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s football, which millions in the United States and around the world covet and are addicted to and minting millionaires which is being worshipped in America a god? Is soccer as it is known in non-American World, which is being glorified around the world a religion? Many born-again Christians will argue hoarse that there is nothing wrong in joining the rest of the people of the world in the frenzied ecstasy and worshipful glorification that soccer or football has become. But the Holy Spirit reveals that soccer is another religion of the world that has been fetishified by billions of souls on earth today. You will stop arguing that soccer is another religion founded by Satan until you know the real historic beginning and origin of soccer. Truth is; Soccer is not just a game of physical exercise, it is a god, a religion being worshipped on earth today.

THE ORIGIN OF SOCCER: You see, Satan and his demons have never come out openly in the affairs of the human race to be worshiped and glorified. They always hide under traditions and cultures, customs and peoples ways of life. Hear what our Lord Jesus Christ told the Pharisees and Sadducees: - "He went on to say, "You neatly set aside the commandment of God to maintain your own tradition. For Moses said, 'Honor your father and your mother and, 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.' But you say that if a man says to his father or mother, 'The help you would have received from me is Corban' (that is, a gift committed to God), he is no longer permitted to do anything for his father or mother. Thus you nullify the word of God by the tradition you have handed down. And you do so in many such matters." (Mark 7:9-13). In I Peter 1:18-19, Apostle Peter made this point on how the genuinely-redeemed children of the Living God had been rescued from traditions and customs that Satan and his demons have devised over the years to hold human beings hostage. In the world today, you hear spiritual novices snicker that what is wrong with observing customs of our forefathers or carrying out traditions and cultures while worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ? These people have forgotten or are ignorant of the so-called traditions, customs and cultures are tools in the hands of Satan and his fallen angels to enslave most people of the world. In the Decalogue, the True Lord God Almighty warned that He would visit the iniquities of the fathers unto the children to the fourth and fifth generations, because Satan and his demons have held pernicious holds on many souls on earth through traditions and customs. What are traditions?

Traditions, customs and cultures are inbred ways of life that have been with human beings for eons. They are the sum total of the way we live. But traditions, customs and cultures aren't universal; they are time and place specifics. Ask yourself when you're told by these spiritual troglodytes to respect traditions and customs: who put these so-called traditions, customs and cultures together in the first place? Where did these so-called traditions and customs originate from and begin? For those with perceptive spiritual minds, virtually all the so-called traditions, cultures and customs being practiced on earth today began as satanic and demonic teachings and practices. Do not look at soccer as a mere physical exercise or benign human activity; its history is rooted in demonic practice. Depending on which area of the world we start from; there was a variant form of a football-like sporting competition starting in Ancient China from circa 1130-1160 during the Song dynasty known as Cuju,

Earlier on, between 400-375 BC, the Ancient Greeks engaged in a sporting competition to celebrate their innumerable pagan gods and goddesses. The Greek Playwright, Antiphanes 388-311BC made reference to a violent community game called episkyros played by 14 stag players in the ancient city of Sparta in celebration of a Greek god. Like most demon-energized activity, demonic cults and secret societies, women were mostly excluded. From Greece, the Romans modified the game and called it harpastum, which became more violent and involved at least the death of one participant or player during the game in order for the winning party to be declared, since there were no rules governing the game. As every student of elementary world history knows, virtually all human activities in the Greco-Roman World were dictated by traditions, customs and cultures which of course were formulated by the menageries of gods, goddesses and deities worshipped by the people of that era which eventually spread to our current world. The British adapted episkyros and harpastun of the Greeks and Romans respectively into what is today known as soccer during the Middle Ages dating back to the 12th century. Because of its violent nature and absence of rules and regulations, especially the death of a player in order to declare a winning team, the English Nobility passed it onto the early church and made it a game to be played during the annual festival of Shrove Tuesday. For those in the know, this festival was a pagan eating ritual adapted into early Christianity traditionally observed a day in February or March preceding Ash Wednesday or Lent which later became known as the Festival of Mardi Gras. Of course, the impact of the British Empire was massive and so their pagan practices and festivals including the demonic sporting game of soccer were soon exported to all the territories that made up the defunct British Empire which-nearly ninety-percent of the earth.

