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hen Mr. A .met Ms N. way back in Africa, both were unbelievers and they got married as unbelievers. Both were fortunate to relocate to North America and Mr. A. gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and discovered that Ms. N. actually used voodoo charm on him to marry him. Ms. N. herself confessed she did some concoction to win Mr. A as husband and stated she needed to own up for conscience sake. Soon after, fissures set into the relationship and Brother A. was contemplating divorce. As a pastor and based on the doctrines of his church, he couldn't seek divorce and so reached out to us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Cameron on what to do. We subjected Brother A. to battery of spiritual diagnostic tests such as; his intimacy with Ms. N. the number of children involved in the marriage, relationship issues over the years and most of all, the spiritual compatibility analyses of the couple. Yes, the Holy Bible says emphatically that the True Lord God Almighty is against divorce (Malachi 2:14 &15). Similarly, the Bible warns against deception and voodoo manipulations by decreeing capital punishment on offenders (Leviticus 19:31: "Do not turn to mediums or spiritists; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God." Leviticus 20:27: "Now a man or a woman who is a medium or a spiritist shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones, their blood guiltiness is upon them.'")

Consequently, can a marriage contracted via deception and idolatry be considered Godly marriage? Besides the twain grounds of lack of virginity and infidelity-which is adultery (Matthew 19:9: "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery."Luke 16:18: "Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery") that our Lord Jesus specified for divorce, what should Brother A do in this scenario when his wife confessed she charmed him into their marriage? In addition to what our Lord Jesus Christ cited as reasons for divorce, what other spiritually-valid reasons can a husband and a wife part company? Because of the grey areas that Mr. A's situation portended, we refer him to I Corinthians 7:1-16. We are to forgive one another after confessing our sins to one another, but Brother A. had a valid reason to leave his marriage, but on another level, his wife did well by confessing her sin. In this intractably spiritual conundrum, it was up to Mr. A. to do as the Holy Spirit leads him. The general will of the Lord compel Mr. A to seek the personal will of the Lord God here and so we told him to seek further leading and spiritual clarifications from the Holy Spirit.

Unlike the couples above, the case of Mr. and Mrs. O. were somewhat different. They got married during the years of ignorance as unbelievers and relocated to the UK. They had two boys together before they divorced and went their separate ways. Now fast forward to 25 years later, their elder son was about to wed and naturally both parents must be honored at the church wedding. Praise the Lord; all the parties had come to the Lord Jesus Christ as born-again redeemed children of the True Lord God Almighty in their various ways. Suddenly, the old sparks of love between Mr. and Mrs. O. glowed once again and since they re-united at their elder son's wedding, they had been spending hours on the telephone and the social media. Mrs. O. went to her local pastor for spiritual advice, if she could re-marry her first ex-since she wasn't married, but the ex-husband was married, but he and his current wife didn't have any child together. Dissatisfied with her pastor's counseling, Mrs. O. called us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center for spiritual guidance. I told her she couldn't go back to her ex-husband for any and whatever reason forever. The Word of God is clear on such relationship, even though the ex-husband doesn't have a biological child with his current wife. Here was the exact commandment of the Most High God on such scenario: Deuteronomy 24:1-4: "If a man marries a woman who becomes displeasing to him because he finds something indecent about her, and he writes her a certificate of divorce, gives it to her and sends her from his house, and if after she leaves his house she becomes the wife of another man, and her second husband dislikes her and writes her a certificate of divorce, gives it to her and sends her from his house, or if he dies, then her first husband, who divorced her, is not allowed to marry her again after she has been defiled. That would be detestable in the eyes of the LORD. Do not bring sin upon the land the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance." Sister O. argued with us that the referenced commandment applies to men and not women. We told her she was sorely mistaken. She hasn't called us back since we offered her that Biblically-valid reason for not going back to her ex-husband.

There are sundry misconceptions born-again Christians have about marriage today that are in sync with prevailing worldly mindset; yet, we're not supposed to take cues from the knowledge of the world; rather, we're to obey the undiluted Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even when we're confronted with patently grey areas like that of our first couple overleaf, we still have the Unction of the Holy Spirit to lead us to the Truth. Here are some of such misconceptions about marriage by today's born-again redeemed souls:-

Populations of women: - There are no valid censuses of the populations of women all over the world to confirm this perception. It has gained wider currency in the media and thus, Christian Sisters are jittery in their urges to get married willy-nilly or stand abuses from their spouses. Men too also bask in this erroneous impression and think they are "beautiful brides" that should be courted. I had a discussion with a relative sometime ago and he said tongue-in-cheek that any man who marries a lady in haste without allowing the lady to suffer before marrying him is "too cheap." I looked at the "loser" who has lost control of his life and future by uttering those silly words. Why should a man "make a lady suffer" if you are in love and want to settle down in order to carry out the purpose for which your Creator sent you to this earth to accomplish? Men who utter such tommyrots think the populations of women are more than that of men in the world and as such men, rather than women are to be wooed and courted. This is unscriptural and wrong in the light of the revealed will of God in His Words: the Holy Bible.

