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e strutted up and down the stage as he bashed a deity he said did not exist to the thunderous applause of his cheering crowd in a reputable Western university. The agnostics in the audience thought he went too far as they battled with their skepticism of a god who allows evil to thrive and seems unconcerned of a discombobulating world. While the few Deists in the audience thought it was certainly over the top to deny and discountenance the existence of the Lord God Almighty, nevertheless they kept mute as they too were yet to come to terms with their spiritual identity-crisis. This is an academy where God-bashing has been the staple of this particular professor and he garnered his notoriety not only as a professed atheist but a recruiter of young minds to his demon-energized philosophy with monomaniacal zealotry. Then out of the blue, an old woman from the refectory of the college raised her hand to ask a question to the bemusement of the audience. She didn't have a college degree and certainly wouldn't be able to match the gift of garb of the ebullient professor-speaker, she said; but she wanted to ask a question from professor-atheist-speaker. "You said Jesus Christ never existed; He was a fable and a figment of the imagination of His followers and disciples and God doesn't exist," the old lady started. "I will be 80 next year and I've been in this university now for nearly three decades and I am a believer in Jesus Christ," the woman continued. "Now during more than seventy years I have given my life to this Jesus Christ you said doesn't exist, I have seen what He has done in my life and in the lives of others. Through the teachings of this Lord Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible, I have raised my children, grandchildren and great -grandchildren; survived two cancers; cope after the loss of my husband of sixty years and the peace and joy that I enjoy in my life are indescribable. I'm not saying everything has been rosy, but I know and believe what Jesus Christ said and promised about my future with Him in paradise. If I die and discover that Jesus Christ is not what He said He is and nothing happens after death as you've said Mr. Professor, I don't think I have anything to lose, because the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ didn't prescribe any punishment for me and countless of His followers who put their faith and lives in His hands. But Mr. Professor, suppose when you die, you eventually find out Jesus Christ is real; God does exist and everything Jesus Christ said about Himself is true and the punishment He disclosed in the Holy Bible to those who rejected Him while alive will indeed be carried out, what will you do?"

There was pin drop silence in the expansive auditorium. The students began to mutter and chatter among themselves. The eyes of Mr. atheist- professor roiled and his atheist jaws dropped and he stopped in his track unable to match the reasoning ability of this old lady. It is an age-old wisdom. It is common sense. It is practical reasoning matched with evidence. What is wisdom? Where can it be found? What do they teach our kids, children and wards in our colleges and universities? Some of my fellow professors are completely screwed up. They profess nothing that matters about life except gibberish and confusion in a moral relative world enmeshed in ethical confusion. In our post-modern world where moral relativism and moral absolutism are butting heads daily, our colleges and universities are churning out products that have been taught how to make a living rather than how to live. Today looking for the Truth in the academy is like searching for Saddam Hussein in a spider hole. We are told there is nothing like absolute truth; everything we see and know is relative. Just do it as long as you feel good. Our world is going berserk and running amok and people are becoming morally-debased as if the knowledge of the Living God should be steeped in mere obscurantism. Rational minds that discount the teleological argument of an all-knowing, all-wise and all-truth Lord God Almighty should as well deny life itself. For a house, we know there is a builder; for a motorcar, there is a designer; for any technological gizmo, there is an inventor; for any human being, there is a father, mother or a sperm donor; and for any beget there is a begotten. This evolutionary nonsense that is now the staple of the academy began less than two centuries ago after Satan and his demons entered that English psychopathic fool; Charles Darwin, who gave himself warts and all to the Devil and his angels to do their biddings. Read what that classical exegetist; Paul of Tarsus put it in the Word of Life in Romans 1: 18-20: "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."

Anyone with scintilla of spiritual insight will tell you this current world is heading for the precipice. Social values and moral ethics are being eroded; activities and acts that were once frowned upon years ago are now de rigueur. Here in America, it was unheard of about twenty or thirty years ago for any sane mind to thump chest he/she was a homosexual. A lady was fired at The New York Times few years ago when she informed her employers of her detestable, abominable and disgusting lifestyle. Today, the same lady is now a popular TV show hostess and recently headlined an annual award ceremony that drew more than 2 million twitter audience. Kids and adolescents now come out openly and announce with air of braggadocio they are homosexuals and people clap as if they have won a trophy. Our world is sick. The human race is heading toward a catastrophe. I never knew I would be in a world one day where the president of the United States would be threatening African leaders to recognize homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage. Now a man has come out to announce he had married his goat! Soon, twisted, demented and completely screwed up people will be marrying their pets: dogs, cats, and what have you. Can you believe that? Each time people with decency and moral fiber stand up and condemn this abominable lifestyle, we are derided as homophobic and intolerant. Can you believe that? Even some Christian leaders who should know cleverly gloss over this issue and explain it away in the mass and social media. Yet, the evergreen Words of God live forever and He warned in Exodus 23: 2:"Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong."

But should we be surprised at how our world is morally tumbling over? The Holy Bible gave us a heads-up years ago of many of these abominable things as signs of the conclusion of this decadent generation. Chew this truth that mirrors our current world in 2 Timothy 3: 1-5: "But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people." Isn't this the true state of our current generation? Hasn't the Holy Bible told us the truth beforehand? What is Truth? The Truth is the Word of God, period! (John 17: 17). When you look at the cosmos, nature and all things that the Almighty God created, you will see truth in all His creation. The unmistakable thumbprint of an All-Wise and All-Knowing God cannot be denied in creation and in us, His masterpiece. When you wake up early in the morning, you're a fool if you say all things on earth happened by accident. This world must, shall and will be judged by the Creator. If you are suck in by the lies of Satan, his demons and principalities and their human agents/followers that the Sovereign Lord God Almighty will look the other way and won't punish the wicked and reward those who have given their lives to Him as Savior and Lord through His Son, Jesus Christ, you are a fool. As the Teacher said: "Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind" (Ecclesiastes 12: 13). Believe it.



