Thursday, December 24, 2020

he recent killings in Southern Kaduna is the latest evidence that those who depend on the government of Mohammadu Buhari to keep them safe would be killed in cold blood.

The problem of security in many Nigerian states is essentially caused by the menace of Fulani herdsmen and terrorists and a complicit federal government headed by a fulani.

It is not too difficult to solve, if the leaders are sincere, honest and courageous.

If the local government chairmen feel what the people feel and do not want to to exposed them to the risk of Fulani herdsmen and the governors prepared to do what is in the best interest of the people, the problem can be solved in days.

The state house of assemblies will pass bills making it a serous crime to graze cattle on farms with very punitive sanctions that would force those behind the herds men to conclude it is not worth the while. Then, the president would replace the heads of security agencies and give the new heads the resources and mandate to deal with the problem.

They have the right to do this. The question is why they have refused to do it.

But many of the leaders in position to do this, would not do it because they believe it would not help their ‘National ambition’. The president because it would not achieve his ambition to make Nigeria fulani gone land and Sultan of Sokoto the preeminent traditional leader in Nigeria. The last time I checked, the Sultan is now addressed as his eminence.

Those from the south because they would not be seen as friends of the north and northerners, because they cannot afford to upset the caliphate. Moreover, it would expose them to risk of EFCC investigation of how they mismanaged the resources of their states.

The irony is that all the people in position to stop this madness want to become president of Nigeria or ministers and believe they need the approval of The real head of Myetti Allah, Sultan of Sokoto. Therefore, they not not want to vessel to act against Fulanis, even when they are criminals, bandits or terrorists.

This is the idiocy that is controlling our leaders. Particularly in the south East.

They want the approval of those destroying our lives.

Not long ago, Enugu state Governor rolled out the red carpet for Sultan of Sokoto. You would think a head of state was visiting Enugu. Non of the Igbo leaders, who are making themselves irrelevant by their inaction ask, how many northern states have honoured the Obi of Onitsha,or Agbor.

The greatest curse on us is that our leaders wants to please those who wants to wipe us out of the face of the earth.

When they go to see the Emirs they knell down. When they go to see Buhari they stand like dogs with tails between their legs and now as if to God. They lack the courage to stand up for our people. They are cowards, the worst kind because they are compromised by their greed and value the approval of Fulanis more than the cries of their people.

This is what you get, when you have takers, looters and moochers in power. It all boils down to greed and having no scruples.

In the absence of honest and sincere leadership, the only cause is for Nigerians to arm themselves because Buhari lies to the world, while Fulanis carry out genocide in Nigeria.

These killings will not stop unless the people arm and fight back. For years the Myatti Allah, the sponsor of Fulani terrorism in Nigeria have stalled while it armed Fulanis.

Today, the Fulanis have thousands of armed uneducated and savage youths, who take joy in killing. This killing has worsened since Buhari became president and offered his support.

Buhari has given millions of Naira to Myatti Allah an organisation he led before he became president.

Fulanis have declared war and every Nigerian must now arm to survive. It is the only choice. If you think otherwise , go and ask the thousands who have been killed in cold blood.