Monday, June 1, 2020
Cameron, Texas, USA

here are three existential events that every born-again, truly-redeemed and genuinely-converted Christian should know and be involved in the Spiritual Journey of Life. These are: the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the arrival of the Kingdom of God via the Millennial Reign and making it to Paradise/ Heaven. These three events separate us Christ believers and worshippers from the rest of the people of the world; whatever your religious persuasion. Unfortunately, few bonafide children of the King fail to grasp the way and manner these three events would manifest. First, the Advent or Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; it is going to be practical and visible and not a hidden spiritual occurrence. Every human being will see Him with their naked eyes; it isn't an esoteric event. He said so Himself: "Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with Me, and I will give to each person according to what they had done" (Rev. 22:12). On the eve of His physical departure on Mt Olives, the apostles gazed at Him as He ascended physically onto heaven via the sky and the angels announced; "They were looking intently up into the sky as He was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them; "Men of Galilee, they said, why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back the same way you have seen Him go into heaven" (Acts 10-11). Apostle John bore witness in the Apocalypse thus: "Look, He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him and all peoples on earth will mourn because of Him. So shall it be Amen" (Rev. 1:7). With two, three or more testimonies and witnesses, the truth shall be established. Paradoxically, Satan said in his book, the Quran that our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth in physical form hence, an axiomatic belief.

If you attend any church right now or belong to any denomination where the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is not a constant, regular and monotonous reminder and sermon but all you hear and see are prosperity, miracles and wonders, you are doomed. If you remain in the Satanic Roman Catholic Church where the chief representative of Satan on earth known as Pope Francis tells you our Lord Jesus Christ is not coming again and yet stay put in this demonic sect, you're on expressway to the Nether Gloom.

Second, the Kingdom of God or heaven is also literal; Satan and his fallen angels have little time left and so in these waning days of the children of perdition on earth, evil on steroid is coming. Evil, raw and naked evil is welling up at such an astonishing speed that our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ even wondered: "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on earth?" (Luke 18:8). What we're seeing on earth right now is a child's play compared with the foreboding evil on the way. Soon, human beings will be having sex with one another on the street; some will be having sex with their pets and animals right in the streets; and such abominable and heart wrenching scenes that I cannot mention here will be shown on television and the social media with glee and no qualms. Before this hell on earth era, I would have been out of here anyway. But the question many Christians often ask is; when will these apocalyptic events occur? When will the Kingdom of God come? I am at pain to disclose to precious souls that we are right in the middle of it right now. First, the over 100,000 souls that have died and counting in the United States of America as I am writing this have seen the Kingdom of heaven. What do you mean? The day you die, and it can be now as I am writing this is when the Kingdom of God or heaven come to you. Hear our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ made it plain: "When asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied; "The Kingdom of God will not come by observable signs. Nor will people say, "Look, here it is, or "There it is. For you see, the Kingdom of God is in your midst" (Luke 17:20-21). The moment you close your eyes and are dead, that is the moment the Kingdom of God or Heaven comes to you, if you're a believer and born-again child of the Living God, Hallelujah! All those souls that died by COVID-19 here in the United States and around the world are gone; gone forever and only those of them that knew our Lord Jesus Christ and were born-again have hope of entering the telo of life's journey: heaven. All of those COVID-19 deaths that spurned the Good News and rejected Jesus Christ as Lord, Master and Savior and weren't born-again are now on the Other Side of the eternal divide, hell; period! Again, if you attend any church or belong to any denomination or religious persuasion, if these three existential truths are not taught on daily basis; you'll soon join those COVID-19 deaths in hell; period!

