Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Cameron, Texas, USA

ucifer, which was the original name of the archangel that later became Satan, was created with 12 elements by His Maker, the Lord God Almighty (Ezekiel 28:13). He was created 6,000 years before Adam and Eve (Revelation 13:18). He fell from grace in heaven to the ground, because of pride (Isaiah 14:12-15). He was able to draw one-third of the angels to join him in his coup d'état which tragically for them ended in a fiasco thus necessitating their complete, irredeemable and scorched banishment from heavens. Incensed and bitter, these lost angels proceeded to set up a diametrically-opposed kingdom on earth and categorized themselves into principalities, effete powers, and demons, forces of evil and wicked agents of destruction in the four levels of creation namely: the sea, arboreal realm, atmospheric plain and the eco-system. They obtained foothold among the human race through the disobedience of our First Parents; Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen.3). Sadly, these fallen angels could not build pernicious holds on the human race without pliant and accessible human beings as hirelings.

This year 2020, the Holy Spirit reveals that many of the activities of Satan and his human agents would be perpetrated virulently by family members, kindred demons and familiar enemies. The betrayal of kindred had been with us since yore, but in these end times, their rapidity will increase as our prophecy declares. If you are a true child of the Living God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, this is where you should watch out more in the Year 2020. Most of the booby traps of Satan and his factotums will be waged against redeemed souls through siblings, embedded family members acting as friends but are ravening wolves.

THE ENEMIES WITHIN: - Satan has a representative in every family on earth called witches. Satan has a principality in every village, town and city on earth. Satan has a prince in every nation and country and his invisible ambassadors superintend certain geographical locales and ambience around the earth (Daniel 8: 21; 10:13, Ezekiel 27: 13, 38:2; Ephesians 6:12). Of these satanic cadres, the most lethally dangerous and corrosive are the embedded foes in families and clans. This year, concentrate your prayers on the enemies within and be extremely qui vive on these familiar haters. They are coming nastily. Cain murdered his brother Abel. Strangers didn't plan to kill young Joseph, but his own flesh and blood who later sold him into slavery. The first set of rebellion against Moses in the Wilderness came from his Levites Clan led by Korah, Dathan, and Abiram. Abimilech murdered 70 of his siblings because he wanted power at all costs and only Jothan was able to escape. King David was betrayed by his own biological son, Absalom acting in cahoots and egged on to destruction by his father's most dependable adviser; Ahitophel who later committed suicide. Attaliah, a highly demonic, power hungry and egomaniac woman slaughtered her own grandchildren because she wanted to be queen which she achieved for only six months. But Joash, the last born escaped just as Jothan did. Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed by one of His Inner Circle consumed by the love for money which also led to his final waterloo. Over and over again, the Book of Life tells us plainly: "A man's enemies-and a woman too-will be the members of his own household" (Micah 7:6; Matthew 10:36). A sister called us here on why she hasn't been able to find a husband and as I was about to pray for her, the Holy Spirit, the Revealer of Truth said, she didn't need prayer, because her own mother living with her was the one responsible for her inability to settle down. We normally look at the top instead of going to the basics, the root cause of the problems. Watch out for enemies within as we start a New Year.

Why Do Family Members Betray and Plot Evil Against Their Own?

The first cause of family angst and resentment is rooted in hate. Some family members already figured out how far you can go in life, whereas they are not your Creator. Some think they are favored than you, but because the Omnipotent Lord God Almighty Who created you is the Only One Who can determine how far you can go, so when He starts raising you up, family members bare their fangs. Why did Joseph's family members hate him? Because he told them his future and they wanted to kybosh it, but praise the Lord, Joseph fulfilled his destiny, Hallelujah! Friend, beware of family members this year as my prophecy declares.

