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igeria's democratic train is moving wobbly on with assurances for success and mixed blessings but nevertheless without alternative. The jury is out all over the world; even in the erstwhile Ion Curtain that democracy is still the best form of government. Hitherto buccaneering tyrants and teapot dictators of yesteryears are becoming repentant and modern-day converts of people's government. The last presidential election in Nigeria and the delicate but peaceful transfer of power from a prideful incumbent which boasted of eternal rule in Nigeria to an undaunted Opposition has proved that democracy has come to stay in Africa's largest economy and most populous nation. Believe it or not, Nigeria's democracy is now inoculated from military adventurists and soldiers of fortunes of last century who crashed democratic experiments at the slightest opportunity to feather their selfish interests and egotistical nests. Never again will the Nigerian nation be held hostage by thuggish elements in military uniform that brought misery and pain to the Nigerian people. Alas, Nigerians at home and abroad can exult that: ' Alas and at last, we are free and we are liberated indeed." We can now choose our leaders and will not be beholden to any cabal anymore.

But in this season of exultation and euphoric mood by Nigerians of winning the right for democratic choice and the fundamental human dignity to freely choose and elect their leaders, eternal vigilance is still needed. Building an enduring democracy with its allied appurtenances of human rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom, private initiative, liberty, pursuit of happiness and free enterprise can only thrive through rigorous public and civic engagement. In reality, the people and the entire citizenry are the guardians of their own democracy and the able custodians of their collective freedom. . In this connection, there is nothing like wholesale importation of democratic tenets from some other climes to other topoi. Because contextual circumstances determine the relationship between the government and the governed, it is extremely germane for nations, especially emerging democratic nation-states in the South to root for an organic democratic system that bode well for their unique cultural values. Although it may be argued that the current global landscape has turned the universe into a democratic village and we are all global citizens in a flat world apology to Thomas Friedman, yet Africans will need a blend of the best of the West and the intrinsic values of African authenticity to give the world their unique brand of democracy. While this innovation we are advocating is still in the street of time, the strains of expensive Western democracy, pointedly the American version that Nigeria has imported warts and all is having on social capital and other development areas should be cause for concern. Recently, there were sundry calls for the abrogation of one of the legislative chambers at the national level, against the backdrop of the costly maintenance of those law makers. This fear that democracy is endangering in Nigerian is legitimate. A system that costs more than 25 percent of the nation's GDP cannot endure long, especially in a mono-crop economy such as Nigeria. This is why Nigerian democracy should be saved this time not from military adventurists and anti-democratic elements, rather from democracy itself. The best democracy money can buy certainly exists in the West, but it will be extremely costly when it is imported like the rest imported goods and products Nigerians bring into the country on daily basis. Nigerians will soon come to know that democracy is not like imported toothpicks which they import from abroad. The debate certainly continues.

While still at it, it is apposite to examine the likely outcomes of the next political experiments in some states where governorship elections are coming up next year in Nigeria.

WHO WILL WIN THE GOVERNORSHIP ELECTION IN KOGI 2016? We have done a thorough spiritual analysis on the outcome of the next governorship election in the Confluence State few months ago. What the Holy Spirit showed us then is still the same today and till ext January when a new state chief executive will be elected. First, the obvious as revealed by the Holy Spirit; Gov. Idris Wada will not serve a second term as governor next year, period. The incumbent and the PDP will do a in their powers to retain Kogi State in their column but it will be futile. Money, plenty of it will be deplored; thugs and criminal elements will be used and even imported from neighboring state to cause mayhem and confusion, but at the end of it all, there will be a change at the Government House in Lokoja. The battle to wrest power from Gov Wada in the Kogi Governorship Election will not be determined by personality or popularity contest as the Spirit shows us, rather, on geographical representation and permutations. In this wise, former Gov Abubakar Audu who had governed the state twice will not come back. He is popular and can mobilize the grassroots coupled with his powerful political connections in Abuja, but at the APC primary, he will not succeed. Even if the APC presents him as its flag bearer, at the dying minute, some powerful individuals at the party leadership and at the presidency will orchestrate his removal as governorship candidate. As the Holy Spirit showed us few months ago and He is showing us again for He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews ). The next Gov of Kogi State will come from Ebira Land and he will surprise many. He is a dark political horse with credibility and impeccable personality but without the financial muscle of other candidates in the APC but he will fly the party's flag and win. His victory will surprise many and his slim victory will be challenged by Gov Wada at the Election Tribuna but at the end of the day, he will govern Kogi State.