If you're still alive perchance as you're reading this and the demon of death is yet to claim you via COVID-19; know that the Good Lord is sparing your life so you can be saved. All those 100,000+ Americans who are gone had aspirations for the summer; they planned for the fall and all kinds of aspirations, but those plans are gone and aspirations are over now. We're not mocking the dead folks; but to dram your attention to the fierce urgency of confessing your sins and change your mind about the real meaning of life. You and I have a date with Death, surely! We're all going for sure and our exits aren't ours to determine just as those COVID-19 deaths didn't plan to leave the earth. Give your life to Christ now! Change the course of your life and stop deluding yourself you have more time on earth; you can't be sure and your exit can be so sudden and unprepared. Do you know where you will end up? Will the Kingdom of God meet you or the hellish kingdom of Satan underground? It is your decision right now and now! Meanwhile, if you are already sure of your final eternal destination, you will need to hang in there to make it to the finished line, because only those who finished well, but not that began well, shall be saved: for "…the one who perseveres to the end will be saved" (Matthew 24:13; See also Mark 13:13). Here are the remaining four areas of life you who are born-again should make attitudinal changes in order to make it to the finished line and not miss heaven:-

Employment and Jobs:- Many of us-followers, believers and worshipers of our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ-will face serious hatred, persecutions and discriminations as never seen before in workplaces from 2021. Satan and his demons, in cahoots with their human acolytes will soon gather their co- children of perdition in levers of authorities in all ramifications of life: politics, business, economy, education etc toward the installation of one world government, one world economy and the last arm of the Luciferian Trinity; one world religion ably prompted and promoted by the satanic Roman Catholic Pope. If you think these are conspiracy theories of born-again Christians, just watch. My advice to you as a fellow born-again Christian is to begin to explore ways and means of self-employment through the Unction of the Holy Spirit. If you live in Europe and are an African, begin to save money so you will have extra cash to board a plane and return to Africa at a whim, because after COVID-19 Pandemic subsides next year, the EU is going to introduce compulsory human vaccines, embedded chips in the human body and compulsory ID facial recognition. It began with terrorist threats, followed by Coronavirus and it will be followed by famine, natural disasters, flooding and fire next year 2021. These four horsemen of the apocalypse will lay the groundwork for the Anti-Christ's 666 as my prophecy declares. Any African who refuses these four signs of 666: compulsory vaccination, embedded body chip, compulsory national census and compulsory ID facial recognition will be denied jobs. If you do not have these four IDs, you risk losing your job and unemployed. Satanic pastors will tell their bewitched congregants to submit to these marks of the beast. It will begin in Europe, and then spread to North America; especially here in the United States where it will be resisted, then it will move to Latin America, then Asia, back to the Caribbean and finally Africa. The Continent of Africa is the future of the human race, especially born-again children. I will not be around by this time, for as He promised; "If those days had not been cut short, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short" (Matthew 24:22). If you think the days referred to above are in the Street of Time, you're sorely mistaken. You watch what will begin to happen as from next year 2021.

News and Information: - Let discretion, vigilance and sobriety guide your news consumption style and absorption of information in these end times. Television watching should be minimized, except for news only and even at that, argosies of more depressing and apoplectic news will dominate the goggle box. You will be sickened and tired and move to throwing up at watching the news. The torrid and bizarre news and information will become daily staples and if you do not hold onto your faith and not allow the Holy Spirit steady you, otherwise you "may quench the Holy Spirit fire" (I Thessalonians 5:19) and miss the crown. You can see how the nervous system of the elect is being currently tormented by what we see and flit on the social media; but just wait because these are just the tips of the iceberg of naked evil about to descend on the human race. To the spiritually blind and near-dead, these evil practices will be seen as human progress but Satan and his fallen spirits are about to be daringly devilish to invade the human space and manifest in raw human form. The spiritual warfare raging on for the souls of every human being is about to let loose on earth very, very soon. The demons of social media are already here and you will do well to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and guard what you and your family watch on social media henceforth. The days of stratospheric evil never witnessed in human history are here folks!

