Friday, October 1, 2021
Cameron, Texas, USA

he world is full of goliaths; teeming with scores of them of different stripes and parade the earthly space 24/7. If you have given your life to my Lord Jesus Christ; have taken Him and Only Him as your Master and Savior, all sorts of goliaths will surround and encompass you. Do you see I never said that goliaths are after you as a Christian? Yes, Satan doesn't fear Christians and certainly the rest members of the human race, because preponderant of them are already his, whether ignorantly, unacknowledged, or deliberately. As Apostle John aptly pointed out: "We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world-from Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, to South and North America-is under the control of the evil one" (I John 5:19). Satan, the archenemy of the True Lord God Almighty and the implacable foe of humanity and your enemy and mine goes by different epithets on earth; the evil one, the prince of this world, the spirit of deception, the liar, thief, destroyer, the hater, killer, murderer, and the god of this present evil age. The Great Sinner roams the earth ceaselessly as a vagabond to swell the ranks of the condemned and damned like Satan and his foul demons, and if you are not under the Great Umbrella of the Savior, Who is our Lord Jesus Christ, trust me Satan will have you for supper. That is what he does best, because Satan thrives on three-fold ministry of murder, thievery, and destruction.

I pointed out above and have done so elsewhere innumerable times that Satan and his fallen angels do not fear Christian mouthers. They only fear, tremble and shake at those of us who are born-again Christians, those of us that are truly redeemed and transparently regenerated children of the Greatest One-Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Are you saying it is possible to be a Christian and not be feared by Satan and his demons? Absolutely! There are billions of souls who are Christians by name; they do not have personal relationship with the Jesus Christ in the Christian. They bear that name by name only and there is no greater one in them Who is the Holy Spirit than the one that is in the world who is Satan. You can't triumph over Satan in his territory and that territory is sin vile. Hear the rebuke from the King of kings and Lord of lords: "Why do You call Me, "Lord, Lord" and do not do what I say?" (Luke 6:46). So, if you are disobedient to our Lord Jesus Christ, and fail to do what He has commanded us to do, you are not His Own. You can use His Name, but it would not have any effect in your mouth. Satan and his fallen angels will not fear you, because you are a disobedient soul as they are too. Consequently, they don't need to send goliaths into your life; you are already your own goliath and are already a defeated person.

How can you commit fornication, adultery, sexual immorality, lie, steal and cheat, covet, hate your fellow human beings, and perform all kinds of egregious acts that Satan and his demons are noted for and then claim in the same breath that you belong to the King? You watch aghast these days what has become of so-called Christians and the scandals coming out of the body of Christ which is the church and wonder what hell on earth has invaded us? Even the Good Lord lamented earlier and painfully it is still lament galore today, especially against the top echelon of Church hierarchy: "A son honors his father and a servant his master. But if I am a Father, where is My honor? And if I am a Master, where is your fear of Me? Says the Lord of Hosts to you priests-referring also to pastors, deacons, evangelists, prophets, missionaries, general overseers etc.- who despise My Name…" (Malachi 1:6). Not only have Satan and his demons infiltrated the top echelon of church hierarchy, but lamentably today, many Christians are wallowing in filthy sins and unimaginable activities that are surprisingly over the top compared with unbelievers. Apostle Paul decried these ungodly acts in his epistle to the early church in Corinth: "It is widely reported that there is sexual immorality among you; and the kind of sexual immorality that is not even condoned among the Gentiles (referring to unbelievers) …" (I Corinthians 5:1). Can you imagine the type of sexual immorality and other sins being perpetrated by so-called Christians, especially priests, ministers, and pastors in our world of today? The Church in Corinth of Apostle Paul days would appear like saints in most of our churches today.

A sister was teary-eyed the other day as she gave us her testimony. She was infiltrated by the demonic sexual sin of nymphomania. She was addicted to sexual intercourse daily and the marine spirit entered into her during her undergraduate years in a certain university in her native Nigeria. She had been to many of the churches asking for help, but as the Lord Jesus Christ pointed out: "Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not fall into a pit?" (Luke 6:39). Our miserable sister went to a white garment church and poured her heart out to the so-called pastor or "Alagba" as they are called locally in Nigeria. The man explained that our sister was indeed blessed and so what she would do was to make sure she made herself available for "service delivery" daily. The "spiritual timetable" was drawn by the demonic so-called pastor as follows; on Sunday, the Alagba would do his own since that is the Blessed Day of the Lord, and the pastor believes in first come and first served. Then from Monday to Friday, other frontline elders he would cobble together would take their turns while any willing member would have their day on Saturday which was an "Open Day" for volunteers. Our sister said she nearly died, literally and after a year, she had no option but leave that so-called white garment church. Seeing her heart that she really wanted deliverance and earnestly yearned to be free, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ arranged situations and circumstances for the desperate sister to come to our seminar/crusade where she was set free by my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ. The sexual demon of nymphomania from the coast that had indwelled in her was cast out. Our sister is now enjoying the freedom only the Lord Jesus Christ could give anyone spiritually manacled and oppressed by Satan and his foul spirits. "So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" (John 8:36), Hallelujah! I watched on the popular Oprah Winfrey Show few years ago in Chicago how a spiritual nitwit remarked that to be a homosexual was a blessing from the Holy Spirit and I nearly puked.

