Moshood FayemiwoThursday, July 27, 2017
Cameron, Texas, USA


he Creator of the heavens and earth is still in the business of performing miracles. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore, but one secret the Holy Spirit uncovered to me is that, it is not always in the Character of the Lord God Almighty to perform miracles all the time. It is the passionate desire of the King for us to walk in His blessings, rather than waiting for His miracles. You see, the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ are permanent while His miracles often occur during emergencies. After all, what re miracles? Miracles are spiritual occurrences and events when the Lord God Almighty suspend His natural laws and bypass physical barriers to make things happen. Examples for example are; when a 90-year old lady gave birth, a crowd of 5,000 people were fed with five fishes and two loaves of bread, when a fortified city was brought down by marching round seven times and victory was wrought by a tiny army etc. But the blessings of God are included in His miracles, because only in emergency situations does the Sovereign Lord suspend His natural laws so His Glory can be proclaimed around the world. Today, however, redeemed souls wait upon miracles whereas, the blessings of the Lord are bountifully available to us and all is needed is for us to tap into such blessings rather than waiting for emergencies situations called miracles.

Here at the Jesus Christ Solution Center, Cameron, TX, we receive sundry calls both electronically and telephone from precious souls for one matter or the other. As earlier disclosed in this column, there are some of these needs that do not require prayers, but simple faith, belief and obedience to the revealed will of the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the most frequented sought-after needs is the fruit of the womb. It is part of the plan of the Lord God Almighty to bless the womb of His children. After all, He gave this Supreme Command from the word go in His revealed word in Genesis 1:28: "

God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground." So, how can we be fruitful and increase in number, if we do not multiply, give birth and replenish the earth? Which means bareness is not from the Lord God Almighty, but the enemy. Throughout the entire Holy Bible, the Lord God Almighty promised to give us fruits of the womb. In Deuteronomy 28:4, He promised thus: "The fruit of your womb will be blessed." In Isaiah 66:9, He said: "Shall I bring to the point of birth and not give delivery?" says the LORD. "Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?" says your God." In Exodus 23:26, the Sovereign Lord God Almighty promised that "… none will miscarry or be barren in your land…" which means, bareness is sickness. In other words, a man who cannot impregnate his wife is sick and a dead womb, unable to bring forth a living being is sick and should be cured. There was only one person ever recorded to be barren in the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. That was Michal, the daughter of King Saul married to King David (2 Samuel 6:23), and the Bible gave us a reason the Lord God Almighty shut off her womb from conceiving a child. All those who couldn't give birth initially in their lives did something and much later, their wombs became productive. No man was ever recorded as being unproductive in siring a life through a woman in the Bible, unless those made so by human customs and traditions; especially eunuchs in king's palaces. I am pretty certain, if Michal had repented and cried unto the Lord as Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah etc. did, the Lord God Almighty would have pardoned her and open her womb. I want you to read the amazing miraculous powers of the Lord God Almighty in the story below and build your faith in the area of child-bearing, not only in that area of your life; indeed, in all other areas of your life you're seeking His Face for breakthrough.


On April 5, 2015, I received this email from Pastor Ohams

"Good morning man of God. I have followed you for a little time now and have seen that most of your predictions come out solid. However, I want you to pray concerning the unity of Nigeria, because there are so many groups that are coming up with different intentions.

1. Asari Dokubu is ranting seriously concerning federation of Biafra. In his statement, he said no negotiation apart from Biafra. This is sudden.

2. Another group called IPOB indigenous People of Biafra are springing up seriously urging people in the South-East to boycott the presidential election. I must be sincere; do you know that only 20% came out to vote in presidential election in south-east? They just manufactured result to give Jonathan.

3. Niger Delta militants have blown oil pipe lines as a warning to the newly elected president. I am afraid.

What is happening to Nigeria? South-South said that Buhari said that he was going to make Jonathan government ungovernable, if he there wins by any means. After that, Boko-Haram surfaced and also said that attack on Boko-Haram is attack on the whole North. They now asked question if the resources are not from the North and they are fighting simply, because they lost election in 2011, if the resources are to come from their end, would they have accepted one Nigeria?

Right now, as I am writing you, there are several meetings going on between the south-south and south-east on how to team up to break the country. Christians cannot live in the north comfortably due to religious differences. I want to know is this country destined to be divided? The results of election in Nigeria have never portrayed one Nigeria. Jonathan failed in the north and passed in the south-south and east. I am looking at election results that will reflect the will of Nigerians free from tribal sentiments. Man, of God, please can you pray more and ask God if we are still one Nigeria in two to four years?

