Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Cameron, Texas, USA

have been around for quite some time in my native Nigeria. I have seen a lot of pulls that have dogged the Nigerian nation without restraints with certain tragedy but to everyone's surprise, somehow the nation has managed to endure. I came in few months after the birth of the Nigerian nation by its founding fathers following the resolve of the Conservative Party of Great Britain under Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, the "Supermac" to grant political independence to many of its erstwhile colonies. Nigeria and a rash of African nations, especially the West African bloc that were granted independence in 1960 were not weaned from the political umbilical cord of Britain, because of the agitations of the people and so-called nationalists, rather, Great Britain decided to let go, because the colonizers were done exploiting their colonies and wanted to get rid of them, period! Colonial enterprise was no more lucrative to the imperialists and instead was replaced by neo-colonialism which would make African leaders do the biddings of the departed colonizers or as Frantz Fanon brilliantly put it in Black Skin White Masks would be more exploitative in the next phase of colonial enterprise. Prime Minister Macmillan's speech to the white minority apartheid government in Cape Town South Africa on February 03. 1960 sinisterly titled: "Wind of Change" opened the floodgates to dozen British colonies to be granted political independence that decade. Yet, the so-called blizzard of change stopped at the laager in South Africa, because colonialism and racial segregation were lucrative ventures to the Caucasian despite the benign avuncular pretensions. You would have thought Macmillan's sermon would have started with the then Racist Boer audience he addressed that day.

Following Nigeria's so-called political independence, the departed colonialists knew the booby traps they set for the so-called newly-independent nation which is a long one that space would not permit us here. Many analysts have wondered, would the British have let go directly in running the affairs of Nigeria, if they had discovered large oil deposits in the country? Nigeria became awash with petro-dollars shortly after the departure of the British and bereft of adroit leadership, our founding fathers ran the nation aground. The first existential threat to nationhood and the Nigerian Project was a bloody civil war that senselessly claimed estimated 2 million lives on both sides of the conflicts. From October 1, 1960, Nigeria has been lurching from one crisis to the other; some debilitating and ratcheting up the centripetal and centrifugal forces buffeting the nation. It is amazing how the Nigerian Project has managed to survive against the backdrop of numerous internecine crises that have led to the disintegration of other nations with similar crises. I have been actively involved and central to the last national crisis that threatened to split Nigeria; I am referring to the June 12 Political Crisis which led us to an inevitable precipice and somehow, the nation was pulled off the edge. As a publisher and editor of that samizdat known as Razor, I invested all I had on the agitation for the validation of that historic election convincingly and decisively won by late Chief MKO Abiola but was satanically voided by the First Madman of Nigeria; Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and consolidated by the Second Madman of Nigeria; the late Gen. Sani Abacha. Nigeria's tortuous political history followed unusually distasteful and ugly pattern as that of her neighbors following the first military coup d'état in the West African sub-region, indeed in the entire African Continent in Togo on January 13, 1963 when President Sylvanus Olympio of the newly-independent Republic of Togo was assassinated by a military sergeant known as Etienne Gnassingbe Eyadema, an illiterate who was used by the French to murder a great African nationalist and leader. At his inauguration in April 1960, President Olympio, a great orator had said; "The night may be long but the day comes. And that big day, so much desired, now has arrived" while celebrating the independence of Togo from the French that had overseen the German territory prior to independence and proceeded to chart a different course for post-colonial Togo. The French truncated the hopes of the Togolese and planted an illiterate as president; Eyadema, a military buffoon went to diminish the West African nation for the next 38 years. And three years later, the British sponsored its own military coup in neighboring Ghana when a bunch of military thugs seized power and overthrew President Kwame Nkrumah on February 24, 1966 when Nkrumah was on a state visit to Indochina to intervene in the Vietnamese War. Mr. Jacques Focart, ex-adviser on African Policy to the French Government had said of slain Olympio: "President Olympio was never our friend."

