Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Cameron, Texas, USA

hese are trying and difficult times in the history of Nigeria. The PDP must put its house in order to win the forthcoming presidential election by a complete and decisive blow-out. There are some elections that you can't "fix" when your party has performed disastrously and woefully in eight years. The results of the 2023 presidential election and the general elections from top to bottom should be obvious to all and sundry and the outgoing president should tuck his tail between his legs and never be seen again in public life in the history of Nigeria. Whether he will evaporate to Katsina or wherever he chooses is his headache and business, but never his type be allowed to taste public office again. The nation is now looking up to the PDP and if personal egos, selfish ambition, petty bickering, and stupid distractions take the front burner instead of the needs of the majority of Nigerians, the party may as well say goodbye to running Nigeria forever. This is the time for big ideas and big promises and a clarion call for responsible stakeholders and responsive patriots to close ranks and rise up the national emergency Nigeria is right in right now. Folks, if an alternative route is not fashioned out to rescue this nation, the elite will wake up one day and be shellshocked there is no nation to call Nigeria. Consequently, the search for a credible national chairman for the PDP ahead of its October 30-31 national convention is critically important. Of all the hordes jostling for the chairmanship position, there are two of them that stand out: Alhaji Sule Lamido and David Mark.

Here are the five factors and important checklists that the northern political establishment within the PDP should pay attention to and consider in reaching a consensus candidate as chairman as the PDP holds its national convention on October 30-31, 2021, to pilot the party to victory come 2023. A wrong footstep in the choice of its national chairman and the PDP will self-destruct and kiss the 2023 presidency goodbye.

Esemplastic Personality: - The nation is currently divided along all major fault lines. The viviparous tendencies that were tamed for years from 1999 till 2015 busted open with recrudescence under Mr. Muhammadu Buhari. Those who are agitating for the dismemberment of the union have valid reasons and the dumb fellow there now cares no hoot about the sensibilities of those that have been shut out of the system. Nigerians must be daydreaming that these gaping cracks of nationhood can just be swept under the carpet and papered over. Consequently, the ruling-party-in waiting needs a unifying figure to pull all these disparate groups together and arrest the national slide. Unless you want to behave like the proverbial ostrich that things are OK with the Nigerian federation, then the elites may ignore these existential cracks of the nation. The intelligence reports available here in the United States are damning about the prospects of Africa's giant remaining as one. Alhaji Sule Lamido is a patriot, a pan-Nigerian whose antecedents speak eloquently of his ability to reach across national and political divides. From his days as a foundation member of the defunct Peoples Redemption Party (PDP) to his days in the defunct Social Democratic Party-SDP-as its national secretary, Lamido knows how party politics works and can use his dose of experience to re-invent the PDP and pilot the party to victory come 2023.

David Mark is an opportunist. He is a backward-looking fellow and a parasite on the Nigerian nation. He is not a politician and a look at his antecedents confirm he is part of the pests feeding on the Nigerian state. He is also fantastically corrupt both as a serving military general and as president of the senate. He has never achieved anything on his own in his entire life but has relied on taxpayers money to garner all the illicit wealth he now displays. In a saner clime, such character should have been barred from holding public office for life. He is also a coward, his military epaulette as a "quota" general notwithstanding. He ran away and disappeared into thin air while many of us stood our grounds during the heady years of the Madman of Nigeria, Sani Abacha. Unlike David Mark who ran away, Alhaji Sule Lamido stayed put in Nigeria and went to jail fighting for the democracy that shady characters like David Mark and his bedfellows return to enjoy. David Mark is not fit to be the chairman of the PDP and if the party makes David Mark its chairman as its forthcoming national convention at Eagle Square, Abuja on October 30-31, 2021, the PDP will lose the 2023 presidential election. He is such a polarizing figure in Nigerian politics.

*If the PDP is seriously desirous of defeating the Buhari regime contraption party known as APC in the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Election, the party should vote for Alhaji Sule Lamido as its new national chairman at its national convention coming up on October 3-31, 2021.