But what confuses me is that each time I pray for this country, I always see a pregnant woman travailing to deliver. Some of you that God has chosen to reveal most of these things please pray more and get back to me sir. God bless you sir. I am following your prophecies strictly. Although, I do have some doubts sometimes but most often you have proven me wrong several times. I even have doubt that Okezie Ikpeazu will win in Abia state and Rochas Okorocha will win in Imo state. But your prophecies were fulfilled. But who am I to say no when the Lord has said yes. Thanks. My humble self-Pastor Eugene Ohams Assemblies of God Church Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

I sent my reply to Pastor Ohams on the issues he raised in his first email to me. I also drew his attention to the fulfillment of the prophecies he referred to through the Power of the Holy Spirit. His second email to me was a personal one which he sent at the beginning of 2016. I obtained his permission to publish this exchange of email communication so that other Christians can be encouraged in not only waiting for the fruit of the womb, but in other areas of the Lord's blessings:

On January 21, 2016, he wrote: -

"It is true that we may be equal in fellowship but not in anointing. It takes a fool not to recognize and submit to senior anointing. Man, of Jehovah I don't want to die in silence anymore. I am a pastor of Assemblies of God Church Nigeria. I am married for four years no child. Dr Umah Ukpai has prayed for my wife yet she has not conceived. The worst is that I had spent much money and now she can't even see her monthly period. I have been following you since last year and I have never seen a prophet like you since I was born. I know if you pray for me, my wife will conceive and give birth. I know if you pray for me, God will raise my ministry to higher level and my finances.

Please sir you and God are very close, I humbly request sir you help me to tell Him to open the womb of my wife. I want to equally apply for you to be my mentor. I will forever remain grateful if you do these things for me.

Please just look at me with eyes of mercy. Help me sir. I love you. Remain blessed. Your son PST. Eugene Ohams

Pastor Oham's email arrived at a time I was visiting Nigeria so, I replied him promptly the same day as follows:

"Dear brother in Christ, I read your email. I am currently in Abuja, Nigeria. Come and see me. Call my Personal Assistant Pastor …. to book an appointment as soon as possible. It shall be well in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. "---Sent from my iPad Dr. Moshood.

Later that day, he replied this way: "Amen and Amen." He also did what I told him to do by sending his marriage/wedding pictures to me as reproduced below after we spoke on the telephone: -

*Pastor Eugene Ohams and Mrs. Ruth Chioma Ohams at their wedding in 2012

When you ask the Sovereign Lord God Almighty for a miracle or any of His sundry blessings, it is important to be obedient. Pastor Ohams and others who have been directed to contact us by the Holy Spirit know the way we operate so he contacted my PA as directed the following day thus: -

"Daddy good afternoon sir. I have called PST…. in the morning and he told me that you are just arriving Abuja. I have a little challenge; I am pastoring a Church at ABAKALIKI Ebonyi state. The distance is far to come to Abuja and meet up with my Church. I am planning to come either Monday or Tuesday, but I don't know where you will be next week according to Pastor A.

Also, I don't know how long you're going to be Nigeria. God bless sir. Till then." --- PST. Eugene Ohams.

Also, those who have been used by us know how prompt we respond to email so he got this reply immediately: -

"If you are coming next week, my PA… will text to you my place. Talk to him." Sent from my iPad Dr. Moshood.

On January 24, 2016, he informed me thus via an email as a head-up based on his discussions with my PA.

"Daddy good evening sir. I will board the first bus tomorrow for Abuja. By God's power, I will be in Abuja on or before 5pm. I am coming from ABAKALIKI EBONYI state. Remain blessed sir." ---PST. Eugene Ohams.

I copied my PA to alert him accordingly: "FYI and action please. Sent from my iPad Dr. Moshood.

On January 25, 2016, he arrived Abuja: "Daddy I am in Abuja now. Remain blessed" ---PST. Eugene Ohams.

My reply: "Get in touch with my PA please, Pastor …. Welcome to Abuja." Sent from my iPad Dr. Moshood.

Finally, I met Pastor Ohams in flesh and blood and we went to "work." I told him what the Holy Spirit instructed me to tell him and other personal matters. He stayed in Abuja with us for three days and returned to Ebonyi State. He needed to do certain things upon his return to base and he carried out meticulously all the instructions and commandments the Holy Spirit told us to deliver to him. On January 28, 2016, he sent the following email:

"Hello Daddy good morning sir. This is to inform you that I and my wife have meticulously, carefully and successfully completed the first part of the prayer. In fact, my wife told me after your prayer yesterday she saw a drop of blood on her panties which to me is sign of her monthly period. She has not seen her period since last year September 2015. We are ready to go to the next level. God bless you really good. ---PST. Eugene Ohams.

Here was my reply:

"You will need to arrange to send … here, seven prayer requests for you and your wife, including your offerings. Call my PA… to work out the details. I am happy to hear of the fact that the yoke has been broken in your wife's life in Jesus Mighty Name Amen." Sent from my iPad Dr. Moshood.