Friend, the goliaths I want to address here this week are not the goliaths already manufactured by charlatans and their bedfellows in those so-called white garment churches referenced above and other places of worship controlled by Satanic agents masquerading as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. Satan and his demons do not send his goliaths to this latter category of precious souls; they already are in their camp. If you are not actively reaping souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, and waging spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness, Satan and his demons have nothing to fear in you. Trust me, you are goliath-free! In the Word of Life, only spiritual champions are the objects of Satan and his demons in the intense spiritual warfare for the precious souls of men and women. If you aren't doing damage to the kingdom of Satan, you will not experience goliaths in your life. If you haven't received the right spiritual memo that we are at war with the forces of darkness right here now on earth, and you call yourself a Christian, you are in self-delusion. Hear our Savior and Lord: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword" (Matthew 10:34). Again, as I noted elsewhere, this sword is not tantamount to Jihad which targets fellow human beings and their beheadings as infidels, because as born-again Christians; "… our struggle is not against flesh and blood-referring to fellow human beings-but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12).

Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Creator of all human beings love all His created souls and that was why He left His Heavenly Glory to come down to us to sojourn with us for 33 years in planet earth so He could experience what we are experiencing and battling with-that is Satan and his fallen angels-and be able to help us to overcome them. This was why He died on the Cross first, to pay the penalty for our sins- yours and mine, indeed the entire human race-but fundamentally the original sin, the first sin of disobedience of our First Parents-Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then secondly and more importantly, He defeated Satan and death on Calvary and came back to life with power and authority in heavens, earth and even hell as the Greatest One, the Most Victorious Lord of lords and Kings of kings, Hallelujah! That the Creator Himself, the True Lord God Almighty of the heavens and earth came down here in bodily form in our Lord Jesus Christ is the fulcrum of the Christian faith. People of the world cant still wrap their heads round the fact that, in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator Himself became Man to save us from our sins and slavery of Satan. He did it all because of Love, His Agape Love. Why should people of the world be surprised that the True Lord God Almighty came to this earth in bodily form in our Lord Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago to save humanity? Any loving father will do anything to save his son or daughter from danger, and if you human father can do that, why should anyone be stupefied that our Heavenly Father came down here to save us from the stranglehold of Satan? My friend, that is the true meaning of Agape Love by our Heavenly Father, Hallelujah!

INDIVIDUAL GOLIATHS VERSUS NATIONAL GOLIATHS: - Lets interrogate lesser grade goliaths in our primacy as we are growing up. Know this for certain that the warfare against your soul and mine as wonderful creature of the True Lord God Almighty didn't begin when we are born; rather, it began in our prenatal life. Many didn't make it past their mother's wombs; they were aborted and sent back to heaven. Others were instant casualties as disabled of this intense spiritual war between the forces of Good and Bad, Light and Darkness and the Lord God Almighty and Satan. If Satan fails in those two occasions, he will wait when you are about to get married. Whoever you marry as your husband or wife could mar or make you for the remainder of your life. The plans of the Maker for your life can be aborted by your Significant Other turned Insignificant Otherness. Ask Brother Samson and Delilah! If Adonis Joseph had succumbed to the temptations dalliance of Potiphar's wife, he would not have made it from Prison to Palace. I made a terrible and life-costing mistake in my life in 1989 when I was unequally yoked with an illiterate woman who used voodoo to marry me. When she was confronted why she used juju to marry me, she confessed and asked what I would do about it, and I told her she was history. She didn't hide it that she used voodoo and you begin to wonder why any reasonable and sane person would use Satanic power to marry someone who doesn't love you? But that is Satan in operation right there and these thigs will continue, because the forces of darkness have brought this war to us (Revelation 12:1-12). If not for the Grace and Mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would have been in for it, but the Lord Jesus Christ as Apostle Paul pointed out; "…Who set me apart from my mother's womb and called me by his grace, …" (Galatians 1:15) protected and continues to protect me against all kinds of human and spiritual goliaths in my Journey of Life. Many have not been granted such Divine Favor as I am by the Lord Jesus Christ and have missed their destinies. Friend, goliaths are roaming about on earth, and I pity you if you do not run to the sanctuary of the King of kings and Lord of lords for cover you will be a goner.

