Sunday, December 29, 2019

he release of Sowore and Dasuki confirms that in Nigeria the rule of law is impotent and what operates is the will of men.

Justice is a favour granted at the pleasure of the president. This is the sad tragedy of the state of Nigeria, under Rtd Major General Mohammadu Buhari.

After ignoring court decisions and ridding roughshod over many court orders for several years for Dasuki and months for Sowore, the president suddenly ordered their release from illegal detention. Not because the court said so, but because the president who have ignored court decisions, is feeling international pressure and decided it was time to release them.

Nigerians should ponder the implications of such a society and why what the president thinks, wishes or wants should be over and above the rule of law.

Nigerians should reflect on the meaning of a legal system, which operates at the whims, caprices and discretions of the president.

The president have openly voiced his dislike of the slow wheel of justice system. Instead of trying to make it faster and fairer, he has decided to ignore it altogether.

The result is that today in Nigeria, many innocent people like members of IPOB, are languishing in prisons. Not because they have been found guilty of any crime, but because the President, Rtd Major General Mohammad Buhari wants then locked up.

This does not suggest a country under the rule of law, but one under the rule of men. This is a full-blown dictatorship.

Many people who have served in public offices in Nigeria have proved to be nothing, but a bunch of common crooks who hide behind their tribe and religion to abuse their offices to loot the treasury and ride roughshod over the law.

Their conduct and behaviour fall well below the minimum expected from people in public offices.

They are contemptuous of the law. They do not care that Nigeria is deviating from being a democracy under the rule of law, where no body is above the law to a dictatorship, where the word of the president is law.

In Nigeria under Buhari, police, army judiciary and all institutions do not have the independence to carry out their statutory functions within the frame work of the rule of law.

They are under constant executive interference as we have witnessed in the several cases of people who are still in detention several months and years after courts have ordered their release.

I want a Nigeria, where the government will respect court orders. A country where what the president thinks and want is not above the constitution and the law.

What is evolving in Nigeria under Buhar is a dystopic dictatorship, where the president is above the law and his wishes the law. It is wrong, it is scary, it is madness.