Jealousy and Envy are satanic Siamese twins that often bond together from the pit of hell. Jealousy is the attitude of exclusivity and not wanting anyone to be like you. Envy is you desiring and wanting to be what you are not created to be by the Lord. Those who stay in their lanes and fulfill their God-given destinies are devoid of envious spirit. I receive invitations here from kind-spirited folks to pastor their churches and I politely tell them I haven't been called to be a pastor. When I was growing up, a half-brother of mine once said that of all of my father's children, I was different and I told him he was right. Of course, I was different from the rest of you, because my Creator made me differently to perform certain tasks here on earth for His Utmost and Glory, Hallelujah! I remembered in 1973 when my father sent me to Pa Salu, the headmaster of Government Primary School Owo, Ondo State Western Nigeria. I went to his house at Clerk's Quarter and he said, I didn't look fair-complexioned like my co-siblings and why are you different? Later when my father came from Lagos to Owo, the matter came up and my father told Pa Salu, "Yes, he's different of all my children, but he's my last son from his mother." I hear it all the time that I am different and candidly, am I not different now? Those consumed by the demon spirits of jealousy and envy hardly amount to anything in life. Imbibe the revelation knowledge that you are different, because Moses parents knew he was different, that was why they hid him and defied Pharaoh's decree (Exodus 2:1-3).

Betrayal is also one of the destructive characteristic of sibling haters and familiar resents. They parade sense of entitlement to success and certain desirable attainments without realizing that no struggle comes without the required demand. A half-brother once told me I was lucky to be where I am now and I cut him off. It is a stupid assertion to say success comes as a result of luck. No, luck is such in a short supply on earth that success is attained by the twin causes of God's Glory and Hard work. The Lord will bless the work of your hands (Deuteronomy 28:13, Psalm 90:17) is the combo for success. I remember while in high school, I knew no girl and pushed hard to study which made me graduate at the top of my class. To the Glory of the Lord, I had a pretty focused view and idea of what I wanted to become and do in life at a very early age as an orphan. I vowed for instance never to have a large family, because I saw what it caused my late Dad. I vowed never to have a child out of wedlock and I vowed never to have two wives no matter the temptations. Folks; success is never attained serendipitously. Godliness, Obedience to your Creator, Focus and Hard work are the requisite ingredients for success (Joshua 1: 6-9). The sibling that betrayed you once will do it again; steer clear from such family members, they are slippery characters. Betrayal itself is a demonic spirit!

Many of the sabotage, envy and jealous dispositions of family members are Satanic and demonic instigations. As Elihu told Job and company, it is the spirit that is in a person that controls every human being. No matter your status in life, I watch you carefully the first time I meet you to find out and know the spirit that is in you. Thank God Almighty; discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 12:10c). This is the greatest strength of my spouse and partner; Dr Margie Neal in this ministry. Know the spirit that controls any family member, friend, colleague, co-worker etc and you can figure out the rest.

Family hatred, lack of love, undermining one another, sabotage and such ill-wind for and toward one another are signs of generational curses. If the root causes are not dealt with, they are passed from generation to generation as the Almighty God said in His Unchanging Words (Exodus 20:1-6).

Finally, some humans have ultra-convoluted idea of life as a race. They are over-ambitious and think they should outshine others and compete with others. Again, those are demonic dispositions.

Yes, in the Journey of Life, life is a race, but my own race, period! The eyes do not compete with the mouth, because they don't perform same functions in the body. The ears never want to be like nose, because the Creator put them in your body for different reasons and as Apostle Paul

biologically and morphologically elucidated, we are created for different reasons for His Glory (I Corinthians 12:1-31). When you take life as a competition instead of discovering God's purpose for your life, life has real meaning. Life competitors according to Italian poet; Publilius Syrus are rolling stones that gather no moss. There is nothing bad about being ambitious, to want to make it in life and excel with all the God-given endowments to worship and Glorify your Creator; but over ambition is a close cousin of rebellion which entered into Satan and his followers and ultimately topple them from Glory to Gloom. There are family members and close relatives inebriated with these satanic spirits; please avoid them like plagues in this New Year 2020 and beyond.

*In Dallas TX with an old uncle, Ola Ogunoye who left Nigeria in the 1970s when I was a teenager. We had a lot to catch up and spoke extensively.

There are many kindred, folks and family members flummoxed and devastated at how far the Almighty God has brought you and are incensed and jealous. Stay away from them this year, if you want to run your race and make it to the finished line in the Journey of Life.