Travel, Leisure and Entertainment:- Watch where you go to from now onward as a born-again Christian. You can't just travel and visit places anyhow now in these last days. There are demonic territories springing up everywhere now, especially so-called demonic churches and satanic places of worship. Steer clear of churches that make their congregants wear certain dresses, forbid members from wearing shoes, give so -called holy water for people to drink and take you to nearby rivers for spiritual bathing. There is a strong demonic place so popular on earth that satanic agents in the marine world infest visitors at this so-called magic kingdom. It is not a tourist attraction, but a demonic place. Don't take your children there, because you want to entertain them. Be careful where you eat out on weekends, especially Saturday when Satan moves around in physical form to claim 2,000 human souls weekly. Be careful roaming the streets at night offering free rides and lifts to people on the road side, especially women because a group of demons are now let loose claiming human lives. Yes, these are not new, but they will be on the rise as never before beginning 2021. Steer clear of downtown clubs and hotels, especially weekends because souls are now claimed and destroyed by demons of death. I say time is running out for Satan and his fallen agents and are thus desperately wicked and virulently daring now more than ever before in their pernicious hatred toward the human race. They want to claim more souls alongside them to the Nether Gloom. Save your soul now! Just as Apostle Peter pleaded with his Pentecostal audience and I do the same now wherever you may be reading this in the world: "Be saved from this corrupt generation" (Acts 2:40).

Education and Knowledge: I disclosed last week that the era of mortar and brick education is nearing end. Online education is going to be the in-thing even after the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

Knowledge and education will so percolate and ideas will be within everybody's reach that sitting in a classroom to be lectured and visiting the library will be antiquated. Welcome to the world of bits, bytes and chips; and so bygone the world of Adam. A fully digitized world is already here. That is why you must adjust now, especially in training of your children. The Holy Spirit gave us a head up on all these things and that is why we have established the Emmanuel Online Christian Elementary Academy which will be followed by the secondary and university arms soon. The Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ is to be praised for He has done it again. Here is the new baby from Him to us all for His Power, Honor and Glory, Amen. Visit the website and enroll your child and or ward now


"When the Son of Man comes in His Glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His Glorious Throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats…" (Matthew 25:31; See Revelation 1:7)

For those of us who have put our faith, trust, future, life and eternity in the Secured Hands of our Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ; this is the time to take our eternal life seriously. This is the time to stop playing game with our souls and eternal destination in our Christian Journey. You need to learn and study instead of playing denomination and church. Study the Holy Bible and know what you believe. This is what the Holy Spirit has mandated us to do now! The last thing you need now as a part of the Body of Christ is another church full of programs, planning, festivities, waywardness, announcements, activities, naming ceremonies, carnalities, worldliness, money, money and money! We should brace up as born-again Christians and prepare for a different world aftermath of this global Coronavirus Pandemic. The days of being complacent on Mt Zion are over. You need the undiluted and Holy Spirit-inspired and taught Word of God Now. Register now! Send email to any of the following administrators namely: Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo (; Dr Margie Neal-Fayemiwo (; Brother Kola Olatunde ( and Dr Gerry Onukwugha ( In your email, simply state I WANT TO BE PART OF E-CONGREGATION. We are putting the technical preparations together right now and we shall take-off very, very soon. Thank you and remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Study the word in the manner of the Berean Christians of old (Acts 17:11) and the children of Issachar of Old Testament "who understood the times and knew what to do" (I Chronicles 12:32).





When I first wrote the biography of late Chief MKO Abiola nearly twenty years ago while I was in graduate school for my first master's degree in Mass Communication at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL USA; there were many challenges that didn't give the seminal work a first-rated product. Although the quality of the contents could not be impeached but the production quality was bad. But thank God for making resources available now after 18 years, a completely revised and comprehensively-updated version of the biography is now available. If you purchased the first edition, you are guaranteed to receive an autographed copy of the 2020 edition absolutely free. Please send me an email to receive your copy: The Subject Title should be: Copy of my MKO Biography 2020. For other interested readers, please watch out next week on how you can receive a copy of this important biography either in print or as eBook. Send me an email as well to receive your free copy accordingly.


The governorship election in the "heartland of the nation" comes up on Saturday September 19, 2020 and people are waiting with bated breath on who will win the election between an incumbent and a re-cycled insurgent. Next week, we shall break down all the pieces to the last minute details as we have always done through the Power of the Holy Spirit. A lot is about to take place in Edo State in the next 90 days. Watch out! Will Andrew Obaseki return and finish his final term as governor or will he be treated as Ambode was treated in Lagos State? You will read it all here next week.