Husbands are Scarce: Again, this is not true but has been burnished by both the traditional and social media to give the impression that women should submit themselves to all sorts of degradation and abuses by irresponsible men who say they are husbands. Christian sisters should know they are special in the Eyes of their Creator and the notion that husbands are scarce as being parroted by our male-dominated social institutions de-essentializes the feminine worth. Men, plenty of men are around and husbands are aplenty, but what are in short supply are responsible and faithful husbands. Not all men are husbands, but good husbands are real men. A Christian Sister called me from New York with names of three men who had proposed to her and they were pastors. We "checked the three out spiritually" and none of the three were spiritually compatible with the sister. We told her to wait that her husband was on the way, if she could exercise a bit of patience. She obeyed the Voice of the Holy Spirit and she is happily married to her God-given husband now and both are serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Hallelujah! As reiterated in this column numerous times, marrying a pastor, a missionary or an evangelist as husband doesn't guarantee marital bliss.

Men can marry at any age: - Whoever told you that you are ageless and can settle down at any age as a Christian Brother is deceiving you. If you have fallen into the lie of Satan that youth is immortal, you have yourself to blame. Just as a woman can be out of currency because of age, so also it's possible for a man to "expire." You are not going to hang around here forever my friend and Death is a cruel visitor that creeps in unannounced and unexpectedly. A brother who is still talking about marrying and siring kids at the age of 50 plus isn't serious. Immediately I clocked the age of 50 I told myself having children was out of it. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the biological changes in your life! You will be amazed at how deep you've fallen into the traps aging sets for us all. As time and age are not on the side of women, so also time and age are not on the side of men as well.

Other misconceptions about marriage by the secular world which Christian brethren have erroneously imbibed is the notion that a woman must settle down willy-nilly at a particular age with just a man as husband, even if she will be miserable and unhappy in such relationship. Then the material world has also seeped into the mindset of Christendom that some Church Organizations have this bizarre doctrine that Christian Sisters must not marry "poor men." Many women have missed their God-given husbands because they want to please their church leadership not to marry "poor men." Some of these so-called Church Organizations have forgotten that Papa Abraham was a poor refugee wondering from one place to the other when Mama Sarah took a chance on him and tagged along as his wife, because she knew the Almighty Lord God was calling him to Higher Purpose. Jacob didn't have a roof over his head when he got to Padan Aran, but Leah and Rachel consented to marry him. Moses was a wondering shepherd, an outlaw fugitive and a wanted man when he got to Land of Midian and Zipporah took a chance on him and married one of the greatest apostles and servants of the True Lord God Almighty. Over and over again, the Blessings and material endowments of the Lord Jesus Christ are usually bestowed on the poor, the discarded and the unimagined; unlikely candidates who have been written-off. Christian sisters, leave any church where you are told by the leadership you can't marry a Christian brother you love simply because he is unemployed.

Seek the Face of the Living God before you settle down with any man or woman as husband and wife respectively. As earlier disclosed in this column, we have just obtained the Greatest Favor from the One Who called us; The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Emmanuel the Alpha and Omega and the First and the Last to declare the Year 2018 The Prophetic Year of Marriage tagged: - Get Your God-Given Husband in 2018. As we prepare to enter into this Prophetic Marriage Year in 2018, if you are a lady seeking the Face of the Lord for your God-given husband in 2018, join me. I have a slot from Him for a minimum of 1000 Brides in 2018. In other words, the Lord God Almighty Who called me through His Son, His Only-Begotten Son; my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will use me to tie the knots for 1000 Christian Sisters and another 1000 Brothers in 2018. You can be among these 2,000 Christian Brides and Bridegrooms in 2018. All you need to do is write me a letter: - Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo , The Jesus Christ Solution Center, 410 W. 4th Street, Cameron, TX 76520. Write on top of the envelope: Get Your God-Given Husband in 2018. Alternatively, you can send an email to me personally [email protected] with the headline: Get Your God-Given Husband in 2018. Write the following message thus: -"I know that the Lord Jesus Christ will include me among the 1000 Brides the Holy Spirit will use you to unite with their God-Given Husband in 2018." Then sign it with your full name and don't forget to include your telephone number. I will get in touch with you immediately.

As a man, don't take marriage for granted and the institution of the human family created by the Almighty God as a playground. Whoever you marry can make or mar your life and compromise your entire future. Many men with great potentials and promising future have been shortchanged by the women they married. The most important person to you after your parents on earth is the woman you will share your bed with. You will live two-third of your earthly life-span with a woman, who should be your wife thus; you need God's Wisdom in taking this most vital decision in your earthly existence. I know what I am talking about, because I have been there and have experienced it. You may come short and your destiny aborted at prime because of bad choice of marriage partner. It is a serious matter. Many geniuses, great men, deep thinkers, philosophers, politicians, statesmen, leaders, heavy spiritual giants and strong men have come short in this vital area of human decision. How can you make a good decision for society and manage others, if you lack the wisdom in choosing the "right" spouse whom you will spend the rest of your life with? How can you tell me you can manage the affairs of other souls when you lack discretion and wisdom in managing your "soul mate?" This is a matter of life and death. Once some men suffer initial life setback in this area of marriage partner, it is mostly difficult to get it back together again. Some may never recover for the rest of their life. This is why it is extremely important to seek spiritual counseling. You too need to seek the Glorious Face of the True Lord God Almighty for your God-Given Wife. Write to me via email as well: [email protected] titled: Get Your God-Given Wife in 2018. Simply write the following and sign it with your telephone contact: -"I know that the Lord Jesus Christ will include me among the 1000 Bridegrooms the Holy Spirit will use you to unite with their God-Given Wives in 2018." When the Holy Bible says: "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD" (Proverbs 18:22); it is saying it exactly as it should be and is. Obtain what is good and receive His favor in 2018 and fulfill His plan for your life in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Visit for more.