How Do You Deal With Family Betrayal and Wickedness At Home?

You can't solve a problem until you recognize it. There is no difficulty you can't surmount and demonic spirit you can't defeat with the Awesome Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ until you recognize and face it. Family hatred is real and a sure fact of life, Even our Lord Jesus Christ faced it during His 33-year sojourn with us here as Son of the Living God, Hallelujah! As the Book of Life recorded for you and me: "For even His own brothers did not believe in Him" (John 7:5). Not all those who laugh, smile and smooch with you, attend your naming ceremony, hear you are in America or UK, or you have been promoted or getting married, bought a new home, son/daughter getting married or graduating etc are truly and genuinely happy for you. Shakespeare said it all; "There is no art to find the mind construction in the face" (Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 4) but thank God, we have the Holy Spirit.

If there is one wise and life-defining decision you will make that will completely alter your entire life, life's journey and define your eternal destination; it is to give your life to the One Who created your life in the first place. Trust me; you need our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ now, today and this New Year 2020 and forever. People often ask me; how did you make it through Sani Abacha's Gulag in Nigeria? I answer: Jesus Christ of Nazareth. How did you survive all the onslaughts of Satan and his demons, including their human agents in your ministry? Again my answer: Jesus Christ! Friend, life is a war! You have no choice; fight you must and that is why it is called life. You either fight or perish, there is no middle ground. Apostle Paul brought it homely to all redeemed souls: "Fight the good fight of faith" (I Timothy 6:12). Satan and his demons have betted with the Almighty God that they would make sure no human being ever passes through this planetary abode and return back to our Maker. It is called the Good Fight of Life. It is deadly. It is fought in the battlefield of the human minds and for the souls of each and every one of us who are passing through and will ever pass through this planetary system. It is intense, unrelenting and hard, but it is worth it, because we have a Champion Who already had fought it on our behalf and not only emerged victorious but triumphantly. His Name is Jesus Christ; Hallelujah! You need Him in your Corner as you fight your own life's battle. You can't take on siblings war, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy and evil intentions and activities on your own and certainly you can't fight Satan and his lickspittle associates that are using kindred against you without Our Commander-in-Chief and Field Marshal Jesus Christ, otherwise, you will be chewed raw. Give your life to Him Now; He is the Great Conqueror and the Victor Who told us truly: "…In this world you will have trouble. But take heart-that is, be at peace-I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Join your hands with the Overcomer and overcome too.

Apply the Spiritual Law of Addition and Subtraction:-Not everyone belongs into your life circle, even your biological relatives. The day Lot separated from Uncle Abram was the day the blessings of God began to pour out to Papa Abraham. Immediately the Lord God Almighty rejected King Saul, there was parting of ways between him and Samuel who installed him as king in the first place as commanded by the Lord God. There are some people that do not belong to the vision and purpose of God for your life. Some relationships are not meant for His purpose and for you to be used for His Utmost and so get rid of such relationship no matter how deep albeit painful. Imagine if we do not go to toilet after eating? I have written in the past on how to recognize those who belong to you and those who don't so look for it, grab it and operate on the principles revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. You need it in this New Year 2020 and beyond if you want to make it to the finished line.

Live a life of self-abnegation. It is difficult to live in a world of eschewal when everyone wants to pursue his or her rights. The Holy Spirit dealt with me in a very profoundly humble way the other day when I embarked on the crusade to fight over my family inheritance denied me. Many of the readers of this column would remember when I went public about the way I was cheated out of my family inheritance by my co-siblings. I strutted and vowed to fight for my right until the Holy Spirit said I should give it up and I complied. Now few years later, the Holy Spirit spoke to me one day: "Son, do you know why I didn't let your co-siblings give you what you considered your share of your late father's inheritance?" I answered the Holy Spirit I had no idea but I was obviously cheated. The Holy Spirit informed me; "Do you know the bulk of the money was Satanic? Your late aunt, who was a witch, owned bulk of the money your late father used in building that house in Lagos and I protected you from mixing that money with the money I planned to provide you for My Work. Ask all your other siblings who collected their share, none of them used the money for anything good, because it was Satanic." I was mouth agape as I informed my wife. Of course, the Holy Spirit has given me 1000 times over that so-called my inheritance for His Glory.

