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nside the dingy and unkempt underground cell at the Directorate of Military Intelligence appeared a monstrous wraith I had ever seen. Huge, tall and menacing. He wasn't alone; walking behind were four equally loutishly weird and menacing characters. It was in the afternoon. I was forlornly helpless. What were these O! Lord? The Holy Spirit told me the tall and grotesque creature leading the pack was Death and the tagalongs were: Coma, Unconscious, Disease and Pain. That was twenty years ago in Apapa, south west, Lagos. Death is not an occasion, event or occurrence; it is a being, a smelling creature inhabiting Hades. The Holy Bible made this plain: "I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him" (Revelation 6:8). Death is not a demon; death is a principality. There are differences between principalities and demonic entities as we have explained through the Holy Spirit in this column in past articles. You can read more on these and other spiritual exegeses in our best seller: "The Kingdom of Satan Exposed." Satan and his fallen angels are not omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient as our Lord God Almighty, hallelujah! Consequently, to obviate this shortfall among many of their inadequacies, principalities work as territorial entities and use demons as field workers. The kingdom of Satan is also organized, in the sense that, their overall objective is withstand the Lord God Almighty, their Creator and human beings who obey and worship the True Lord God Almighty. Just as Satan has been defeated on the Cross of Calvary by our Lord Jesus Christ and his ultimate banishment to the bottomless pit at the close of the age, death also is one of Satan's lieutenants that will finally be destroyed. Make no mistake about it; Satan and his fiendish renegades are not fighting God Almighty on earth, but you and I; human beings created in the likeness and image of the True Lord God Almighty. Since their ignominious defeat in heaven by Michael and the angels of God (Revelation 12:1-12) and eventual banishment from His Presence, Satan and his rebels will never partake of things in heaven. They shifted their attention to this planetary abode and by extension, you and I-the human race-whom God Almighty gave this earth so. The main objectives of Satan and his sidekicks: principalities, demons, power, spiritual forces and their human agents. The principality of Death is one of such high-ranking spiritual entity in the realm of darkness.

The stinking character known as Death the Holy Spirit showed me had a heavy club. The works of its associate tagalongs of Coma, Unconscious, Disease and Pain are exactly true to their names. Every disease and bodily malfunction derives its name from the effects and symptoms of that ailments: headache, fever, ulcer, arthritis, cancer, cold, flu, dumbness, fear, deafness- forgiveness etc. are spirits and what they bear are their names. "God has given them [Israel] a spirit of stupor,…"(Hebrew 11:9). Stupor, a spirit? Yes. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; …"(I Timothy 1:7). Is fear a spirit, you ask? That is what the Word says and it is true. Even, deaf and dumb are not ailments, but are spirit beings. Read this: "When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene, he rebuked the impure spirit. "You deaf and mute spirit," he said, "I command you, come out of him and never enter him again" (Mark 9:5). The Holy Word of God listed the manifestations of negative spirits as follows: "Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like…" (Galatians 5:19-21). I was about to pray for a sister, who called for spiritual counseling over the phone one of these days, and suddenly I perceived the foreboding thick cloud over her on the other end of the line. I asked the Holy Spirit what was that? "Her problem is not prayer," the Holy Spirit told me. "That is the spirit of forgiveness inside her. Until that unforgiving-unforgiven- spirit is cast out, your prayer will not reach the roof."

I visited my first cousin in Owo, my home town in Ondo State, my home state thirty-three years ago, and my aunt was convalescing, motionless and near death. Mama could see people but was unable to speak. "For how long has Mama been like this?" I asked my first cousin, her first son, who had taken her mother into his house to look after her in her dying days. "Well, she has been like that for the past two years. She could only eat, but she's more less in coma state," he explained. I asked why he didn't take her to the hospital. "You kow my first wife works at St. Louis Hospital, we took Mama there and they said there was nothing wrong with her and we should take her home." I greeted Mama, but she only made hand gestures. My uncle further explained that, prior to her vegetative state, Mama would suddenly begin to scream mostly at night, as if she saw some visible creatures to her, but invisible to people in the same room with her and shouted: "Wontun ti de o," meaning; "They've come again; they've come again." Since the son, the daughter-in-law and some of her grandchildren around couldn't see any person Mama was screaming at; they thought Mama was hallucinating. "Who were the people Mama was screaming at?" I asked. "I don't know," my cousin replied. Since I too didn't know either in those days, I made some courtesies, changed the topic and bade them goodbye after hanging around for some hours. I returned to Lagos and heard few months later that Mama had gone to the Other Side. I knew Mama's lifestyle when she was alive. She was very generous. She wouldn't miss her five daily prayers as they do on the other side, but Mama heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. She wasn't a believer as far as I knew. Death is an inevitable end for all mortals and so I didn't attach much to what I was told by her first son, my first cousin.