THE OUTCOME OF EDO 2016: The Hly Spiri didn't show us personalities in tis state, but simply says the man that will succeed the current Gov. Adams Oshiomole will be picked by Oshiomole. If the Nigerian Constitution didn't prescribe constitutional limits on tenure, Oshiomole would have won a third term as governor. Consequently, whoever Gov. Oshiomole picks as his successor will win the next governorship election in Edo State. Now the curious and perplexing thing about Edo State is that, victory will not come of the way of the next governor on party basis. In other words, if Oshiomole picks a person and he and the anointed person switch from the APC to any party, even Kowa or APGA, he and Oshiomole will still win. The next governor of Edo State will perform his firs and major public assignment by announcing the death of a very powerful king or traditional ruler in Edo State as soon as he is inaugurated or about to be sworn in. Here is how it will play out; the monarch will pass on at the thick of the election and victory and Oshiomole will cede the stage for his anointed successor who will supervise the burial of the monarch and the appointment of a new one.

WHO SUCCEEDS MIMIKO IN ONDO IN 2016? This is my state and I love it I grew up here and I have not my interest in who becomes the governor of my state post-Mimiko era. I would love to see a person from my hometown of Owo to become the next governor of the state. I openly called on my fellow kinsman, Mr. Olurotimi Akerdeolu from Owo who tried it the other day to do it this time and he will win. I haven't heard from him or any of his representatives so that leaves the stage open for the incumbent Gov Olusegun Mimiko to plant his stooge as his successor. If any man or woman from Owo, my hometown decides to come out right now to challenge whoever Gov. Mimiko is plotting to plant as successor, I will back that person and he/she will win. Many may say, this pride and arrogance. No, it is not arrogance or pride but a demonstration of the Power of the True Lord God Almighty. I disclosed in this column few months ago that I have petitioned the Lord God Almighty to allow me and empower me to choose the next governor of my home state and that person should come from my home state of Owo.

My petition and request was granted. But I cannot go and pick the person myself rather, that Owo man or woman must come out on his/her volition to become the next governor of Ondo State. If Gov Mimiko picks his stooge and that stooge faces our candidate from Owo, then Owo people, Ondo State residents and citizens and the people of Nigeria will come and see the power of the True Lord God Almighty Who has called me and has given me the power, authority and grace to be His spokesperson. For according to His unchanging Words in Luke 10: 19: ""I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you." The man or woman from Owo wil wi not because of anything but because of the Grace and Favor of our True Lord God Almighty who says, in His Words in Zechariah 4: 9 "It is not by power or by might but my Spirit says the Lord." When we make prophetic declarations about people, places or things, we say it authoritatively because as His true servants and prophets on earth, according to 1 Corinthians 2: 15: " The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments,�" So if you are a politician from Owo, my home town and the Spirit of the True Lord God Almighty is laying it in your heart to serve the good people of Ondo State, take me up on my Spiritual offer and lest do this. Forget about the money for the campaign, the True Lord God Almighty Who has called me will provide the money and you, me and with God Almighty will defeat Gov Olusegun Mimiko and his stooge-successor. However, if no one comes forward from my hometown of Owo to be the candidate of the True Lord God Almighty Who I serve in Truth and in Deed, Who has given me His Spirit and put His Words in my mouth, Gov Olusegun Mimiko will go ahead and plant his stooge as his successor and he succeed. But here is what will happen in the likely of latter scenario; his successor-stooge will turn round I office and betray Mimiko, because Mimiko himself is a serial betrayer and traitor and as the Words of God says in Matthew 7: 2: "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Mimiko will be thinking that once he is able to choose his stooge-successor, all his shenanigans will be swept under the carpet, but he is sorely mistaken. Readers of this column should go and write this down today as a memorial; whoeve succeeds Gov. Mimiko as Governor will probe him to the hilt whether he-Mimko-likes it or not as the Holy Spirit reveals t us.

WILL WIKE FOLLOW IN THE WAY OF OMEIHA? We predicted the governorship election outcome of Rivers State in the 2015 Governorship Election that Mr. Wike of the PDP would "win" the election. We also disclosed that was how far Mr. Wike would go. His election would soon be overturned at the Election Tribunal and Mr. Dakuku Peterside will be sworn in. Read me carefully; the case may eventually reach the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but at the end of the day, Mr Peerside wil govern Rivers State. The bottom line; Mr. Wike will not finish his term till 2019 so the Holy Spirit direct us. Now, ther ae two other governors that will not finish their terms in office between 2015 and 2019; one will suffer te same fate as Mr. Wike while the other will die in office.


(Continued from our series on How The Lord God Almighty Communicates His Will to Human Beings)

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