But there is another set of goliaths that the True Lord God Almighty Himself normally arrange for those of us who are His for us to carry out our individual destinies. If Sani Abacha hadn't ordered his killing squad to gun after me in neighboring Benin Republic in 1998 and kidnap me back to Nigeria to be kept in the underground cell of the DMI, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria, I would not have been fulfilling what He has ordained for me today. If Joseph hadn't been clamped in prison for false accusation as a young lad in Potiphar's house, he would not have met the facilitator of his destiny. The Holy Bible reported that "When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile…" (Genesis 41:1). Do you know why Moses, author of the Book of Genesis was too reportorial on the duration of Joseph in prison? Imagine if Joseph had fretted and become achromous inside the goal insisting the Almighty God should hasten his release before two full years, he would have missed his Divine encounter with Pharaoh's baker and cup bearer. One of them later recommended him as a prophet who would interpret Pharaoh's dreams and from there was catapulted from Prison to Palace. I told a man in the 1990s that he should not exert his energy in getting out of detention, because the Lord Jesus Christ allowed him to be detained so as to "work on him" to fulfill his destiny. He listened but his other friends working in the Customs and Excise Department bribed their ways and received their freedom. But few months later, they were murdered by armed robbers and traducers in the streets of Lagos. The man who listened to the Word of God screamed as he narrated the ugly incidents to me, and I told him he would have been among his deceased colleagues for revenge if he hadn't listened.

The Almighty God knows our appropriate individual goliaths if you are truly His Own. When the hunk of beef big-for-nothing Goliath of Garth was running his mouth and on top of air taunting the children of Israel, he had no clues what was going on in the spiritual realm. Remember he was boasting with the name of his Philistine demon-god throwing a challenge to the Israeli camp for a showdown? (I Samuel 17:8-25). But unbeknown to the simpleton, the Lord God Almighty had selected him to provide a veritable opportunity for young David to reach his destiny. When you're truly His Own and He wants to display His Awesomeness in the assembly of the people of the earth, our Lord Jesus Christ would schedule a goliath so that He would display His Almighty Power for all to see. As He told Pharaoh: "But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth" (Exodus 9:16).

Something happened last week that I picked up in the Nigerian dailies as a significantly spiritual news item. If you aren't spiritually qui vive, you would miss it. You still remember that boy who wears long hat and was alleged to be a sponsor of Boko Haram after being a two-timed governor of a northern state? He has just decamped to the ruling party and now warming up to be the chairman of the ruling party? He put his foot in his mouth recently and said he wanted to be the chairman so that the ruling party would rule Nigeria for 40 years! The Holy Spirit told me in His usual Sotto Voce that the forthcoming 2023 presidential election is already lost by the ruling party. Go and write it down as you are reading this piece as a memorial. There are surprises coming up between now and the next 18months in Nigeria. Paranormal events and phenomenal occurrences will soon begin to unfold that will make Nigerians open their mouths agape. Are you seeing what I am seeing in the spiritual realm? Hear what the True Lord God Almighty is saying, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Sovereign Lord of all flesh and controller of all souls and the King of all spirits in all realms: "And the LORD asked me, "What do you see, Amos?" "A plumb line," I replied. Then the Lord said, "Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people Israel; I will spare them no longer" (Amos 7:8).

Nigerians are in for surprises! Many high-flying politicians will soon begin to die without reasons; some will collapse on the soap boxes and during political campaigns; some will suffer heart attacks, many will be rushed abroad for emergency treatments and will not return, some will die through poisons, some will perish via ghastly motor accidents, some will have their lives snuffed out by armed men and bandits and scores will just die in unexplained and weird circumstances. The goliaths of Nigeria are about to be taken out and as I have disclosed in this column, the election results of the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Elections will shatter antediluvian permutations, traditional customs, and the status quo. The Greatest Rock is coming, and all other rocks are about to be disgraced. All goliaths are about to humbled and the cleansing has started. Stay tuned!


The heart-wrenching stories and pictures that dot the global mediascape coming out of the South-Asian nation of Afghanistan are assaults on our collective consciousness as human beings. The precipitous withdrawal of the United States after two decades of occupation are eyesores to the rest of the world that, when the chips are down, no foreign power, outsiders and organizations or otherness will come to develop your nation. Between September 11, 2001, when President George W. Bush invaded that nation and last week when President Joseph R. Biden withdrew our troops, the United States spent $2 trillion on the war against the Taliban. That staggering amount translates to $300million per day. If you divide that amount by head for the poor people of Afghanistan, that translates to $50,000. In the war, 2,300 US soldiers perished, 75,000 Afghan soldiers were massacred while 71,334 civilians died with many unaccounted for. As a matter of fact, the true costs of the war may never be known.

Many people became millionaires, toads of war who cashed in bigly like the runaway Ashraf Ghani who helped himself to unknown amount of the Green Backs. The military industrial complex also helped themselves handsomely while the poor, the women, young girls, the marginalized and the vulnerable are on their own. That is war! For those who are beating the drumbeats of war elsewhere, they should look no further of what awaits them. War is terrible. It is not a dinner party. Why can't people of the world understand and get it? Satan and his demons love and crave blood of human beings and are behind all the major wars in human history. If you want to learn more, please visit this website

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