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"So he-the angel-said to me: "This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel; Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord Almighty."--- (Zechariah 4:6)

he Old Prophet Habakkuk was outraged and at the same time flummoxed how a Loving and Merciful Lord God Almighty could allow the Babylonians to ravage and pillage the Israelites. He didn't hide his indignation from the Sovereign Lord either. The Chaldeans led by bad Nebuchadnezzar killed, murdered and mutilated scores leaving teary souls of widows, chilling blood of orphans, sorrowful prisoners of war and unimaginable devastation in their wake never seen in human history. The Sovereign Lord warned the Israelites of the impending devastation. The irony of it all which drew the ire of Habakkuk was that the Babylonians were non-believers of the Sovereign Lord God Almighty of the heavens and universe; pagans whose allegiance were to the demon-god of Nebo.

How a nation as bad and worse; unbelievers could, be allowed to inflict such awesome disaster on the "good" people of God? Why didn't God punish His people directly than outsourcing such carnage to pagan Babylonians? You know each time Israel behaved well, the Lord called the people His people, but anytime the nation strayed out of His Way, the people became their people. In Habakkuk's mind, he viewed the Sovereign Lord God Almighty from the prism of possession; the God of "us" versus "they" without realizing the Sovereign Lord God Almighty Who created and called the nation of Israel as His people is the same creator of the Babylonians. This Good God wanted to save the Jewish people just as He desired to save the Babylonians. He still operates the same today. Just as Job did, Habakkuk was waiting patiently for God's response. Then Jehovah Yahweh characteristically of Him answered Habakkuk that, in order to fulfill His Covenant with the nation of Israel (Exodus 19:3-6), He threw the Israelites to the merciless marauders as a comeuppance for the infidelity of the Israelites, but would later turn around to inflict severe pains on Nebuchadnezzar and his pillagers to teach them a lesson, because they thought they triumphed through the illusory might of their demon-god Nebo, because their god is their strength (Habakkuk 1:11).

Do you know that self-strength is a demon? I was reading a biography of a highly-successful man -success as defined by the world: material possession, status, influence and riches-until I got to the page where the man said irreverently; "I am a self-made man" and I threw the book away. The doxological treatise of Mrs. Hannah Elkanah pointed this out that, no human being can prevail on his/her own strength and for such acknowledgement, the Lord gave Hannah seven more boys after the birth of Prophet Samuel (I Samuel 2:5). In the Magnificart, the Virgin Mary repeated word-for-word more than 1,000 years later Hannah's doxology for being chosen to sire the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Messiah, the Emmanuel and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 1: 46-55). Hallelujah!

*The United States, though the greatest nation on earth but has not known peace except for 20 years, as it has perennially been at war in its nearly five centuries existence. Why?


The United States of America, my adopted home country had just celebrated its 241st year independence, but historically, this beautiful land is 525 years old. In its existence, the United States of America has been fighting wars, both within and without; either ignored or veiled acknowledgement. For 222years, the US has perpetually been a nation at war, enjoying a two decade of peace. Now as the world becomes a Unipolar Universe with America the Lone Super Power on earth after the disintegration of the defunct behemoth known as the USSR in 1994, why is America still at war? Like the Babylonians whose strength was their demon-god, has the United States reached a historical stage of self-destruction? As we all know historically, great civilization and big empires, like tea-pot dictators and buccaneering tyrants don't just fall; they first begin to crack. The famed Roman Empire dominated world stage for 844 years (27BC-1453CE) before it fell from within and its internal decline consigned it to the ash heap of history. Unlike the Romans, the British Empire lasted for just 90 years (1860-1947), but its first world suzerainty began in 1607 under James Stuart-King James VI- until the Americans terminated the rule in 1783 and General George Washington became the first president of our nation; the newly-independent United States of America as we know it today.

Although the last British colony existed till 1980 in Zimbabwe, the British governed the world for a total of 200 years. The United States at it is now and since independence has been athe nation has been at war. Many are surprised at this against the backdrop of destruction of lives, wastage, instability and other deleterious consequences of war. So why is America perpetually and perennially at war?

