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was less than a week old as a Christian. I wasn't a born-again Christian, but Brother Yemi Okuboyejo, my colleague at the University of Lagos, Nigeria told me I was a born-again Christian. He was the one the Lord God Almighty used for me to give my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during our undergraduate years in Nigeria. It was 1986. My conversion and subsequent testimony was slated for the Unilag Chapel and prominent shepherds like Pastor Kris Okotie, Pastor Ayodele, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and few others were billed to speak. Later I was to meet late Dr Tunji Braithwaite and his wife, Auntie Grace, Dr Segun Oshinaga and several others in the faith whose mentorship paved the way for what the Holy Spirit is doing today. But prior to that, the brethren at Unilag informed me that Brother Austen Ukachi would be coming to minister before the "Big One" and I should be present for his ministration at the Lecture Theater.

I could still remember during the service when the man of God laid hands on me and told me to start speaking in tongues. I was tongue-tied insisting I didn't know what he meant. "Just start verbalizing out what is in your mind and say it!" Brother Ukachi directed as he laid hands on my head. "But I didn't know what to say?" I complained. "Should I verbalize my words in English Language, Yoruba or my native Owo dialect?" I protested. "It doesn't matter, but say something as long as it's not in a language you understand," he directed. Flummoxed within and blatantly bizarre as it was, I began to utter some gibberish which I didn't understand and neither my fellow brethren. To my amazement, Brother Ukachi and the rest brethren shouted and clapped that I was now indwelled with the Holy Spirit. That was 33 years ago. Of course, I knew eleven years later that I was not a born-again Christian but was a saved Christian as the Holy Spirit made me to understand on Friday February 21, 1997.

These twin-issues of speaking in tongues and praying in tongues have been contentious in Christendom. Many baby Christians have been told that speaking in tongues is the evidence of the Presence of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life. Some pastors and spiritual leaders say it is the evidence of being a born-again Christian. If you can speak in tongues, you're a born-again Christian and you're indwelled with the Holy Spirit. But before we conclude the veracities of these assertions, it is apposite to define these two spiritual activities. What is speaking in tongues and what is praying in tongues? Many Christians often confuse the two activities and some use the two interchangeably which is not correct. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit which enables a believer called into pastoral, evangelistic, teaching and or prophetic ministries to be able to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to unbelievers that do not speak his or her natural language. There were 16 broad natural languages that the Pentecostal Believers verbalized on the Day of Pentecost which represented the natural and earthly languages spoken in all the world where the Jews were scattered all over the world when the Holy Spirit made His Maiden Arrival on the 120 Apostles and Believers that gathered at the Upper Room as instructed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Acts 2:1-13). The Holy Spirit chose the Day of Pentecost deliberately, because all Jews around the world must assemble annually in Jerusalem to offer fruits of their produce as Thanksgiving to the True Lord God Almighty. This was a throwback to the Commandment of the Lord in Exodus 34:22 given to Moses and should be observed by the Jews thus: "Observe the Festival of Weeks with the first fruits of the wheat harvest, and the Festival of Ingathering at the turn of the agricultural year." This was not a law, hence did not form part of the Decalogue (Exodus 20:1-17); rather, this was part of the Ordinances the Lord God Almighty gave to Moses to the Israelites known collectively as the Mosaic Law (See Deuteronomy 16:10).

On the Day of Pentecost, the Era of Hellenism was at its apogee, Rome had conquered much of the Jewish Lands and Jews had been scattered around the world. Many of them were in Diaspora and few understood the Jewish Language anymore. This was the reason the Holy Spirit empowered and enabled the 120 Apostles and Believers to be able to speak in the 16 languages being spoken by these Jewish immigrants. This was evident from Dr Luke's epistolary account thus: "There were Jews living in Jerusalem, devout men from every nation under heaven. When this sound-referring to the Holy Spirit-occurred, the multitude came together and was confused because each one heard them speaking in his own language…" (Acts 2:5). Consequently, speaking in tongues simply means the ability to speak a non-familiar language spoken on earth which the Holy Spirit enables a believer to speak in order to spread the Good News. For example, if the Holy Spirit instructs me to go and evangelize in say, Macau or Taiwan in China and on getting there, I will be prevented from preaching the Gospel, because Mandarin is the main language spoken by the people. The Holy Spirit canl give me spiritual gift of the ability to speak Mandarin Language almost supernaturally so the work of my evangelism will not be hindered in that part of the world. This was why the Holy Bible said in Acts 2:4: "Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them the ability for speech (emphasis mine)."

