter of 40 college students by drug lords in nearby Mexico before the dastardly act took place thus: "Activities of drug lords, targeted assassinations, disappearances, insecurity and general lawlessness will accentuate in Mexico in 2014 forcing the United States to be heavily involved in the escalating war against illicit drugs and drug lords." Before popular Jamaican musician, Mr. John Holt died; we saw it and told the world thus: "A popular Jamaican artiste, actress/musician will pass away this year-2014." In Iquique, Chile, the most devastating earthquake occurred in April 2014 with combined magnitudes of 8.2 and 7.7 on April 1 and 2, 2014 respectively with more than 1,000 fatalities as we predicted thus: "Another deadly earthquake will occur in a Latin American nation in 2014 comparable to the deadly earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010." If you have been following world news, you will know when we also predicted that: "Argentina and Brazil will continue to see influx of foreigners…" To crosscheck and find out if our predictions stack up as revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, visit the link below to the first part of the full prophecies and predictions titled: PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS FOR THE YEAR 2014"" (1) Originally published in this column on Monday December 30, 2013 as the link below attests:

WORLD EXCLUSIVE, Praise, Honor and Glory to the True Lord God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord. The Omnipotent and Omnipresent Jehovah Jireh, the I AM THAT I AM. Who said: "Surely, the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7), He has just revealed to us His humble servant and co-heir with His Only-Begotten Son, my Lord and Personal Savior, Jesus Christ, the man that will win the forthcoming 2019 Presidential Election in Nigeria and become the next President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria. On Sunday December 02, 2018, the Lord God Almighty, Who says:: "Remember, what happened long ago, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, 'My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.' (Isaiah 46:9-10). He is about to do something earth-shaking in Nigeria. Just as He revealed to us four years ago the outcome of the 2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria and we made it known and it came to past, we're going to tell Nigerians and the world the outcome of the 2019 Presidential Election in Nigeria in this column. See this link for the 2015 Presidential Election Prophecy on Thursday December 18, 2014:- And see in similar vein Monday December 29, 2014 the link to the same prophecy:- Right here in this column on Sunday December 02, 2018 you will find out how the elections will go and who will win and lose. Keep a date!

THE STATE OF THE STATES THIS WEEK: We continue with our next four states of Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi and Kwara for this week

KATSINA:- This is the home state of the current APC leader and incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari and we expect him to keep this column in his party. We also expect the current governor to finish his final term of 8 years as the state's helmsman. The issue we see here is still the same we saw few years ago in 2014 and 2015: the health concern of Gov Bello Masari.

KEBBI:- This is a walk-over for incumbent Gov Abubakar Atiku Bagudu of the APC who will coast home to victory next year for his second and final term in office.

KOGI:- Ardent readers of this column would still remember our prophecies on late Prince Abubakar Audu and the concatenation of events that heralded the current Gov Yaya Bello of the state. What we saw about this state and the fate of its incumbent APC chief executive and published here on Tuesday August 07, 2018 is extant. Here is the link:- Nothing has changed.

KWARA:- Omo Oloye and Senate President, Dr Bukola Abubakar Saraki still holds the aces here as the indisputable kingmaker. He will still decide who the next governor and chief executive here after the tenure of Megida. Although there will be political rupture and disturbances as a result of the political fallout between the PDP and APC at the center and the recent political realignment across the nation,, but at the end of it all, the combined forces of Saraki and Gov Ahmed will coast home to victory and plant the PDP Candidate. The election will be close at the governorship level, but won't be close at the senatorial and presidential contests. On Sunday December 02, 2018, you will read here exclusively for the first and only authoritative time how the presidential election of 2019 will go and who will win this state.