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hen Adam and Eve fell to Satan's artifice in the Garden of Eden and the duumvir lost their spiritual compass with the Lord God Almighty, Satan and his fruits embed in the human body for precisely the reason why the True Lord God Almighty warned our First Parents not to eat from the tree of good and evil. The idea of us knowing about evil and good in the first place is not only disobedient, that in itself is demonic. Satan and his demons do not need to tempt you and me, including the rest members of the human race before we do their biddings; they're already inside us. Satan and his demons already have beachheads inside us from birth because we all share in the DNA of our First Parents; Adam and Eve. It is when you gave your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and then allow the Holy Spirit to detoxify you spiritually and cleanse you from the inside out that Satan and his demons can be expelled out of your physical flesh. This was what our Lord Jesus Christ meant in the Nicodemus Dialog in John 3:5-7: "Jesus answered "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.'" No matter your status in life, Satan and his demons are already inside you in varying degrees, if you have not submitted to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ so that the Holy Spirit can cleanse you thoroughly for His use.

Whatever you do without this Holy Spirit purification is still that of the human flesh and you will exhibit all 17 signs listed in Galatians 5:19-21. When I am asked how do you know or identify someone indwelled or controlled by demons, I direct them to this scripture. There is no argument over this spiritual truth and fact. It doesn't matter your status in life; if you exhibit any of these 17 signs in your life in varying degrees so also are your susceptibility and control by Satan and his demons. Demonic infestation doesn't occur in people's lives, because they start sinning, but we are in-born wit it, because we sin simply because sin is our nature. It's like water as the natural habitat of fish In our tour de force;" The Kingdom of Satan Exposed," we listed four ways through which these demonic infestations appear and operate in people's lives; both believers and unbelievers alike. Because the human physical body is the locale of demonic operations, we want to open your eyes to six vital areas of your human parts they control or strive to seize and use to delay your spiritual blessings, including stealing your money and other sufferings. If you have done all that are humanly possible to settle down to your God-given husband or wife all these years and somehow, there are unexplained reasons inhibiting you, perhaps, you need to examine the following issues in your life.

The Human Hair: - Your hair on your head is the glory of the Lord God Almighty in your life. Your spiritual power devolves to the rest of your physical body through the hair. Your mental faculty, brain, wisdom, decision-making etc are all tied to your human hair. The Holy Bible cannot be exact in this spiritual fact: "'During the entire period of their Nazirite vow, no razor may be used on their head. They must be holy until the period of their dedication to the LORD is over; they must let their hair grow long" (Numbers 6:5). In Judges 13:5, we read of this about Samson: "You will become pregnant and have a son whose head is never to be touched by a razor because the boy is to be a Nazirite, dedicated to God from the womb. He will take the lead in delivering Israel from the hands of the Philistines." Read 1 Samuel 1:11, I Corinthians 11:5-6 etc. A sister went to her hairdresser and in tradition with their normal café klatsches struck up conversations about boyfriends and the rest. The sister told the hairdresser everything about her fiancé who later showed up to pick her after her hair was done. The hairdresser was after the cute fiancé and went to a voodoo lady nearby who told her to bring the hair of the sister. That was how the relationship between the sister and the man was ruptured and the rest is history. Watch where you take your hair to be dressed and be careful whom you confide your intimate affairs and relationship mattes to because what you aren't aware of or ignorant about can and do harm people. Do you ever wonder why juju men and women usually ask for the hairs of people, including yours? Have you visited any of such people in the past, even before you became a born-again Christian? Satan thrives on people's ignorance as Hosea 4:6 aptly told us. As we pointed out last week in this column, in the spiritual law of recognition, what is stopping you from settling down may be right in front of you without you knowing out of ignorance.

The Human Nails:-Your nails are opening into your spiritual world, for with your nails, you can identified. That is why it is part of the human DNA. Have you visited a herbalist, juju man or woman , a psychic or any of the amanuensis of Satan and his demons in the past where you were instructed to bring cut parts of your nails , either finger nails or toenails? This may be before you gave your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and you are having issues today in some areas of your life? You need serious spiritual check-up.