The grouse of the French Government against President Olympio was his independent mind as a leader. The French never colonized Togo; it was a German colony but after Germany was defeated in WWII, the French ran Togo as a protectorate until 1960 when Togo attained independence. Asserting himself as a leader of a sovereign nation, President Olympio decided to demobilize all Togolese soldiers that fought with the French Army in Algeria and Southeast Asia; about 30 of them against pleas by the French to reverse his order. Sgt. Etienne Gnassingbe Eyadema was one of the 30 demobilized soldiers. He was incensed and soon became a tool by the French to stage the first military coup d'état in Africa via an assassination. The democratic setback in Ghana was orchestrated by the American-CIA in conjunction with their British counterparts using lower-ranking military thugs and policemen. Some of these evil practices against the African Continent have been declassified by the State Department; from Congo, Ghana, Togo to Nigeria and many more.

At a certain point in the history of Africa's most populous nation, the former British colony was administered by series of military thugs and venal dictators. I was a publisher and editor of a samizdat which gave migraine to the rascals misgoverning the nation under Nigeria's most reviled autocrat: the late Gen. Sani Abacha between 1993 and 1998. For having the exceptional courage to confront the dictator, I was arrested and put out of circulation for two years. It was such a traumatic experience, and if not for the Lord God Almighty, I would not have survived the harrowing ordeal reminiscent of the Old Soviet Gulag. My case drew international attention, from Amnesty International, my colleagues in the world media, and the late Pope John Paul II who had to embark on a state visit to Nigeria in summer 1998 to plead with the bestial military autocrat; Gen Sani Abacha to release me and other political detainees incarcerated by the military schizoid. For example, the United States Department of State, Washington DC reported about my incarceration and ordeal in 1997 thus: "Government detention practices cause many persons to be "missing" for extended periods. The only known case of a politically motivated disappearance was that of former Razor newspaper editor Moshood Fayemiwo, who spent 7 months in detention before escaping to neighboring Benin Republic in September 1996. On February 14, Fayemiwo disappeared from the United Nations refugee camp where he had been living with his family. Mrs. Fayemiwo reported that her husband had been kidnapped by "unknown security agents," but reliable sources claim he is being held incommunicado by Nigerian security services. The military junta was asked repeatedly about the case by the media, but did not acknowledge any involvement" (See Pages 5 & 6 U.S. Department of State Nigeria Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 1997, Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, January 30, 1998. (See the web link here as reported by the State Department- (

Similarly, according to the New York-based Human Rights Watch 1997 while reporting about my ordeal: "Moshood Fayemiwo, publisher of Razor magazine, was allegedly abducted by Nigerian agents in Cotonou, Benin Republic in February 1997, and has since been held incommunicado in Apapa military camp in Lagos, Nigeria " (See link: All campaigns around the world to the Nigerian military schizoid for my release failed. But Providence intervened in the fall of 1998 when the dictator suffered a heart attack and died, thus paving the way for my release and thereafter, I relocated to the United States. This contemporary historical rehash is germane in our spiritual analysis of whether the True Lord God Almighty wants Nigeria to divide as a sovereign nation so that all of us will go our separate ways or it is the Will of the Almighty God to keep Nigeria as one united and indissoluble nation for some desirable reasons and objectives revealed to His Servants and Prophets as His Words say: "Surely, the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants, the prophets" (Amos 3:7).With what I have gone through personally in Nigeria, I should be the first person to preach about and inspire vigorously the disintegration of Nigeria. But this is not about me and the True Lord God Almighty has the final say, Hallelujah!