*Football or Soccer is not just a physical game and benign competition but a cleverly-invented game by Satan and his demons to extract false worship and glorification from members of the human race. The origin of football bears testimony to this truth as history tells us.

*The South African Government spent $$3.6 billion to host the 2010 World Cup Competition while Brazil shelled out $15 billion to host the same global jamboree in 2014 while the last Word Cup Tournament in 2018 cost the Russian Government $11.6 billion. This is in a world where billions of human souls live on less than $1 per day and poverty is pervasive.

In 1863, the private sector and their venture capitalist sporting doo-gooders saw the financial profit potentials in the festival and quickly cashed in by standardizing the game leading to the establishment of several football leagues across Europe. The English Football League was the first to be established by the venture capitalists in 1888 led by Mr. William McGregor (1846-1911). Not wanting to be cheated out of a potential lucrative soccer business, other financiers joined in the soccer industry. In 1891, 12 soccer clubs came on board and this increased to 15 in 1893. The French observed the developments in Britain and joined in the potentially lucrative soccer business, but upped the ante by globalizing the soccer industry. On May 21, 1904 football which began as a pagan sporting game, like Modern Olympics became world game with the establishment of the Federation Internationale de Football Association a.k.a FIFA. Within a decade, ten football clubs were established: Newcastle United (1904), Manchester United (1907), Blackburn Rovers (1911) and about 20 football clubs sprouted another decade afterward. Today, the football/soccer industry is a multi-billion Dollar industry, which Satan and his demons effectively manage and control to the bemusement of those with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer and Obeisance: It was during my secondary school years back in Nigeria, Africa that I first observed the demonic content of football/ soccer as a game. I attended a small and new secondary school that had just been established by the Muslim community and we were absolutely counted out as a force to reckon with during the annual football competitions in the defunct Ondo State. But by law, my secondary school was allowed to participate, but it appeared the organizers of the annual football competition wanted to get us out of reckoning very early and so pitted us with one of the oldest secondary schools in the community. It was like pairing Nigeria with Brazil or Germany in the opening World Cup. Everyone thought my secondary school was finished anyway, but like the small David, my secondary school trashed this old and well established secondary school Goliath to make it to the first three secondary schools in the community for finals. People started to scream that my school must have used the Quran to defeat that old school with experienced and better football players. Yes, it was true that my school used some demonic powers to defeat that old school. I could remember a week to our school playing that old school; our school goal keeper brought a man to the dormitory. The game master met with the man who is a Mullah and the school players communed at the school football field during football practice for the competition. I remembered that this particular Mullah was stationed at the back of the goalpost of our school team unbeknown to spectators and we defeated our opponents. Many other religious rites were observed by the players which gave us victory to the top three of the final competitions. Truth is; prayers and obeisance are parts of football and soccer competitions. Even some pseudo-Christian pastors and so-called men and women of God are routinely contacted to help predict and influence outcomes of football and soccer competitions.

Addiction: - Whatever controls a human being is invariably your god/goddess. Many of the supporters of football and soccer stars around the world would go to any length to display and demonstrate their love and affection for the round leather game. Just as cigarette smoking is an addiction, just as many souls are controlled by the demonic spirit of sex and so on, football and soccer are addictions of many souls around the world. The Word of Life admonished believers thus: "I have the right to do anything, you say-but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything-but I will not be mastered by anything" (I Corinthians 6:12), but as Apostle Peter aptly disclosed: "For a man (or woman) is a slave to whatever has mastered him (or her)" (2 Peter 2:19). When you read bizarre stories of what people do when their favorite football and soccer teams win and lose, you will be perturbed at how addictive this so-called benign physical exercise known as soccer is in the lives of many souls.