Clothe and Clothing:- Satan and his demons, acting through their human agents can locate their victims through attached objects. In the supernatural world, what we have worn and our sweat is involved are traceable amulets that can be used to delay people's blessings. Many people of the world are so spiritually obtuse they are not aware of this. I counsel believers not to give out their used clothes to just anyone, because your spiritual blessings can be compromised via your sweat. If you have used clothes you want to give out, wash them or dry-clean such clothing and pray over them before giving them out. Again, do you ever wonder why herbalist, Tonga men and the obeahs working in concert with Satan and his demons usually ask for people's clothes when you visit them? They know that the sweat of humans reveal a lot about them and basically, your sweat is part of your blood and blood is life (Gen. 9:4-6, Leviticus 17:10-14, ). In spiritual matters, your cloth is also referred to as your mantle (2 Kings 2:13) and thus represent your strength which is your financial blessing. Some people's blessings have been tied through their mantles, which is why they work like elephants but eat like rats. Even if you are a born-again Christian, the aim of your enemies is not to stop you from entering heaven, but to make your life a living hell, including inability to settle down to blissful marital life and to frustrate you so you can be enduring instead of enjoying Christianity. Seek spiritual help fast.

Food: - The human mouth is the offensive weapon available to us a human beings to demolish satanic strongholds and fight spiritual battles (Ephesians 6:17). Your mouth is a sword and when Satan and his factotums want to demobilize your spiritual sword-mouth-they contaminate it. That was the first thing Satan did to our First Parents; Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by tricking them to eat the forbidden fruit the True Lord God Almighty warned them against. Do you eat in your dreams and think nothing of it? That's not good. There is a fascinating scripture that illustrates the spiritual meaning of what we're exposing here through the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is found in Matthew 27: 32-34: " As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross. They came to a place called Golgotha (which means "the place of the skull"). There they offered Jesus wine to drink, mixed with gall; but after tasting it, he refused to drink it…" Apostle John recounted similar event, but said our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ "received the drink" (John 19:28) which meant, He tasted it and rejected it without drinking it. If He had drunk that drink, He would not have been able to save the human race. The Holy Spirit has so much to reveal here but for space constraints. If you periodically see yourself eat in your dream and when you wake up, your body is heavy as if you have been beaten silly unable to wake up in the morning, this is not natural. The enemies are at work.

Money:- A sister convinced herself she could placate a witch in her family and loved giving her money. I warned her that it is dangerous to negotiate with the "bad guys." Evil cannot be placated; there is no middle ground between Light and darkness. What keeps and will continue to keep our Lord God Almighty assuredly on His Eternal Throne is His disdain to call for spiritual détente in the current spiritual warfare between God and Satan, Light and Darkness, and Good versus Evil. Never and ever will the Almighty God of the heavens and universe and the Sovereign Lord God of all negotiate with Satan! The verdict of the Great Alone on Satan and his rebellious demons is clear and unambiguous: death! We are the children of the Great King and we do not negotiate with the children of Satan. Like I pointed out in this column few year back when my paternal aunt, Mama Aina Rachel Fayemiwo a.k.a Mama Adeoye of Owo, Ondo state; a certified witch whom I exposed took me on; I placed a curse on her and the Greater One in me; the Holy Spirit took her out. She was hurriedly dispatched to where she eternally belongs; eternal hell and I telegraphed her journey of no return here in this column. What are we saying here, brethren? You cannot give money to witches and the bad guys to leave you alone. They don't and wont until power confronts power then they will know you are truly the child of the Great King, Hallelujah!

Have you given money to juju people, witches and wizards in the past or someone who professed to love you asked you to send them money from here in the United States back home and you did? Seek help! I don't give money directly to anyone anytime we are in Africa, besides paying for groceries or certain needs which is even rare. Here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, we hardly accept cash from precious souls. In those very rare occasions we give cash out while abroad, it would not be directly from our hands'/pockets. As I normally tell brethren, when it comes to spiritual matters, ignorance is not bliss. Those things we consider as simple and inconsequential are indeed important in making it in your spiritual journey and carrying out the purpose of the Lord God Almighty for your life. I told some couples visiting us here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center last week that, there are certain people that they should and can never see again in their lives so they can reach their God-given goals in life. Read this:

"Until the day Samuel died, he did not go to see Saul again, though Samuel mourned for him. And the LORD regretted that he had made Saul king over Israel" (I Samuel 15:35). It was the year 2007 in Albany, NY that the Lord God Almighty told me as if it was yesterday: "Son, there are some people in your life you will never see again in order for Me to take you and use you for My Purpose." Of course, some of these people will be alive, but they'll only be hearing about you, because the separation and parting of ways the Holy Bible spoke about begins right from this world. There are certain people, relationships that you must cut off and forget so you can fulfill your life's destiny. You must identify those people and let go accordingly.