After King Solomon succeeded his father David and ruled for 40 years as his father, the True Lord God Almighty decided to divide the nation. The king that took over from Solomon, his son; Rehoboam was ill-advised and although his actions seemed childish and stupid, the Word of God informed us that it was the Hand of the Lord orchestrating the events that took place which eventually led to the division of the nation of Israel into two independent nations/kingdoms. King Rehoboam mobilized his men in Judah to war in order to keep the nation intact; but the Prophet of God told the people: "But the word of God came to Shemaiah the man of God; "Say to Rehoboam son of Solomon king of Judah, to all Judah and Benjamin, and to the rest of the people, This is what the Lord says; Do not go up to fight against your brothers, the Israelites. Go home, every one of you, for this is My doing. So they obeyed the word of the Lord and went home again, as the Lord had ordered" (I Kings12: 22-24).

I have read some prophecies from some servants and prophets of God that Nigeria would divide very soon. I haven't been told and shown by the Almighty God that the Federal Republic of Nigeria will cease to exist. I remember in summer 1998 as my prophecy on the death of Gen. Sani Abacha was fulfilled-a prophecy that the True Lord God Almighty showed me a year before Abacha died which I used to preach throughout till June 08, 1998 when the news filtered in to DMI Apapa Lagos where I was detained-I could still remember how Chief Olabiyi Durojaiye, former presidential aspirant who was also detained with us in another wing shouted to me that Chief MKO Abiola would be sworn in as president following Abacha's demise. I shouted back at Chief Durojaiye that the Lord God Almighty had shown me that Chief MKO Abiola would also die, unless we prayed for divine intervention. The chief shouted. He is still alive to corroborate this account. Folks, Nigeria will not divide in my lifetime and that is between now 2020 and 2040. If you are of my age and my contemporary right now, perish the thought that Nigeria would decide. The True Lord God Almighty has not finished with Nigeria. Spiritually speaking, there are three reasons why Nigeria is not about to divide and will not split for the remaining 40 years of her 100 years of togetherness which is equal to a generation (1960-2060) as my prophecy declares.

Spiritual Revival and Spreading of the Gospel:- First, there is a strategic place that the Almighty God has put the Nigerian nation in spreading the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ not only in the Black World, but on this planet earth. Many may not understand unless their hearts are illuminated by the Word and the Holy Spirit. Nigeria is not just like any other nation spiritually. The Eyes of the Almighty God is on that nation and the vantage position spiritually occupied by Nigeria is so important that Satan and his demons, in concert with their human agents are exerting all devices and tricks to kybosh these Divine Plans. Hear what the Almighty God says about the nation of Israel and which applies to Nigeria: "Now if you obey Me fully and keep My covenant, then out of all nations you will be My treasured possession. Although the whole earth is Mine, you will be for Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation…" (Exodus 19:5-6). It is not by accident of birth that people like me and millions of "God's gate-keepers" scattered around the world were born in Nigeria. None of us chose Nigeria as our land of birth; consequently, there are lots of spiritual exploits that the Almighty God wants to use Nigerians in particular to accomplish not only within Nigeria, West Africa and Africa but in the world.

The established media may not be able to discern this spiritual reality, because it is not structured to report such news; but those with spiritual discernment know the battle the forces of darkness are mounting against the Good News in certain parts of the nation. Many souls are being delivered daily and those in darkness are coming out of Satan Land, because of spiritual awakening taking place in demon-infested enclave in the nation. This is why there are constant clashes between these two diametrically-opposed spiritual worlds. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is Mighty in battle, Man of Valor (Judges 6:12); we are serving the God of War (Joel 3:9; Ephesians 6:11)-not physical warfare but spiritual warfare-and consequently, He has never lost any battle in history. This is why He has decided to still put Nigeria in one column as the war between Light and Darkness rages on and the gale of darkness is being pushed back and millions of souls are coming into Light, albeit unreported and without blowing trumpet. The