Praying in tongues, on the other hand is the ability of a genuinely-regenerated and born-again Christian to pray to the Lord God Almighty in a spiritual language which the Holy Spirit enables us to do and can understand in our intimate and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, praying in tongues is a communication between the believers and our Lord Jesus Christ with the Comforter also known as the Holy Spirit as Intercessor. Here is what praying in tongues means: "In the same way the Holy Spirit also joins to help in our weakness, because we do not know what to pray for as we should, but the Holy Spirit Himself intercedes for us with unspoken groaning…" (Romans 8:26). The words: "unspoken groaning" were correctly translated in the Contemporary English Version CEV thus: "…the Holy Spirit prays for us in ways that cannot be put into words." Other Bible translations used the words: "…too deep for words" (Expanded Bible EXB Version, "…that cannot be expressed in words: (GW Version) for "unspoken groaning." The nearest translation of those words from the original translation into English is the New Matthew Bible-NMB-Version which says: "…groaning which cannot be expressed by tongue-or language." Consequently, what Brother Austen Ukachi was teaching me to do when he laid hands on me as a baby Christian at the University of Lagos in 1986 was not " speaking in tongues; rather "praying in tongues."

The 7 Differences between SIT and PIT

Speaking in Tongues-SIT-is a gift of the Holy Spirit which enables a pastor, teacher, an evangelist, and or a prophet in spreading the Gospel to speak a worldly or natural language on earth while Praying in Tongue-SIT-is the ability of the believer to speak a heavenly language. See the difference? One is a natural/earthly language, while the other is a spiritual/heavenly language. See 1 Corinthians 14:2

SIT requires you to be actively engaged in spreading the Gospel, while PIT is a personal spiritual activity you can do in the privacy of your home during your prayer meditation and intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While SIT is a language that can be understood by another human being on earth; PIT is a language no other human being on earth including Satan and his demons can understand. I call PIT the born-again Christian Direct Spiritual Telephone Line to the Tabernacle of the Most High God Almighty which can never be bugged.

SIT cannot be faked by Satan, but PIT can and has been faked by Satan and his demons, including their human hirelings. I was in a white garment church headed by one Pastor Dagunro in Agege, Lagos Nigeria in 1993 which incident I recorded in my co-authored bestseller: "The Kingdom of Satan Exposed." In the incident, one of the so-called prophetesses stood up and began to speak, but actually praying in fake tongue while the only person who heard her was the pastor in the entire congregation. Here were the conversations between her and the pastor: "The spirit gave me some messages last night," the prophetess said. "What did he say, tell me so I can hear," Pastor replied. "He said he wants to hold everyone in this church captive so they cannot go to any other church to worship," Prophetess continued. "That's very good, so what did he say we should do to accomplish this?"Pastor asked. "The spirit directed that every member of this church should contribute money and a cow should be slaughtered and meat distributed to all members and once they eat it, they will not be able to leave this church," Prophetess informed. "Good, but the spirit should also have told you that their children too should be put in bondage as well," Pastor replied. "How do we do that?" Prophetess countered. "By further informing members to bring all their children here next week to be taken to a nearby river for spiritual bath. Wherever the children worship, so their parents go and so we take all the families as hostages forever," Pastor said. "I agree with you sir," Prophet replied. "You can now interpret the message to the novices," referring to the entire congregation oblivious of what was going on.

The pastor now spoke in Yoruba Language and his interpreter in English interpreted it, but the pastor omitted the bondage, hostages and novices after asking: "Do you hear what the spirit says?" But the pastor and prophetess were completely shocked when I raised my hand at the back and requested to speak from the back pew. "Yes, Mr. Fayemiwo what do you want to say?" Pastor Dagunro asked. I said we should open to Hebrews 9:12: "He-Jesus Christ-did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves, but He entered the Most Holy Place once for all by His own Blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption," so I said: "Why do we need to slaughter cow anymore in this church since our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had already shed His Blood?" There was pin drop silence in the church. But Pastor Danguro was livid. If I were in the front pew, maybe he would have thrown me out of the church, but since I was at the back, he screamed: "Sit down! You journalist are always adversarial. You question everything and talk about things you don't know. This is our tradition in this church." That day, I was co-opted into the Church's Elder Council and made the new Church Secretary in a single day! That week, I complained to my colleague at the defunct Daily Times Newspapers, Mr. Isacc Ojo-Eleka who was also a member of the church that, if they slaughter cow in that church as a tradition, then there was no difference between that church and Islam, and as a former Muslim, I should know. You can read more in The Kingdom of Satan Exposed.

SIT is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 12), but PIT is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit embedded in Peace (Galatians 5:22). You see, you cannot have peace until you develop intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and that relationship produces the "…peace of God, which surpasses all understanding (and) will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:7). Consequently, one of the byproducts of that peaceful relationship is that you will be able to appropriate the 7th Benefits of the 8 Levels of Beatitudes in Matthew 5:9: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God." Only the children of the True Lord God Almighty are entitled to His Direct Spiritual Telephone Line that is bugged-free. That DSTL is praying in tongues, Hallelujah!