Initiations and the Occult: I received a call from a brother outside the United States for prayers just as many precious souls get in touch with us here in Texas at The Jesus Christ Solution Center for sundry needs. As we proceeded deeply into the brother's spiritual life, all he wanted was prayer to jumpstart his football career and make money to enjoy life of selfishness and centeredness. I explained to him that he should place greatest priority on his spiritual life and eternal destiny more than garnering fleeting and ephemeral success of life. I told him he should develop more intimate and enduring relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instead of chasing earthly glories. Many would be gob smacked at the spiritual price paid by those popular names and celebrities they adore and lionize as football whiz kids and soccer stars. A popular football star once revealed the occult world of the football industry disclosing that many of the football stars we read about in newspapers and watch on televisions engage in voodoo and demonic initiations to make it to the top.

A football star once disclosed he was directed by a witch doctor to sleep in a cemetery for three days and thereafter wear a particular jersey in order to score for his football game and become successful. A South American football star disclosed he has been indwelled by a demon which makes him to bite his opponent during football competition which would give him stamina and power to score goals. He gained prowess the other day that he was successful in taking his home country to semi-finals at the World Cup. Another football star disclosed that he was directed to sleep with underage girls; in other words, he must become a pedophile in order for him to maintain his stamina and score goals for his club. When fans and addicted buffs glorify and adore their football stars and soccer celebrities, they have no clues what those stars do in the background and inner recesses of their life outside the limelight to reach the top. Many of the football stars use talisman, amulets, consult the occult and hobnob with witchdoctors and wizards in order for them to win fame and notoriety on the football pitch and outside soccer competitions. Some football stars retain the services of pseudo-Christian pastors and religious racketeers who control their daily routines and entire lifestyles in order to maintain their celebrity statuses and football prowess. The list is endless of how Satan and his demons control billions of souls on earth today through the demon-god of football and soccer.

Supporters and Initiates: - It is no longer news that the football industry is a mega-billion Dollar industry around the world. The English Chelsea Football Club for instance is worth $1.2 billion as at last year. In the 2016/17 football season, the total revenue of the English Premier League was put at around 5.3 billion Euros. With an average of 35,800 attendants at the English Premier League Competitions and not to talk of billions of fans on radio and television, including the Internet and the social media outlets, football is a revenue-grossing industry around the world. Many lives have been shattered, families have disintegrated and souls lost because of the periodic football and soccer lottery competitions played by souls in major countries around the world.

It cost the South African Government a mouth-watering $3.6 billion to host the 2010 World Cup Competition while Brazil shelled out $15 billion to host the same global jamboree in 2014 while the last Word Cup Tournament in 2018 cost the Russian Government $11.6 billion. This is a world where most human beings live on less than $1 per day and half of the world population cannot afford safe and drinking water and poverty is destroying million of souls around the world!

Voodoo and Demonic Powers by Club Owners: - How about the activities of owners of the various football clubs jostling to make it to the top and win trophies? Many of their supporters and addicts would also be surprised by what these football owners and club managers do in order to win fleeting glories and ephemeral laurels that do not last. Satan and his demons often hide in the dark background pulling the levers and no wonder Satan told our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: " Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. "All this I will give You," he said, "if You will fall down and worship me."(Matthew 4:8-9). Our Lord Jesus Christ did not dispute Satan and the dialog wasn't opened to contestation for Satan is, indeed the god of this age. The Lord Jesus Christ simply replied Satan: "Away from Me, Satan!" Jesus declared. "For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.' (Matthew 4:10). Satan and his fallen angels are using football today to give the so-called good things of life: status, celebrity, fame, money, women, sex, cars, houses, plaudits etc-to those who are ready to pay the ultimate price set by Satan and his fallen demons: to be worshiped. Truth is; many souls on earth today are worshipping Satan and his demons without knowing it through their addiction to football and soccer. May the Lord God Almighty open the spiritual eyes of many souls in the world to see the demon that is controlling football in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen?


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