Folks, do not struggle with any family member for any inheritance or your right this New Year 2020 and beyond. Operate in the blessing shadow of the Almighty God, the Jehovah Jireh and El-Shaddai whose blessing enriches and He adds no sorrow to it (Proverbs 10:22). When you sincerely believe that promotion and elevation do not come from east or west, north and south, but from the True Lord God Almighty on High (Psalm 75:6-7), you will be amazed what He will do in your life this Year and beyond if you operate in, on and by Godly principles.

A brother called us here that he wanted to put in his application for a highly-elevated position in his country and wanted the Lord God Almighty to do it through us. We told him what to do and he obeyed. The exercise pitted him with other well-connoted candidates and the deciders began to manipulate the exercise. He called again and said he may be denied the position because he had no godfather. I told him our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Only Godfather he needed and he should trust and have faith in Him. He nabbed the position, praise the Lord!

Help and cultivate the spirit of charity. As the Almighty God provides for you, open your hands and help anyone you can help as directed by the Holy Spirit. In my ministry, the closest people to me are those who understand what we are doing and put all their energies into it. A highly-placed man in his country wanted to get in touch with us and he was directed to my PA. he was shocked the man was not from my own ethnic group and I told him since the Lord God called me into ministry, all He has been sending as our administrators over the years are believers and God-fearing souls and not tribes men. I look for the spirit in you in my relationship with you and care no hoot about where you are from, because it is the spirit in a person that controls that person (Job 32:8); religion, ethnicity, gender, color of skin etc do not control souls.

Live a Lonely Life: The Christian life is very, very lonely; I mean it with all seriousness. There are few of us around and I say that with all sense of humility. Satan is the god of this world and the Word of Life says; " We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is under the sway-that is power-of the evil one-referring to Satan" (I John 5:19). That is why the Road to Eternal Life is hard, narrow and only few find it (Matthew 7:14). If you think your relatives, folks, kindred, colleagues etc will be happy for you for being saved and doing the work of the Lord, you are sorely mistaken. Stop and trying to please all folks, you can't do it and it is not going to happen as a stranger passing through this dimension in the Journey of Life.

Have the Spirit of Discernment to know evil from afar. Do not share your plans, aspirations and future decisions with anyone, including your spouse until you have the resources to achieve them. If you live in a neighborhood, apartment complex etc, be careful whom you discuss your future plans with, because Satan and his demons listen and can use such neighbors, colleagues, kinsmen and women, acquaintances and even fellow parishioners to kybosh God's plans for your life. A brother once asked me why is it that anytime he shares an idea or plan with anyone, that plan would not materialize. Witches and wizards use people close to you to ferret out information and disclosures that come from believer's mouths and put measures in place to block the materialization of such Holy Spirit-birthed ideas and plans. A Christian brother told me that all manners of prophecies have been revealed to him that he would play a prominent role in the political future of his nation, yet nothing is happening and wanted to know why. Here is his answer: Saul did it in I Samuel 10:16 and so do what Saul did.

Many of my wife's friends often ask her, why she doesn't reveal her plans and aspirations to them and she laughed. My wife, Dr Margie knows the power of the spoken words and utterances can be stolen by satanic agents from human hirelings who may even be innocent and not active Satanists. A family friend my wife had known for nearly 30 years was exposed by this spiritual wisdom when she cut us off as soon as we relocated from Chicago to Texas. She was shocked about the blessing of God on our lives and refused to visit The Jesus Christ Solution Center headquarters here in Cameron. I had earlier told my wife this particular friend would reveal her true spiritual identity as soon as we relocated and she did. Friends, not all those who visit you in your new home, house, rejoice with you for a new job, promotion, naming ceremony, wedding, new car etc are really happy and joyous for you. Some people's spirits are so toxic that when leaving your place of joy they deposit negative spiritual aura that will limit more of your elevation, joy, blessings and promotion. Pray first before you send invitations out to people for any event and celebration in your house this New Year 2020 and beyond.

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