Sunday, September 8, 2019
Cameron, Texas, USA

e thank the True Lord God Almighty for what He has been doing here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center in beautiful Cameron, Texas United States of America. When the Holy Spirit instructed us to relocate from the Windy City of Chicago to Texas almost five years ago, we had no doubt He wanted to use us bigly for His Utmost. The journey that started half a decade ago has seen precious souls journeying from far and near; from the United States and many parts of the world to The Jesus Christ Solution Center here for spiritual succor. How you know the Holy Spirit is directing you as His Servant is His undeniable imprimatur in all your spiritual outputs; from answering numerous prayer requests, meeting sundry needs of precious souls to lifting His Chosen Own up in all areas of needs and succor.

We thank Him immensely for supplying our needs in tandem with His fulfilled promises in Philippians 4:19: "And my God shall supply all my needs according to the riches of His Glory in Christ Jesus." We are full of heartfelt gratitude to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for using us to place many men and women in sundry leadership positions of their countries for development and serving the needs of His people. We sincerely thank the Holy Spirit Who directed precious souls to us here for spiritual counseling in many areas of life. We thank the Holy Spirit immensely for opening the wombs of many sisters looking for children and blessing couples with their heritage (Psalm 127:3-5). We thank Him for using The Jesus Christ Solution Center to open the spiritual eyes of those thirsty for the Good News around the world, the uncountable souls that have been enriched by the undiluted words of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit through our weekly articles on this page. Glory, Honor and Power to the Lord of lords for those who reach out to us for business success, marital stability and saved marriages, encouragement, employment, jobs, promotion and many more.

As we enter the Year 2020 of our Lord, we want you to avail yourself of the wonderful opportunity provided by the Holy Spirit for our Breakthrough 2020 coming up on January 17-19 here in beautiful Cameron, Texas United States of America. This is a three-day spiritual event you do not want to miss. Whatever your need; jobs, marriage, immigration status, promotion, healing, marital stability, family restoration, business success, public service, spiritual enlightenment, God's will for your life, searching for spiritual fulfillment etc, our maiden Breakthrough 2020 is a must attend. Register now and change your life forever.

Testimonies of Precious Souls of The Jesus Christ Solution Center, TX

Thank you very much Sir. May Almighty God continue to bless you and enrich you with knowledge. This week column article is a blessing to me. In fact, it is like you open something that has been hidden to me for some years back on Prophecy and Prediction. God bless you Sir. I pray no evil, I repeat; no evil shall befall you and your family in Jesus Name, Amen. No weapons fashion against you shall prosper Sir. The Sun will not smite you by day nor the moon by night Sir. Your going out and coming in shall be a blessing for you and your family including your ministry Sir. Shalom Sir--Daramola Abiodun Richard, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Western Nigeria.

Hello Pastor, I got to know about your ministry from reading some of your write up on Nigeria-World. Some of the testimonies you shared about how your ministry has been a blessing to many people really lift up my spirit. May the Lord of heaven continue to use you in this generation and prosper your ministry in Jesus Precious Name, Amen. . God bless you sir....From Sister Tinuola Olaopa, Canada.

Dear Dr. Fayemiwo, Please, how can I buy a copy of your book in which you detailed how the coup that overthrew General Muhammadu Buhari in 1985 took place. I have read the serials on the Internet and was very much impressed with it. I will very much like to get the book. Sincerely yours, --From Cyril C. Nwokeji, Belgium European Union.

Good morning prophet of God; my name is Matthew Omoriyekemwen I live in Spain and I am a Pastor at Christ Disciples Fellowship in Barcelona. I have been following you on Nigeria- World and I have your book; The Kingdom of Satan Exposed. Prophet Moshood, I covet the grace of God and the gift of God upon your life. one of my desire is to be a prophet to this land and hold crusade in Spain .I would love you to join me in prayers and if there is anything the Holy Spirit says I should do to make me his vessel, let me know sir. God bless you in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen--Pastor Matthew Omo, Barcelona, Spain EU.

Re-Differences between prophecy and prophetic utterances/words. Calvary greetings sir; I am really blessed by your exposition on the above subject. Keep up the good work sir. More anointing, more grace in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.--Brother Sharafa Olaitan Esq, Head, Olaitan & Olaitan Law Chambers, Igbosere Lagos, Nigeria.