Printing of US Dollars: - When Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury or Minister of Finance in other nations designed the current American Dollars in 1861, it was during war time. The current US Dollar was invented to replace, the "Greyback" and "Continentals" paper currencies used in the colonies, mostly in Massachusetts. When the words: "In God We Trust" were inserted into the first 10 US Dollar Bill with Hamilton's portrait, something spiritual occurred, albeit unknown to the generality of Americans in the Union and many around the world. Only in war time does the United States print money like no man business and she is the only nation on earth that its currency is accepted, used and exchanged anywhere on the planet earth. Those words: "In God We Trust" spiritually defeats the demon-god of war each time America goes to war (Revelation 6:3-4. )

Have you noticed that in its half-a-millennium existence, no nation has ever defeated the United States of America? Each time the U.S. goes to war, the Federal Reserve Bank-which is the Central Bank-has unfettered latitude to print the US Dollars without restraints and raw cash are given out to military generals and those top brass war officers to spend as much as they can, since the American Dollars are convertible. Since the Federal Reserve is the bank of last resort for the global economy, the United States is the only nation on earth that can print money unrestrained in war time and still maintains its economic hegemony as the largest and number one economy on earth. The 2003-2010 War in Iraq for instance cost the United States $1.1 Trillion. The Dept of Defense alone spent $757.8 billion directly excluding the estimated sum of $10billion per year to reconstruct Baghdad. The War of Afghanistan has cost the United States another $2.4 trillion as at 2017 and still counting. The United States maintain 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories around the world-the only nation on earth to do so by the way-and spends $250 billion yearly to maintain them. No nation on earth can do this without going bankrupt, yet America is the world's strongest and largest economy in the history of the world with $21.1 trillion GDP on earth followed by China and Japan. Each time you spend the American Dollar anywhere in the world, you're worshipping the American God with the words: "In God We Trust" and that is why this great land will continue to lead the planet in the foreseeable future. See Matthew 22:15-22.

War Time Is Business Time: - The arms and ammunitions manufactured in the United States is estimated at $30 billion industry per year. At the global level, the United States provided $19.54 billion security aid to foreign nations combined as at 2018 and the foreign aids continue; from arms and ammunitions, helicopters, and other sophisticated armament needed for warfare and defense purposes. What are these arms and ammunitions for? War! From the Middle East, Asia, Africa, to NATO and the rest parts of the world, the proliferation of sophisticated military armaments spike during peak war period. In our best seller; The Kingdom of Satan Exposed, we gave a comprehensive list of local and global wars that have been fought in the last 100 years and the number of human beings that have been killed (See Pages 22-24). Here in domestic United States, more lives have been lost to gun violence than the lives of American troops killed in both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars combined. The National Rifle Association-NRA- the apex organization controlled by arm manufacturers has successfully blocked conceivable legislation to regulate gun ownership and sales. As

Revelation 18: 1-24 says it all, but verse 17 poignantly stressed that; "Every sea captain, and all who travel by ship, the sailors, and all who earn their living from the sea, will stand far off…" as the final judgment of the Living God is pronounced on Modern Babylon which symbolically is the United States of America, the last civilization and nation to herald the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The alliance between capitalism and the military industrial complex:- It was President Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) as 30th president of the United States who famously remarked that; "The chief business of the American people is chiefly business." As the acme of capitalism, carnality and excessive luxury combined and simultaneously the wealthiest nation on earth, money as represented by the American Dollar is a god both here at home and blindly worshipped around the world. The United States goes to war at the slightest provocation when capitalist interests are threatened. Browse history and you will see that 93 percent of the various wars fought by America from within and without were chiefly caused by threatened capitalism. Even the American Civil War of 1861-1865 had the vexed twin-issues of slavery and slave trade at its core, since the South wanted to perpetuate its continued exploitation of slaves as cheap labor. Earlier on, the War of Independence was triggered by the increase of tea tax. America did not go to war in Iraq because of Al-Qaeda, but the underlying motive was the oil deposits in that country. No wonder the Halliburton Corporation which handled the reconstruction of Iraq had a field day in that nation during the war, which is today worth $23.995 billion. And was it a coincidence that the architect and arrow-head of the war in Iraq; Mr. Dick Cheney was the Vice-President of the United States for eight years (2000-2008) and was the immediate chairman and C.E.O of the multi-national corporation for five years (1995-2000)? Was there a link between him and Halliburton's contract worth $7 billion in Iraq during and after the war?

