Wednesday, December 19, 2018

or three and half years, Fulani herdsmen from different African countries have been conducting a killing spree in the middle belt with complicity of the Nigerian government and not a single political party is interested in justice for the victims and how to end this scourge.

Not a single political party is interested in finding out how such a thing can happen in a Democracy.

Not a single political party is interested in bringing those responsible to justice.

For three and half years Nigerian army made up of mainly soldiers from the north have occupied Igbo land in a way no army should deploy within the country in a democracy in peace time, and not a single political party is asking questions.

For three and half years, Nigerian soldiers have slaughtered unarmed Igbo youth agitating for Biafra and not a single political party is interested in justice for the victims.

Hundreds of shia Moslems were murdered and their leader imprisoned without bail and not a single political party is making justice to them an election issue.

How can anyone honestly have faith in Nigeria as a country, when leaders are not interested in the rule of law and justice as fairness?

How can rational and honest minds think that what transpires as democracy in Nigeria is acceptable in a civil society?

If Nigeria is a democracy, the government and politicians would be interested in the rule of law and accountability.

They would be interested in justice as fairness and the violations of the fundamental human rights of Nigerians by the government and military.

These issues would dominate the polity. They would be interested in stopping future presidents for exercising power the way Buhari has done in the last three.

They would be promising legislations to stop soldiers and police men from acting with impunity. They will be debating which party has the best policy to address corruption, Fulani herdsmen, and Boko Haram terrorism and rebuild the broken education and health systems.

The question is why are the political parties not interested in the evolution of civil society in Nigeria, under the rule of law, where the government and military are accountable for their actions?

Why are Nigerian leaders not interesting in passing good legislations that would make it easy to prosecute those involved in corruption, and govern the country in an efficient way and fair manner?

Why are Nigerian politicians and political parties not interested in an independent and protected judiciary capable to dispensing justice without fear of the executive?

Why should soldiers and policemen get away with murder? Why should Nigerian soldiers and police have the right to shoot unarmed protesters? Whatever happened to the rule of law?

Why should politicians get away with corruption and treason? Why are Nigerians afraid to fight for a better society through political process?

Nigerians should look for political parties that promises to

  1. Abrogate the land use Act

  2. Disarm all Fulani herdsmen

  3. Restructure Nigeria and devolve power to the regions so that every region can have the freedom to develop at its pace in line with her culture.

  4. Ensure the writing of a new constitution by the people, for the people and approved by the people.

  5. Ensure equal representation at all federal level and end northern domination.

  6. Ensure adequate compensation for the victims of terror and end police brutality, extrajudicial killings, executive lawlessness and political. Etc.

The coming election is yet another opportunity for Nigerians to demonstrate that they know what they want by rejecting both APC and PDP.

An opportunity to say loud and clear that Nigerians reject the system of a bloated and corrupt government sucking all the money for themselves, friends and family, while the rest of the people and institutions in which good governance depends suffer. This is what voting for either APC or PDP will perpetuate.

Reject the two corrupt and failed parties is the only way, Nigerians can begin to take back control of their lives from the looters and moochers who have brought the country to its knees. Nigerians must reject the choice to choose between bad and worse. Nigerians deserve better.