Good evening, My name is Robert Unegbu, I live in Tyler, TX. I have read some of your amazing articles on faith in Jesus Christ according to the word of God, on the Nigeria-World. I have been touched by your writing, which has made me believe that you have the anointing of the True Lord God Almighty. I am approaching you with a request for prayers over some issues that I have been struggling with. I will appreciate it if you will give me the privilege of talking to you over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless you in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen-Mr. -Robert Unegbu Tyler, TX USA

Dear sir; I am a regular reader of your column on Nigeria-World. I truly believe you are a man of God and that God speaks through you. I have read many of your writings and prophecies about Nigeria, Africa, America and other parts of the world. I am a believer living in Finland originally from Nigeria. My family is going through very rough financial situation and the more I try to salvage it the deeper we get. We have been trying to sell our apartment situated in a good area because the bank is taking possession of it. The agent cannot understand why nobody is interested to buy despite the lower price compared to others around. So many unwanted bills just keep coming in spite of being careful about issues. My workers are losing expensive customers keys that I have to pay for and business is down. I have been praying hard about this to no avail. Please HELP!!!---Mr. P. I. Helsinki, Finland

Good evening Dr. Fayemiwo, I hope all is well with you and you're doing well. I sent The Jesus Christ Solution Center a gift of …yesterday. I'm so sorry that this is small; it would have been more if not for the fact that I'm trying to recover from some challenges. The gift is made to celebrate my one year anniversary of being at the center. I thank you for the opportunity given me to visit the center. Since the visit last year I've seen significant improvement in my health. I have every reason to be grateful and thankful for your prayers for me. I really want you to know that I see the effects of your prayers in my life. I pray that the Lord grant me long life and bless me more so that I can be a blessing to the Center.---From Dr .S.F. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Dear Sir, I often read your column in the Nigeria-world website -- The Christian Walk. I had also sent you some feedback in the past, by email, and you gracefully responded amidst your tight schedule and numerous other correspondences. In one of my emails to you, I had highly commended what you wrote about carefulness with one's personal clothing. I reminded us that even Lord Jesus Christ felt it that some power had gone from Him because someone touched His garment. Some portion from your write-up reproduced here below.: 6 PARTS OF YOUR BODY SATAN USES TO KEEP YOU FROM MARRIAGE

Clothe and Clothing:- Satan and his demons, acting through their human agents can locate their victims through attached objects. In the supernatural world, what we have worn and our sweat is involved are traceable amulets that can be used to delay people's blessings. Many people of the world are so spiritually obtuse they are not aware of this.

The current topic is quite interesting. The True Lord God Almighty Doesn't Love The World. I would have wished that you wrote it with a bracketed question mark like this: The True Lord God Almighty Doesn't Love The World (?). This is because John 3:16 can NEVER become rendered as contradictory nor False, For God so loved the world, … . I greatly admire your submissions. You always do great job. I wish that we could have discussions on some of the issues. So, I have written an attachment with some of my views from the points you made and it is presented in discussion style. You are greatly blessed Sir, so I say, Remain Blessed as always in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen---Brother Sunny Onyejiaka Odina, Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Sir, How is family sir? I just finished reading the week's informative article on THE DEMON-GOD OF SELF-STRENGTH AND WHY THE UNITED STATES IS PERPETUALLY AT WAR? You said, the US would remain in power for a foreseeable future or till the second coming of our LORD Jesus Christ. Is this power, military power or economic power? Because there are predictions that China would be the leading financial power soon. Also, would the antichrist emerge from the United States? And what could be the role of United States and Britain in the world during the antichrist time. Also, as the United States have the largest GDP in the world, why is their currency lower than British pounds? Thank you Sir. Warm Regards, ---MoyòsoreOlúwa J. Adegbeye, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Arakeji, Osun State, Nigeria

Dear Dr Fayemiwo, My name is Ekpedeme Umoh. I read your article "The Intersections between Demonism and Science published vide this link ( ) on Nigeria World. I love the article and wonder if you can write regularly for us at The News Chronicle (, an online newspaper, based in Abuja. TNC was set up in 2013 and has about 1,500 unique visitors and 3,200 page views per day. The paper is published by Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd (, a London and Abuja based publisher of professional books and peer-reviewed academic journals. Incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2003, the company has published over 160 titles and is probably the largest African publisher of indexed, accredited and peer-reviewed academic journals. We will duly acknowledge you as the author of any article you send to us and will also send to you the link of any of your articles that we publish. Best wishes, ---Mr. Ekpedeme Umoh Editor, The News Chronicle, Abuja Nigeria.

Dear Dr. Moshood, I have been following and have been reading your column whenever I go to the Nigeria-World online news. For some time now, I have been looking for a way to reach out to you but I keep procrastinating and not until now. I think you are a genuine man of God and I need your spiritual help. Things have not been going well as I hoped both in my family and my career. There are so many things that I would like to talk to you about for spiritual assistance or what to do about it. It will take a lot of space writing it out here in this email. I would like to know if it's possible for me to give you a call and phone number to reach you because I have no idea where to turn to. Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to seeing your reply. Regards,---Brother E. O. Dallas, TX USA.


Hello Dr. Fayemiwo, This is to say thank you for your prayers and counseling. By Gods grace I've arrived safely in Saudi. I still have your account details to enable me fulfill part of my vow regarding my first fruit. Also, I wish to apologize for my wife's behavior; she told me of her conversation with you, shortly before I left. The Bible advises us to be diligent to know the state of our flock- which is one of the reasons I hardly talk to people about my marriage issues, except the Lord directs accordingly. Thanks once again and I will keep in touch. God bless--Mr. O. A. Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who did it for these precious souls is waiting for you to put a new song in your lips and turn your life around as never before in His Holy Name, Amen.