Now fast forward to my experiential encounter with Death at the DMI years later. The Holy Spirit explained to me what was happening to me and my earlier experience at my first cousin's house way back in Owo, my home town. Mama was "going home" but which home was she going? We will all go home, every mortal that has ever, will ever live and are living on the planet earth has a destiny with Death. The authentic and real words of God made this abundantly clear: "Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,…" (Hebrews 9:27). Don't let those spiritual charlatans and liars deceive you there is another opportunity after here; it's a lie from the pit of hell; there is no re-do, no second chance; zilch, nadar, nothing. You and I will pass through this dimension once and thereafter, we have a date with our Creator, period! It isn't whether we will go or not that is the issue, rather when we will depart. But more importantly, the question that should pre-occupy your mind right now and mine too is: Where am, I going? I answered that most important question of life and the hereafter years ago, and I made sure I got an assurance more than ever before I arrived at the DMI before that epochal encounter.

Death doesn't just come to us. It announces its approach and telegraphs its visit few years and months; at least nine months before he suddenly appears. For those who read this column regularly, remember what we prophesied through the Holy Spirit three months ago in this column about deaths? I am not happy that people die and we take no pleasure in announcing and telegraphing imminent departures of souls, but this is a reality. Someone cheekily observed, but we know an 89-year old would die? Why at 89? Why not at 80 or 96 years? Some spiritually obtuse characters even asserted that it is a given that an 80-year old will die, but I ask; why should it be the very year revealed to us that death occurs? Should the man in Edo State die this year as we were shown by the Holy Spirit? Do we take pleasure in announcing the imminent transition of a governorship aspirant the other day? No. How about the traditional rulers, businessmen, academicians, politicians and other souls we have predicted their transitions? We do not derive any benefit from announcing and trumpeting their deaths, but when told by the Holy Spirit, we have no option but comply with the directive of the Holy Spirit. Again, I will refer readers to our book: "The Kingdom of Satan Exposed," which contains more information and revelation from the Holy Spirit about the spiritual world vis-à-vis death and its sting.


May the Grace of God be upon you Sir, I want to use this medium to inform you that, another one of your prophecies for the year 2017 has been fulfilled. You predicted the following in your annual predictions of January 06, 2017: " Ekiti State: This state and Nigeria as a nation will bid farewell to a retired general who once governed the defunct Western Region this year…" Everyone knows whom you were referring to in that prophecy. The Ex-Governor of defunct Western Region, Maj-Gen. Robert Adeyinka Adebayo is dead. He passed on to glory on March 08, 2017, about 90 days after you released your predictions and prophecies. The Elder Stateman is from Iyin Ekiti, Ekiti State. The Lord God Almighty will continue to bless you and your family and the ministry He has committed into your hands. . Peace of God be upon you Sir---Mr. Daramola Abiodun Richard. Ekiti State, Nigeria

Dear Mr. Daramola, thanks for your letter. Yes, we are not doing this by ourselves and for publicity. Candidly, we're doing this because He genuinely called us for His Glory. Here is the link to the epochal prophetic utterance given us by the Lord God Almighty

(Ekiti State:: This state and Nigeria as a nation will bid farewell to a retired general who once governed the defunct Western Region this year…). But you know that another prophetic revelation concerning another personality in neighboring Edo State has just been fulfilled too as we were about to put this weekly article column to bed. Here is the other part of the prophetic fulfillment back-to-back in the first three months of this year:

"Edo State: " A former governor here will soon pass away and Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion needs prayer to make it till 2019." The prediction appeared in the same article and link. There is news that Dr Samuel Osigbovo Ogbemudia has just passed on. Many more of the prophecies will be fulfilled, unless those mentioned or alluded to take urgent spiritual help in forms of prayerful intersessions.


A resident of Uyo the capital of Akwa Ibom State similarly drew our attention to yet another fulfillment of one of our prophecies for the years 2017. Here was the prophetic utterance as it appeared in this column: "The contumacious forces in the Niger Delta Region will continue to pose a heavy and debilitating migraine on the State Government and the Nigerian Federation this year till 2019. They will make attempts to kidnap some personalities in the state to drive home their agitations…" A reader sent this link to us as fulfillment of this prophecy: "" Battle for forest oil deposit; 23 bodies recovered, 18 villagers still missing-Akwa Ibom monarch." Per the Vanguard newspapers of Saturday March 11,2017 with this link:

Needless we say more than what we have revealed in that prophetic utterance at the beginning of this year.

A-7-Day Ultimatum to Attorney Festus Keyamo and Stephanie Otobo

Mr. Festus Keyamo, cut this out now and fast. Make a prompt detour immediately. I am not threatening you, my friend. You know me very, very well and I am not used to frivolities. This matter with this prostitute; Stephanie Otobo may bring you and your illustrious legal career tumbling down and I am not threatening. I have read all the tattlers currently swirling over a prostitute ad Apostle Suleiman. We do not tolerate these scurrilous and unwarranted attacks on one of our own. I will make final pronouncements on this salacious story next week and end this story.