Most Intense Spiritual Warfare in Africa:- Look at the physical map of the African Continent. Nigeria is the gun and trigger that will shoot all demonic forces warring against human souls. It is not by accident that Nigeria is physically placed on the continent's revolver center. Nations that have physical and natural endowments such as Nigeria are targets for Satanic forces and invite appropriate spiritual warfare and slugfest in similar proportions. The spiritual destiny of Nigeria as a nation is daily contested between Light and Darkness and those of us enlisted into this spiritual warfare know why. The Almighty God has chosen Nigeria as a battle ax in His Hand in Africa nay the world. There is no nation on earth that a Nigerian isn't present working for the King of kings and Lord of lords, Hallelujah! Truth is; Nigeria is a spiritual nation for producing mighty men and women of valor to take the Good News to all nations of the world. No wonder, Satan and his demons are working assiduously to torpedo Nigeria's spiritual destiny. The principality assigned by Satan to superintend dark and demonic activities over that nation has failed numerous times and working in cahoots with its human agents, this principality is engineering war and war all the time. But thanks to the vibrant Nigerian Church, this principality has failed and continues to fail, Hallelujah! The socio-economic and political seesaws being witnessed in Nigeria are manifestations of the spiritual contestations over the soul of the Nigerian nation. These spiritual battles will increase as the Anti-Christ knocks and three of its planks spring forth namely: One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economy (Revelation 13: 11-18). There will continue to be crises, strife, instability, social dislocations and many more in Nigeria in succeeding years, but Nigeria will still remain as one entity. Between 2020 and 2040, there may even be a civil war, but when all the bloodshed and killings are done, Nigeria will still remain intact, although the war and bloodshed can be averted if the Nigerian Church remains vigorous, vibrant and alert and do not abdicate its sacred spiritual duty as the Watchman over Nigeria.

God's Natural Deposits in Africa nay the World:- It is not by accident that Nigeria alongside two other nations: Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa are specially endowed by the True Lord God Almighty. Hear the True Lord God Almighty: "I will shake all the nations, and they will come with all their treasures, and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is Mine and the glory is Mine" declares the Lord of Hosts" (Haggai 2:7-8). It is not by geographical accident that these three African nations are prodigiously blessed above all other nations not only in Africa but on earth. Of these three African nations, Nigeria is the most naturally-blessed and Satan has laser-focused on this land to abort her destiny. A time is coming when the current crop of Nigerian leaders will be swept away and become history. A new crop of leadership is about to emerge that will use the natural endowments of the land to benefit humanity and serve the One Who owns it all; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as my prophecy declares; Hallelujah!



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Calvary Greetings to you and yours Sir. I have a question on the quote below: "The sibling that betrayed you once will do it again; steer clear from such family members, they are slippery characters". So, how can one steer clear from such fame members without unknowingly entering the 'malice/ unforgiveness' mode? Does steering clear mean: not calling the hater sibling refusing to take his/her call?, etc Thank you for your anticipated response Sir. From Sister C.O.MAbuja, Nigeria

Thanks Sister C.O.M, First, receiving a telephone call from co-siblings and friends, in fact anybody for that matter doesn't constitute friendship and intimacy. You can receive calls from people we do not know and still talk to such people. After all, telemarketers call people's telephone numbers and yet we hardly know many of such callers. The second thing is, Christians do not keep malice and a true child of the Lord God Almighty indwelled with the Holy Spirit forgives. Having made that salient Biblical and Christian truth, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ also told us plainly: "Do not think that I am come to bring peace on earth; I came not to send peace but war and sword" (Matthew 10:34). What our Lord Jesus Christ meant here was not physical sword or physical war; rather, He was referring to spiritual warfare between Him as Light and Satan as Darkness. All of us who have willingly and deliberately enlisted into His Spiritual Army will fight this spiritual warfare currently being waged in the spiritual realm for the souls of human beings. Consequently, immediately after those Verses in Matthew 10:34; Jesus Christ identified where this spiritual warfare will commence from: "For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man's enemies shall be the members of his own household" (Matthew 10:35-36; See also Luke 12: 8-12). What the King meant here is that; every family will be divided into two opposing spiritual camps: God versus Satan, Light versus Darkness, Good versus Evil etc and you must be able to know with spiritual discernment which spiritual aisle every member of your family occupies and belongs and relate with each of them and to them appropriately, period!

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