SIT is situational; in other words, it is a gift displayed in the course of carrying out your ministry on earth and once that ministration is over; the Holy Spirit will only bestow that gift again when you are sent by Him to another locale for His Utmost. In the example above about Mandarin Language, once I am finished with my ministerial assignment in that part of the world, I may not be able to speak Mandarin Language anywhere, but assuming the Holy Spirit directs me again say, to go spread the Gospel in northern Uganda, He will enable me to speak Acholi dialect to the bemusement of myself and the brethren in Southern Luo of Uganda that speak that language. PIT on the other hand, is a gift that I can exercise 24/7 anywhere I am on earth. I have found myself praying in tongues when I am boarding an aircraft, shopping in the mall, driving, checking into my hotel room, heading for the bank etc. No wonder, unexpected and unasked helps, assistances and miracles follow me, Hallelujah! Praying in any language and praying in tongues are Siamese Twins and go paripassu for the spiritually-informed.

SIT edifies the church, while PIT edifies you, the believer. When a pastor, prophet, teacher, and or an evangelist is able to supernaturally speak a natural language somewhere on earth , which he or she has never spoken before; the church, which is the Body of Christ is glorified and uplifted. But when you pray to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as His redeemed, it is like talking to your Dad and that is personal and intimate. What has the church got to do with that unless, of course Daddy wants to send you to His Body?

SIT is a gift of the Holy Spirit that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bestowed on the believers after His redemptive work on Calvary and His Resurrection which entitled and enabled all those of us who sincerely and genuinely believed in Him are called children of the Living God. Throughout the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi, no human being was worthy to be called a child of the True Lord God Almighty. It was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who "…has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father…"( Revelation 1:6) and so, SIT was not available to the Old Testament folks. There was no Gospel until the New Testament, which was the New Covenant. But there was PIT in the Old Testament, because the Holy Spirit was sporadically used in the lives of certain individuals. Because PIT is a Heavenly Language, the Lord God Almighty spoke His Language once in the Old Testament, which no human being except Daniel could understand, because Daniel had the Holy Spirit of God. See Daniel 5:25-28.

Brother T.O. and Sister B.O. are both Medical Doctors in the European Union. Their medical practice had been glacially thriving. Many clients owed them several thousands of Euros and their property which they have put on sale for several years was languishing in the market. Spurred by the Holy Spirit, they got in touch with us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Texas and we took their matters to the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord! In three months, they recovered all their debts, the property that had been in the real estate market for years was supernaturally sold and now they are planning to open a second office. All the Glory and Adoration belong to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Prof. S.F. is a topnotch intellectual from one of the Ivy League universities here in the United States. He is a believer and he wrote us that the Holy Spirit laid it in his heart to visit us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center. He was our guest here for three Holy Spirit-filled days and after he left, he sent this email to us: "Good evening Dr Fayemiwo. I hope all is well with you and you're doing well. I sent The Jesus Christ Solution Center a gift of … yesterday…Since the visit last year, I have seen significant improvement in my health. I have every reason to be grateful and thankful for your prayers for me. I really want you to know that I see the effects of your prayers in my life. I pray that the Lord grant me long life and bless me more so I can be a blessing to the Center." Look out for more of these in this column every week.

I do not know what your needs are as 2019 rolls by and 2020 knocks. Do not fold your arms and do nothing. If there is anywhere you should be in January 2020, it is here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Texas. Time doesn't solve human problems which require spiritual solutions, but men and women with Higher Anointing do. Register today!


The slot that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave to me as His Voice to produce the governor of Ondo State from my native town of Owo is still much in place as I disclosed last week. The next governor of the Sunshine State will be from Owo Local Government Area. The current governor, Mr. Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu (SAN) has spent four years. If no credible and formidable candidate from Owo LGA appears between now and December 31, 2019 to challenge him, Akeredolu will return for second and final term of four years. An Owo Candidate will never rule Ondo State until the year 2040.

There are 12 qualities any candidate from Owo LGA desirous of wresting the governorship position from incumbent Governor Akeredolu must possess:-

First, the person must be from either Owo LGA or also from Ose LGA, which is part of the old Owo LGA, pointedly Ifon Town.

Second, the Owo and adjunct candidate must be from the private sector. In other words, he must be a person who has never been in government before and becoming the governor is his first public service.

Third, the person must have tentacles and solid networks in the Diaspora, notably the United States of America.

Fourth, the candidate must have the financial war chest without being a political carpet bagger of any political Czar or of an eminence grise.

Fifth, the candidate must not be produced through political party primaries. The People's Democratic Party-PDP- should heed the advice we gave to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar last year, which his campaign ignored and cost him the presidency. Hear what the Words of God says we should tell the PDP leadership in Ondo State: "But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said; "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other" (Genesis 11:5-7). In other words, the PDP should pick a consensus candidate as its 2020 Gubernatorial Candidate. If the party leadership does this, in addition to seven other steps which we cannot reveal openly here, not only will that candidate win the 2020 Governorship Election, it will be landslide as my prophecy declares, Hallelujah!