Percipience Politician: - Besides his claim to be a military general, David Mark hasn't shown much insightful disposition to running a major political party. Like his rest military opportunists who smuggle themselves back to political power on the back of us genuine pro-democrats, Lamido cannot and can never be compared with Mark. Lamido is an orator, a highly intelligent individual, very eloquent and his record as foreign minister is fantastic. Mark is a political average person, dull and uninspiring. He knows how to scheme, but the times we are in require a straight shooter who can galvanize members of the PDP and be extension the majority of Nigerians so we can see the back of this evil and hellish Buhari Administration. Although a foundation member of the PDP, so also is Sule Lamido. The reason David Mark stays put in the PDP is obvious; the APC will not and never accommodate him in its fold and he knows it.

*David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark is a wrong candidate for the northern PDP party establishment to consider as new national chairman. He is a schemer and not all that bright a politician to forge the much-needed political alliance required and essential at this material time to displace the APC come 2023. If Mark is made PDP chairman, the party will lose the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Election. A polarizing and an anti-democratic element like Mark whose presence on the national stage will exhume our atavistic chicanery that will surely and inescapably lead to the defeat of the PDP is the least the party needs right now. The PDP should nix the idea of Mark as its national chairman. Mark my words, if Mark is made PDP chairman, the party will lose the 2023 presidential election, period!


Non-Zelig Character: - Any human being who will not stand for something as Malcolm X once said, will fall for anything. David Mark is not a man of moral character, he is a quisquous fellow continually and most always after his selfish and egotistical benefits. He has never been a selfless individual looking for the larger interests of the Nigerian people. He comes with a large dose of baggage and his presence in the New Nigeria we are praying assiduously to birth will take us back to our sordid past. When he was military administrator of Niger State, he achieved nothing. When he was made minister of communications, he said arrogantly with tomfoolery that telephone is a luxury which many Nigerians should not even think of owning as a people. Even after he manipulated himself as senate president, he achieved nothing for his views are athwart with the legitimate interests of the Nigerian people. If there is any individual whose name should be number one spot in Nigeria's Black Book, David Bonaventure Mark should appear boldly. The PDP will make the mistake of an entire generation by recycling this anti-democratic element back into Nigeria's public life. He is no good to be the chairperson of a ruling party. Get rid of him fast, now, and immediately if you seriously desire to form a national government in 2023.

Coruscating Politician: - The PDP is like a damaged property right now and because a wreck has been made of the Nigerian house by Buhari, the PDP is trying to rebuild in 2023 and it will be foolish to put a knucklehead on the remodeling project. Since the APC and Buhari are about to falling the house, the PDP needs a solid builder ready to rebuild the Nigerian House badly wrecked and damaged by Buhari and co. You need a seasoned politician in the mold of Sule Lamido to re-build the PDP from top to bottom first and then galvanize the entire Nigerian population to rebuild the Nigerian Project. Certainly, the PDP and Nigeria do not need a Svengali discredited carpet beggar old solider in the mold of David Mark right now. He is a slippery character and one of the former wreckers of Nigeria. He is fantastically corrupt too, and you need not go back to his military years; just take a look at his eight disastrous years as senate president.

Ethno-Religious Balancing: - Providing a large tent and broadening it further is the first assignment of the chairman of a truly national political party as I noted in my previous column article drawing copiously from American Political History. The presidential candidate of the PDP for the 2023 presidential election is likely going to be a southern Christian. It will be a political miscalculation for a northern minority Christian to head the PDP at this historic time in Nigeria. Sule Lamido fits the bill off pat and if the PDP is really serious to flush out the lackluster Buhari government out of power, Lamido will bring the goods. Make Alhaji Sule Lamido the next chairman of the People's Democratic Party-PDP-at your national convention coming up on October 30-31, 2021, as my prophecy declares!

PROPHETIC DATELINE: Which of the governors will win re-election in 2023 and which political parties will control the various Government Houses in the states in Nigeria? Who win Anambra 2021 next month? Exclusive on the governorship elections in 2023 next week as it is our tradition in this column since 2015. We shall give you blow-by-blow political prophecies of the various states as we normally do. Watch out!


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