Monday, November 9, 2020
Cameron, Texas, USA

“Come out to the tent of meeting, all three of you.” So the three of them went out. Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud; He stood at the entrance to the tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When the two of them stepped forward, He said: “Listen to my words: “When there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. But this is not true of my servant Moses; he is faithful in all my house. With him I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?” (Numbers 12:4-8).


arlier this year, we prophesied in this column the imminent demise of a world leader through the current Coronavirus Pandemic. The prophecy is reproduced below in its entirety. Read and see between the line of what is about to be fulfilled anon.

Amos was a local farmer in rural Tekoa living a quiet life when the True Lord God Almighty called him to speak Truth to the nations. His words and prophecies; full of disasters and foreboding for the surrounding nations ensconced in idolatry and witchcraft received effulgence by the children of Israel. Damascus would be incinerated, the Aramites would go into captivity, Gaza would be torched by an invading army, Edom would be invaded by foreign marauders, the Ammonites would be consumed by windstorm and whirlwind, and the Moabites would be mercilessly slaughtered. The Israelites were pleased with Prophet Amos; after all, the surrounding nations were evil and thus should meet their comeuppance. Then with a prescient habile, Amos did a wither shins on the people of Israel on the overwhelming disaster already decreed by the Almighty God for His people. Israel and Judah too would not be spared.

The Almighty God brought six charges against His people: injustice and denigration of the poor and widows, idolatry, shedding of innocent blood, oppression of the fatherless and orphans, unbridled materialism, bribery and corruption. "Then the Lord said, "I am setting a plumb line among My people Israel. I will no longer spare them; Israel's high places will be deserted, and Israel's sanctuaries will be in ruins; I will rise up against the house of Jeroboam with a sword” (Amos 7:8-9) "…your sons and daughters will fall by the sword, and your land will be divided up with a measuring line. You yourself will die on pagan soil, and Israel will certainly go into exile…" (Amos 7:17). The people felt umbrage and growled at Amos: "Do not prophesy against Israel; do not preach against the house of Isaac" (Amos 7:16). What Israel and Judah perceived as Amos spiel eventually happened as revealed by the King of kings to the Minor Seer of Tekoa.

I pause this week to bring bad tidings to the people of the world as fallouts from the current Coronavirus Pandemic ravaging the world. Like Prophet Amos, I am a reluctant harbinger of His Message, for I was a journalist/writer in my native Nigeria when He called me. He has proven over and over again that He truly called us as numerous prophecies we have disclosed here over the years have been uncannily accurate including the current pandemic which we warned in this column on Monday October 21, 2013 ( We repeated it for nearly a year here in the Christian Walk column on Tuesday November 05, 2013. For nearly 40 weeks, we warned of this pandemic seven years ago. See the link: (

As disclosed in our series on the current devastating global pandemic, anyone who is telling you that the scourge is ebbing and will soon go away is deceiving you. This demon of death is just warming up; there is no village, town, city or nation on earth that it will not reach and expect more than 6million deaths in its wake worldwide as my prophecy declares. But more worrisome and depressing are the aftereffects and fallouts of the pandemic which I will explain more next week on the series we started a month ago. However, the reason I pause on the series this week is the prophecy on the death of a great world leader that is about to take place this year 2020. There is a world leader that is known all over the globe who is already gone in the spirit, but his death will occur this year and will be mourned across the globe this year 2020. Another world leader will be assassinated and his death will reverberate across the globe during this Coronavirus Pandemic. The people of the Central African nation of the Republic of Cameroon should pray for President Paul Batthelemy Biya bi Mvondo as we see a political vacuum and struggle for succession in the West-Central African nation. There are five state governors currently serving in their respective states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria that will not make it to the Year 2023. I am talking of deaths and they will not be re-elected for second term as my prophecy declares. Among those that will not make it to 2023 are three senators and three members of the nation's lower chamber, Abuja.

Many precious souls have been calling, emailing and inquiring about what to do during this Coronavirus Plague. Our covenant partners are already doing what the Holy Spirit instructed us to do which we are following accordingly. Next week, I will resume our series on the Luciferian Project of the much-talked about and anticipated Satan's Number 6+6+6 as revealed in Revelation 13:18; the spiritual meaning of the Number and how it will take place as segue to One World Government, One World Economy and One World Religion.


My Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ spoke through us on Saturday October 31, 2020 that Joe Biden would be the 46th President of the USA. Here it is “Finally, Daddy speaks, Yes, my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ spoke on the outcome of the US Presidential Election November 03, 2020.

Here again is the link to the epochal prophecy as published in this column:


Prof.,Thank you for your email. Yeah, the word of Psalm 33:9 , For He spoke and it came to be, He commanded and it stood fast. Blessed be the name of our Lord.I am glad that the prophecy as always had come to pass. Halleluyah. May His anointing in you continue to flow and never dry. Regards—-From Mr. John Olusayo Faloye, Hospital Administrator, Muscat Sultanate of Oman.

Former VP Joe Borden has just been declared the 46th President of the United States of America by the CNN and other networks as prophesied by you. Congratulation sir. To God Almighty be praised. You are just like the prophet Elijah of our time. I celebrate the Holy Spirit of God in you and I celebrate you for your obedience—-From Brother Erikefe Oderhohwo, Warri, Edo State, Nigeria.

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