Accursed Things:-I was visiting a friend in the Republic of Benin, West Africa and inside his hotel room was a beautiful wall decorator which looked innocuous. As we sat down to discuss, the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes and at the back of the wall decorator were two dogs having sex and this scripture flashed through my mind: "" Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood" (Rev. 22:15). No one stays in that room or hotel and have sex will ever be faithful to his or her spouse. I told him to check out and pray first before checking into any new hotel in the city. What are accursed things? We wrote much about accursed things in our book; "The Kingdom of Satan Exposed." In the Holy Bible, "accursed things" simply mean "those things under ban and devoted to destruction." You see, the demonological activities of the Canaanites extended to all areas of their lives, including their foods, agricultural products, housing and dwelling etc. They even slaughtered their new born babies to that distasteful and wicked demon called Molech as fertility and house foundation rites. Even their watering troughs were demonically dedicated, including their arts and paintings. My wife and I hardly accept mementoes and souvenirs from natives either at home or abroad and especially those we do not know their origins when we travel abroad. Some people think we're snobbish, but we are simply obeying the Lord's commandment in Numbers 16:26; "And he spoke to the congregation, saying, "Depart now from the tents of these wicked men! Touch nothing of theirs, lest you be consumed in all their sins." This scripture cannot be more apt: "Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction" (Deuteronomy 7:26). Accursed souvenirs are plenty around the world: from Africa, here in the Ole United States, especially Alaska, Hawaii etc, to Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.


The level of human traffic here at The Jesus Christ Solution Center, Cameron of recent have been a little demanding. We're not complaining because this was what we signed in for when the Holy Spirit called us. We thank the beautiful couples that came all the way from Dublin, Republic of Ireland and their son to witness what the True Lord God Almighty is doing here. As we have reiterated several times, the True Lord God Almighty hasn't called us to run a church, but teach His Words and be used by Him to impact His wisdom to those He would direct to us. He has kept faith with His Words since and we thank Him for His trust. Just as the couples left, a young brother whom we have been communicating since years came visiting rather serendipitously. He was on his way to Houston from Killeen and had to pass through Cameron. He remembered us and paid an impromptu visit which enriched us as well. May you all be blessed. May all the prayers and prophecies we uttered to the Most High on your behalf be accepted and answered in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


I think we should doff our hats to Sen. Olorunimbe Mamora for his principled stand on that useless offer extended to him by President Muhammadu Buhari as Chairman of the Abuja Investment and Infrastructure Centre, FCT after serving as the deputy campaign manager of Buhari-Osinbajo Presidential Campaign Organization 2015. Dr Junaid Muhammad has said it all that President Buhari and his cabal are mere users of people to get power and once elections are over, the inner caucus members sit and share the spoils among themselves. The First Lady, Aisha Buhari was compelled to shout the other day that those who didn't lift a finger and contribute zany to Buhari election in 2015 are those now holding the knife to divide the cake and have become overnight millionaires. These are those who sat on their butts only to be told to occupy public offices without qualifications while Nigerians are being hoodwinked with hollow war on corruption. I am sure someone somewhere drew the attention of the cabal to the way and manner those who worked their asses out for Buhari in 2015 are being sidelined and now that another round of elections are coming, suddenly the blinkers in their eyes are off. How can you treat your deputy campaign manager like that? Yes, 2019 is around the corner and remember 2015!


Dear Sir, I read your column on laws of settling with a God given husband I was inspired, and I long to chat with you. I am still single and longs to settle down with my own life partner. Thanks. ---Ms. N.O. via email, Nigeria

I have replied your email.


Good day Sir, I just finished reading your spiritual and educating article for this week. I want to know about this spiritual personality analytic matrixes and if I can participate in it. I am almost 26 but not yet ready to marry, I would like to know where my future wife or fulfillment will be so that I won't be beating around the bush… Thank you.---Mr. A.M. via email.



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