His reply the same day: "Okey sir. I will do just that. Remain blessed "---PST. Eugene Ohams.

On February 3, 2016, another email from him thus:

"Daddy good evening sir. Your PA just text his account details today. I am trying to gather momentum and hopefully, by next week. Also, I must confess to you that after that prayer, we are seeing new things in our lives. My wife saw some dropping of blood for the first time since September last year. I know that God will perfect what He has started in our lives through you. I cannot thank you enough. Remain blessed sir. " ---PST. Eugene Ohams.

Pastor Ohams also sent further email asking in his prayer requests the Lord God Almighty should do other miracles for him and his family. I returned to the United States and early this year on February 25, 2017, the Sovereign Lord God Almighty Who promised in Exodus 23:26 "none will miscarry or be barren in your land…" answered our prayers for Pastor Eugene Ohams and Mrs. Ruth Chioma Ohams took in.

"Daddy good evening from Nigeria I am happy to inform you that God has answered almost all the prayers you made on behalf my family.

  1. For God to increase my anointing and spiritual vibrancy.... answered

  2. To serve God in spirit and truth .... answered

  3. God's favor and peoples Favour / destiny helpers.... answered/ being answered

  4. To finish my school construction .... still in progress He will still answer it.

  5. Male and female. After 5 years of marriage, my wife tested positive in pregnancy test I did yesterday.... answered By God's power she will give birth this year. She should be 2-3 months pregnant.

  6. My vision of raising the foundation of many generations to come to pass...... around the corner.

  7. For God to open my spiritual eyes...being answered

Daddy I said let me give a report on how things have really changed. The branch of Assemblies of God church where I am pastoring was opened by me 14months ago. I am making serious progress. I got admission this year to obtain my master's degree in pharmacology at Ebonyi State University.

I just want to inform you sir, that God has started answering your prayers FOR me and my wife. May God continue to use you to deliver humanity in Jesus name Amen. God bless you sir. We love you so much. Your son--- PST. Eugene Ohams.

My reply the same day from here at the Jesus Christ Solution Center, Cameron, TX USA:

"Praise the Lord. To him belong all the Glory. When He says something concerning a situation and promises anything over a matter, He will surely deliver, for He cannot and never fail. Can I use this letter with your full name in my column next week? Remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. ---Dr Moshood.

"Yes sir. Go ahead sir. I am 100% sure that God will do more when the whole world read the testimony. Many people in my situation will be encouraged. Full name Ohanme Eugene Chimereucheya. Sent from my iPad


*Mrs. Ruth Chioma Ohams will deliver a baby boy next month after 5 years of marriage. The Lord God Almighty is still in the business of miracle working, if we believe and obey His instructions.

"Daddy good morning from Nigeria our father land. I wish to inform you that I participated in the intercessory prayer but not with fasting. I had a program I called Moment of Restoration. We gathered and cried onto God as you directed. I have the assurances of God's intervention.

I also want to inform you that the baby that came as a result of your prayer is doing well. Last week scan is predicting that he will be born on 6th of September. Although I will be in Abuja as guest speaker at Suleja section of Assemblies of God Church that time. Before the conception of this baby, an Angel of God appeared to me in August last year (after I concluded my 40days and night praying and fasting) and asked if I knew Abraham, and I said yes from the Scriptures. He also asked me what he did and I said that he paid tithe to his unborn child. He said I should do the same. I remember I did ask him about the name and I overheard him say " Chukwuemeka (Almighty God thank you) Emmanuel". From that August, we opened tithe envelope in my Church for him and we have been paying till now. By December, my wife became pregnant and we didn't know till the end February this year. I am 100% sure that if I haven't met you and you gave us personal deliverance prayer, we may be spending money in the hospital to no avail. You are a gift to our family, Nigeria and the world.

Finally, I want you to join me in prayer and ask God what He wants this child to do for Him and possibly give us instructions on how to guide this child.

My wife sends her greetings to you and your family. I have attached here her pictures to show you how your prophetic baby is developing. God bless and with love for you" --- PST. Eugene Ohams.

Praise the Lord, we saw the gift of the Lord as far back as early this year that the Holy Spirit had answered our prayers. Your blessing manifested, because you believed in the revelation and word the Lord God Almighty spoke through His prophet. What He has done cannot and can never be undone by any spirit. All the Glory, Praise and Honor belong to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. I will get back to you soon on how to raise this Chukwuemeka Samuel Emmanuel in the Way of the Lord so, he will fulfill his life's purpose on earth. Congratulations!


Brethren, I don't know where you're reading this from, but one thing I want to assure you is that, the Lord Jesus Christ that did it for the Ohams Family is ready to do the same for you, if you only believe and faith in His Words. This thing works! Praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Hallelujah!