War Time Boosts Employment:- Any time the United States goes to war overseas, employment opportunities are open; young men and women join the military, navy, air force, the marines and other ancillary units. Money is pumped into the system; defense contracts are awarded at maddening speed and economic activities revved up across board. There are other professionals too that benefit from war activities; technicians, medical doctors, nurses, para-military workers, civilian security personnel, linguists, trnaslators etc. The numbers of American soldiers and military personnel stationed abroad also increase thereby leading to employment generation. Many millionaires are created in the defense sector of the economy as companies in that sector see their shares and stocks spike at the bourser.

When wars take place, cessation of hostilities and ceasefire will be followed by reconstruction efforts as being witnessed in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and other war-torn areas of the world. Electricity grid must be restored, war casualties must be buried, food must be provided for survivors, houses must be rebuilt and general reconstruction must take place which often take years to achieve. The winners and victorious gladiators, who are mostly and surely Americans become the new toads of war, as U.S. multinational corporations corner large slice of reconstruction contracts. War is a time for some people to become rich, while the dead go to the Other Side. As James reminded us as believers: "What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? You crave what you do not have. You kill and covet…" (James 4:1-2).

Maintain global Hegemony: - The United States will spare nothing, including killing and murdering anywhere on earth to maintain its global hegemony. The Cold War pitted Capitalist America against the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) for 70 years according to Bible prophecy (1914-1984). During those years of attrition and internecine skirmishes between the two dominant Super Powers, the global binaries could not go unnoticed as nations of the world declared their allegiances. Even the so-called Non-Aligned Movement was a ruse as the ideological sympathies of members were apparent. Many leaders were felled by either the CIA or the KGB during this global ideological kerfuffle, until the Soviet Union disintegrated and splintered in 1984. Consequently, the United States of America emerged victorious and today we are in a Unipolar World. Other nations can grumble, but the reality is that, the alternative nation that will try to supplant the Lone Super Power on earth is yet to emerge. This is why America has become the Number One Global Bully and behaves as the Only Lion in the jungle by making sure it kills any chicken to scare potential monkeys as the old Chinese saying goes. It will remain so until the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Or alternatively, the United States may commit suicide as earlier stated, because great and powerful nations and civilizations have historically self-destruct by falling from within. As the old adage says; no one will kill monkey, but monkey will ultimately kill itself.

War as part of Domestic Politics:- It is an unwritten tradition that Americans do not change their presidents in war time. Anytime there is war, US voters want to keep the man on whose watch the war starts to finish what he has started. Part of the reason President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States stayed in office for 12 years (1933-1945) and died in office was because of WWII (1939-1945). He governed with three vice-presidents and Americans kept him at the White House throughout the war until his death in April 1945. Even his successor, President Truman served another eight years in office to oversee much of the reconstruction efforts after WWII, especially the Marshall Plan in Old Europe. Those were the longest years the Democrats controlled the White House; 20 years from 1933-1953. One of the unannounced, but disguised and veiled reasons President George W. Bush won re-election in 2004 after his controversial 2000 victory was because of the Iraq War. In fact, there were rumors that the Bush Administration orchestrated the war in Iraq in order to win re-election. There are fears in the United States that Mr. Trump may look for one nation to invade between now and 2020 in order to "win" a second term as the 45th president of the United States of America.

KOGI 2019:- The Confluence State is gearing up for another governorship election in the next four months. The field is crowded on both sides of the two dominant political parties. Four years ago, I prophesied on the fate of Mr. Abubakar Audu and disclosed the election victory of the incumbent, Mr. Yahaya Bello. What is the outcome of the November 2019 governorship election in Kogi State? Who will occupy the state's Lugard House next year as chief executive? Will Mr. Bello return for a second and final term? Watch out in this column for the political future of the Confluence State, Nigeria.


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