It is good to serve the Living God, The Jehovah Lord God Almighty, the El-Shaddai the King of kings and Lord of lords. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only One who knows the beginning to the end and those of us who know Him are unperturbed about events around the world. On January 2, 2014, the Lord God Almighty through His Spirit revealed to me what is currently happening right now in Ukraine and it formed part of the prophecies and predictions our Lord Jesus Christ showed me which I released to the world. Here is that part of the prophecy as it concerns Russia and the unfolding events in Ukraine:-

"RUSSIA: President Vladimir Putin will flex muscles with President Obama and lead a faction of the G8 toward setting up a global monetary system in collaboration with China as a counterpoise to the United States Dollar. This will create tense diplomatic relationship between Moscow and Washington. There will be resurgence by rebels in war-torn Chechnya in Russia this year leading to spate of suicide bombings in the erstwhile laager. President Putin should watch his back as many Russian politicians he has been using and he considers allies will turn against him this year. A group of Russian �migr�s that are opposed to President Putin will coalesce in Europe and form a formidable threat and opposition to the former KGB spook. Attempts by Moscow under Putin to assert control over domestic and foreign policies of its erstwhile satellite nations will be restricted by the masses of those nations. There will be tensions between President Putin and former ally Dmitry Medvedev. President Putin should pray against bereavement in his immediate family and serious matrimonial problems that will seriously interfere with his political life. Human rights groups, political activists and critical journalists will find it difficult under the Putin regime in 2014. The Gay community in Russia will have their way in 2014 as the Putin Administration will come under increasing pressures from Western nations to recognize same-sex marriage." (

I thank God that He is no respecter of anyone. I may not pastor a church; appear on television, a general overseer of a mega-church and go about with bevy of bodyguards and goons but again, thank God Almighty that He uses anyone He wants to. What is happening in Ukraine had been revealed to me by my Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ last year and more is in the offing. Take it from me, Putin planned this crisis all along and I will tell you here right now for the first time that Vladimir Putin orchestrated the crisis in Ukraine for three reasons. First, he wants to change the global economic system by aligning with China by the time this crisis plays out. He knows that the United States would cobble the international community against his invasion of Ukraine and eventually, Russia would be expelled out of the G-8. As soon as Russia is expelled, Putin would make his move along with China to de-dollarize the world's monetary system whereby a new world currency would be announced by Putin and China as a counterpoise to the United States Dollar.

The second plan by Putin is compel all erstwhile nations of the Old Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) to adopt the new currency as a regional monetary currency the Russian Republic and China are planning to introduce into the global monetary system. Finally, Putin wants to break the United States militarily, economically and diplomatically. What would be the responses of the United States and the Western world? I will begin to unfurl such plans one by one as the Holy Spirit instructs me. Please stay tuned and as I indicated at the beginning of this year when I released the two-part serials of 2014 Prophecies and Predictions; go and archive this article and watch every event occur and fulfilled to the last minute.

(; ).

The current saber-rattling by Mr. Vladimir Putin aside, he should watch his back, because there is groundswell of underground plot within Russia to get him. He should be careful, because he risks being assassinated in Moscow; murdered in the Kremlin or killed by his own security guards. The political apparatchiks and the neo-politburo egging him and his sidekick, Medvedev on are deceiving them to destroy them. The current crisis in Crimea will lead to a smorgasbord of unintended consequences inside the Kremlin and when it finally plays out, the Russian Federation will never remain the same again. Stay tuned for the spiritual aspect of this event as it unfolds.


Dear Sir, I believe we had communicated in the past. I am interested in buying your book on 'The kingdom of Satan Exposed." Could you please tell me the price and how to go about it including posting. I currently reside in Abuja. I am eagerly awaiting a reply. Thanks and God bless---Chinwe Oduma, Abuja, FCT, NIGERIA.

Thanks Chinwe, you can purchase a copy of our EBook in Nigeria from our sales agents. Please visit our website at and get in touch with any of our sales agents. Once payment is received, you will receive your purchased copy within 24 hours.


Dear Dr. Fayemiwo, I just read the words of advice on homosexuality. The article was so straight to the point and very constructive. I also think that homosexuality is something to be delivered from by prayers just like drugs or alcoholism. I pray that you may continue to grow in the Holy Spirit of the Lord God Almighty. Please pray the same prayer for me. I need the Holy Spirit more than food in my life. Thanks. Your brother-in-Christ. --- Brother Anthony Omisore, Queens, New York, USA.

My dear brother-in-Christ, we need to condemn evil by no other name, because evil is evil. Just as the Lord God Almighty warned us in His Word that we should not join the multitude to commit evil and when we see evil and sin, we should condemn it, so we should not relent in condemning homosexual lifestyle. Simply because some Western nations have recognized same-sex marriage doesn't detach its sinful and devilish intents. We shouldn't be afraid to stand for the revealed Truth of the Holy Bible.


Dear Dr Fayemiwo, Re- How Do I Know My Life Partner Part One. I missed the first part of this interesting piece. I will appreciate if you can email it to me. Thanks and God bless---Mr. Emmanuel Olaniyi, Lagos, NIGERIA

Dear Mr. Olaniyi, you can't understand the intents of the marriage series without reading the three articles about the issue so here are links to the three articles

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Remain blessed and pray you will be positively impacted by the spiritual nuggets contained in those articles. Thanks.


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