Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is the next President of the United States while Trump will be voted out

r Donald J. Trump did not win the last Presidential Election in the United States of America in 2016. He cheated and was helped by Svengali Vladimir Putin of Russia. Trump lost the election by more than 2 million votes to former Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton of the Democratic Party. In the coming 2020 Presidential Election on Tuesday. November O3, the past will catch up with the sniveling liar and serial cheater Trump will get his comeuppance deservedly in few days. Americans are exhausted, tired, sick and fed up with the chaos and madness never seen in this country. It is absurd that a civilization birthed nearly four centuries with the blood of millions of souls is at risk by a slum dog billionaire wannabe who thrives on pitting Americans against one another. Americans are dying in the thousands, because of the incompetence of Mr Trump. The next four years will be brutal and fundamentally change the United States, if this inept man is allowed a second term. Consequently, a new president is coming to restore the global leadership of the United States of America in November/ January 2021. The new president will also heal the nation.

For those apprehensive about the election results, this will not happen. The winner of the Presidential Election of Tuesday November 03, 2020 will be known in few hours and not days as American’s political palpitations rev on overdrive, because of the bluenose occupying the White House. The world watches in utter amazement at how things have gone awry in the Lone Super Power powered by a mendacious troglodyte deceiving Americans with MAGA. The United States of America has been great and will always be great, but not in the mold of the draft-dodger and tax-cheater New Yorker runaway to Palm Beach. It is the ever greatness of America that brought many of us from the four corners of the globe to the shores of the greatest nation on earth we proudly call our home. Consequently, the soul of this great country will be restored few hours after the polls close next Tuesday.

We shall know the winner of the forthcoming Presidential Election between 3:00am and 5:00 am on November 04, 2020 and the hangover will be over. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is coming as my prophecy declares in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.



When New Englander James Truslow Adams coined the popular phrase “The American Dream,” in the 1930s, he envisaged an egalitarian society that respects individual rights, freedom and liberty, maintain the rule of law and provide the enabling environments for every citizen to realize their God-given potentials. And inherent in these ideals were the basic necessities of life guaranteed to all citizens via avuncular free enterprise viz: food, clothing and shelter. Smarting out of the Great Depression of 1929 ineptly managed by Herbert Hoover, another Republican President like Donald Trump, the progressive policies and social security programs later introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat led to the creation of the wealthiest middle class ever produced in modern history.

“The American Dream” ideals soon translated into reality in the material living condition of the the average American. With a stable employment which guarantees a regular paycheck, you could own a home, afford at least two cars in the garage with a spouse/ partner and paying into social security ensures you retire peacefully; thanks to FDR. No wonder this great Democrat became the first and only American president to govern this beautiful and great land for 12 years. The American Dream is still alive.

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Good day sir, I am Mr Daramola Abiodun Richard from Ekiti State Nigeria. I'm one of your followers and one of the ardent readers of your column, The Christian Walk on Nigeria World. I want to inform you Sir, that another part of your prophecies for Nigeria this year 2020 is being fulfilled and already coming to pass right now. I can remember you wrote in your column that, Starting from this year 2020 strange things and new things that we have not experience before in Nigeria will be happening, even Nigerian leaders would be shell shocked as the events unfold. Sir I can confirm to you that Nigerian youths are rising now against Police brutality, SARS Brutality, Bad Governance, poor economy policy and a lot more. Sir. As I write to you, there are protests everywhere across the country, throughout the 36 States of Nigeria without anybody sponsoring them. The Nigerian youths and masses are unbelievably United to the extent of speaking with one voice and defend in our future.

Sir, I have written to you this note just to inform you about what is going on right now in our country. I know you might have seen part of the video on social media and on the Internet Sir, for the past two weeks now the protests are still ongoing and unending across the country.

May God Almighty continue to bless you for us Sir. There are thousands and millions of people that are reading your column every week across the world, both in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Many of them have changed from their wicked and wordliness acts because of your words of wisdom and preaching to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

To me personally I am blessed, since I have been following you and reading your weekly column for the past seven years now. My life has changed totally by following the Lord Jesus Christ and I will do His will till my last breath on this earth, Amen.

Sir, remember I have spoken to you thrice over the telephone and I will never deviate from what you told me via the Holy Spirit and the spiritual wisdom you bless us your readers with every week. I want to tell you Sir, that I am one of your silent Mentees. I see you as one of my mentor despite we haven't seen face to face. But I admire you a lot Sir, and I always pray for more anointing for you every day. You won't do this work you're doing in the Vineyard of Almighty God in vain Sir. Thanks and remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name Amen—-From Daramola Abiodun Richard, CEO, Abidam Computer Engineering and Training Institute, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Thanks for your kind words Mr Daramola. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ that you have given your life to and have taken a Him as your Lord, Master and Savior will not leave nor forsake you. He will guide and guard you, uphold you by His outstretched Hands and see you to the finished line for His Name sake, Amen.


Good morning Prof.,Thanks for the update. I got it early morning yesterday and have gone through the article. I pray the good Lord will continue to strengthen and uphold you and may His anointing in you never run dry.

I have a few questions bothering my mind: First off, on the issue of following one's dreams seriously. In my own case, anytime I have a dream, it is as if I am seeing a vision because my dreams always come true. I do listen to Pastor Femi Emmanuel Turning Point daily program on whatsapp, he vehemently discourages dream, stating that dreams are just satanic devices to deceive people and frighten them. Could this be true? I do not subscribe to that teaching which is against dream. Can you elucidate more on this.

Secondly, regarding the prevailing situation in our country Nigeria, although you have prophesied about this in the recent past and I remember that in one of the previous articles, you said that under whatever circumstance, Nigeria will not divide especially in our own time. With the drum of division rolling across the country and with the way things are going, is this how the country will continue under Buhari till 2023? Thanks for your continued help. Sincerely—-From Mr. John Olusayo Faloye, Hospital Administrator, Muscat Sultanate of Oman.

If you have read my co-authored book-with Dr Margie Neal- The Kingdom of Satan Exposed- you will see the Special Section on Dreams which adequately answered all your questions about Dreams, Visions and Trances according to the revealed Words of our Lord Jesus Christ (Job 33: 10-33; Joel 2:28-32, Acts 2: 14-36 etc).


Good morning Prophet, enjoy reading and following your teachings through Nigeriaworld publication. I have been waiting to read on your predictions for upcoming elections here in US. What are you seeing for the election? Thanks and may God continue to use you to expand the gospel and your great teachings—-From Sam Iloka, Trenton, New Jersey, USA.

BREAKING NEWS! Let’s Pray for General Yakubu Gowon Nigeria’s First War Military General

General Yakubu Gowon

He plodded Nigeria through unarguably one of its existential phase as a nation and managed to stitch the country together. In spite of the centrifugal forces and fissiparous pulls dogging a nation at its infancy, General Gowon surrounded himself with the best and brightest. At a relatively young age of 32 and a bachelor, he gave the nation Go-On-With-One-Nigeria. He is suited to be named Nigeria’s first and only War General to date. As he succumbs to the traps of old age, General Gowan’s legacies are assured in Nigeria’s annals. He needs our prayers to witness 2021 so he can still hang around for the nation he loves so much and did so much to keep together as one.

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