THE TAIYE PETER HARUNA THAT I KNEW: I read with rude shock the passing of my friend and school "classmate" Mr. Taiye Peter Haruna of Owo and the immediate past permanent secretary, Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources. He was much older than me, but he met me at the University of Lagos in the 1980s. As he confessed before some of our friends at the Police Service Commission where he once was a permanent secretary, he said I was the one who assisted him to navigate the campus at Akoka during his junior years, which I had forgotten until he brought it up. I was also taken aback by his disclosure that his late mother, whom we called Alhaja so revered my late Dad she thought he was the most educated person she had ever seen. Older than me by few years, his co-siblings; Mike and James celebrated their trio-birthdays the month of October or so and Peter departed the world the same month.

We lost contact after we left the University of Lagos in the 1980s. The last time I saw him while in Nigeria was at Marina, Lagos and he told me he had just secured an employment as an accountant at one of the major oil companies in Lagos. Fast forward to 2011 when President Jonathan Goodluck was being inaugurated, I came with my second son. A day to the event, I had told Dr Godknows Igali, then permanent secretary, Federal Ministry of Water Resources that I would not be present at the Eagle Square, Abuja for the epochal event, but my son soon began to put pressure on me he wanted to witness the event. So I made some calls and was surprised that the invitation cards were very scarce. I even learnt that some smart guys made brisk business with the Invitation Cards to the epochal event. As I was looking for the IVs, a call came from Mrs. Moremi Onijala, Prof. Wole Soyinka's daughter at the presidency informing me she had one of the "gold" Invitation Cards for me since she knew I was in town for the inauguration. "Can I come over to your office at the presidency to pick it up?" She answered in the affirmative. By the time I got to the Aso Rock Villa, she told me that "My brother had taken and seized it, insisting he would not release it until he sees me." I didn't know what Mrs. Onijala was driving at, because I had no brother at the presidency. She looked at me smiling, insisting that my "brother"" at the presidency had "seized" the Gold Invitation Card-the only one she had reserved for me-and that my brother said he would not release it until he saw me one-on-one.

Soon, a driver arrived as I was trying to figure out who this "brother" was and it later dawned on me that Bros Taiye Haruna had joined the civil service. "Moshood, so you're in Nigeria from America and you didn't want to see me?" he shouted as he emerged from his office. We embraced and I was speechless. I told him that when Mrs. Onijala said "my brother," I had no clue that she was referring to him. Anyway, we reconnected so to say. Later Jumoke, Akinjide's daughter, who later became one of Jonathan's cabinet ministers, joined us and one of Obasanjo's daughters as well at the presidency.

Since that time, I would call Taiye and we would have a long chat on the telephone. I went to him at the Police Service Commission after he left the presidency for one favor which he solved. I told him humorously that Tayo Fayemiwo said he would talk to him on my behalf to which he laughed and replied; "Didn't you tell Tayo you're closer to me than him and you would have been my in-law" and we both laughed. Yes, I once dated one of his half-sisters and missed being his in-law by the whiskers while in Nigeria. Taye had his own faults like all lesser mortals. We often engaged in intense spiritual discussions and on that score we had existential conflicts and disagreements. He told me he would never change his religion to which I told him to change his lifestyle, because of his too many talks about sex and women. It appears the issues of sex and women are a curse on public office holders in Nigeria. The libidinous laxity and perversity in that country are alarming. I suspect and I told him that, the level of moral depravity and discount are alarming in Nigeria and he should watch out. He lived a good life and he did his part. I pray that his co-siblings: Mike and James-would assist in taking care of the twins and his young wife. I missed meeting his wife from Ibadan, but he showed me the picture of his father-in-law, a fellow Muslim, an Alhaji when I asked him about his fiancée who she introduced to me way back at the University of Lagos. He told me the lady died shortly after we left the University of Lagos. The last time we spoke briefly, I thanked him for the favor he rendered to me in 2011 when I was in Nigeria and I invited him to our mansion at The Jesus Christ Solution Center here at Cameron TX anytime and any day and he promised to honor my invitation any time he came to the United States. That is gone forever now. Peter was a very smart and cerebral guy; of the Three Ibetas (Triplets) as they are known in Owo, he was the most reserved and unassuming. Bros Peter is gone, Taiye has passed on to the Other Side, just as the rest of us will one day depart this temporary realm but how I wished he knew the Lord Jesus Christ! Adieu my brother!