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here is no doubt that religion can be a good thing, which brings groups of people together. It is also true that it can be a major cause of division, conflict, suffering, insecurity and prejudice in our world. This is despite the fact that religion claims to be about peace, morality and love of man for his fellow man and God.

From America, where the Christian right is seeking to enshrine Christian dogmas in American constitution, through Palestine, where Orthodox Jews are supporting ethnic cleansing of Palestinians to establish Israel as a the Jewish state, to the other countries of Middle East, Somali, Nigeria and beyond, where Islam has unleashed war of terror to eliminate other faiths and impose itself on all; religion has become an irresistible lethal weapon in the hands of misguided psychopaths, separatist and nationalists, who find it easy means to make money, Pursue their sectarian objectives and control the gullible.

In many churches, Mosques and the pages of newspapers and websites, pastors, self appointed 'men of God, Sheiks and Imams peddle their dogmas, falsehood, hate and irrational beliefs as words of God in effort to hold the people hostage of faith, in a world, where God has given abundance of knowledge and understanding in nature and in our hearts, about his existence and ways.

Believers brandish the Bible and Quran and claim that the ancient literature, the words of men, are the words of God and urge faith in them, even in the face of contradiction, irrationality, inhumanity and falsity.

The result of this misunderstanding of true religion is that, all the Abrahamic faiths have evolved into a fraud, which are used to exploit people, control them, justify injustices and, defend bigotry and discriminations. It would seem that Religion is no longer about love and brotherhood of man and sisterhood of women, but about power, money, control, jihad, sectarianism and supremacy.

When a person becomes enlightened, he understands the necessity of the morality which religion preaches and that indeed, the law is sufficient and no one needs to be more virtuous than the law allows. The sufficiency of the law in inducing moral behaviour in people and ensuring peaceful coexistence is a truth that is not adequately preached.

No one needs to become a believer in Jewish tales or Arabian fables to become a good or moral person in the sight of the Almighty One God, who in his wisdom has written his laws in his creation and human hearts.

In Islam, hate preachers fan the flame of bigotry through ignorant exegesis from the Quran, which poison the minds of young people and turn them into murderous extremists,who see the slaughtering of their fellow human beings as Devine mission. They are indoctrinated with intolerant orthodoxies that elevate ignorant and prejudiced views of antiquity as truth and are left with the impression that Islam is right about God, while the rest of the world are wrong.

This false sense of superiority and overvalued idea of their beliefs about God, embolden them in their ignorance and they go about defending child sexual abuse as child marriage, discrimination of non-Muslims, subjugation of women and other injustices in the name of sharia, making the world a more dangerous place with their hatred, ignorance, delusional beliefs and intolerance.

Furthermore, take the birth of Jesus for instance, many Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus was born by Virgin birth. Meaning that his mother got pregnant without having sexual intercourse with a man. However, examination of the Biblical usage and meaning of a virgin conceiving, does not mean pregnancy without having sex. They have imposed a meaning that justified their delusion and ignorance.

In the attempt to justify this irrational meaning, believers falsified and misinterpreted biblical story ,turning it into a prophecy, which was fulfilled by the birth of Jesus. This is an extraordinary fraud, which millions have simply failed to see, even though it stairs all in the face.

Christians quote Isaiah 7:14 as the prophecy which was fulfilled by the birth of Christ. "Behold a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son".

I do not know how many Christians, have investigated this verse. I have and this is what I found.

It would seem to me that the verse has been misinterpreted, misused and misapplied to develop an irrational and false dogma about Jesus, Mary, the Holy Ghost and God.

This is because a dispassionate reading of the whole chapter and the particular event it was related to, which made Isaiah to make the statement, cannot be rationally applied to the birth of Jesus which happened many year after.

The fact are:

  1. Isaiah spoke these words to Ahaz king of Judah.

  2. At that time, the king of Syria and king of Israel were fighting against Ahaz and were marching their armies towards Jerusalem. 7:1

  3. Ahaz and his people (Judah) were frightened. Isaiah 7:2. "Their heart were moved as the tree of wood are moved with the wind"

  4. Isaiah spoke to Ahaz to reassure him in the name of the Lord that the two kings would not succeed against him. 7:3-7

  5. To satisfy Ahaz that what he said would be the case he told him to ask for a sign. 7:10-12

  6. However, Ahaz refused saying he would not tempt The Lord. 7:11

  7. There upon, Isaiah decided to give him a sign to reassure him that what he told him would come to pass and said in verse 14 "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son and shall call his name Immanuel. in verse 16 it says, "For before the child shall know to refuse evil and choose good, the Land which thou abhorrest (Syria and Kingdom of Israel) shall be forsaken of both her kings".

  8. Isaiah then took two witnesses and slept with a Virgin, the prophetess and she conceived, but he did not name the child Immanuel as he claimed The Lord told him.Isaiah 8:2-3. Within a very short time, Isaiah would want people to believe that the Lord gave him two different names for the child a Virgin would bear. So much for thus said The Lord.

  9. The virgin was the prophetess who Prophet Isaiah made pregnant to prove to king Agaz that before the son would grow up, that the kings fighting against him would be no more. She gave birth to a son. Even though he had said that the child would be called Immanuel, he named him Mahershalalhashbaz.

  10. The rest of the story is played out in 2chronicles chapter 28.

    Isaiah's prophecy was proved false.

    The same Bible says that if a prophet prophesied and it did not come to pass that, that prophet is a false prophet.

    11. Instead of the two kings failing in their attempt against Ahaz king of Judah, they succeeded. Ahaz was defeated. 120,000 of his people were slaughtered. Jerusalem was plundered and 2000 women and their sons and daughters were carried into captivity.

So much for the prophecy of Isaiah.

I wonder if Nigerian pastors, 'men of God' and priests, tell their congregations this story and how they can justify the nonsense and ignorant orthodoxies they are preaching to the people. It is on the words of this false prophet that Christianity has built its faith in the virgin birth, theology of immaculate conception and Jesus being God and man at the same time, concocting a contradictory absurdity that is impossible for the rational mind to comprehend.

The Isaiah's virgin giving birth story, has nothing to do with Jesus, holy Holy Ghost and Mary. The prophet was not talking about a Messiah, when he uttered the statement. It is simply unthinkable that some people have made such an association.

There is no evidence in the Bible that Isaiah, who was one of the numerous people pretending to be a seer was speaking what God told him. All the evidence would suggest that he was using God to earn a living, just as many so called men of God are doing today in Nigeria.

It is therefore clear that Marry did not conceive in the way and manner Christians believe and the Jews know this all along and just laugh at Christians. A Virgin surely did conceive and bore a son, but it was after she slept with prophet Isaiah.

Since then, many virgins have been conceiving and bearing sons and daughters. It would therefore seem that Christmas may be a misguided and spurious celebration and the foundation of the Christian faith may be based on a lie. It is not unthinkable.

The absurdities and fallacies of many Christian and Islamic orthodoxies are obvious to rational minds. Unless, they are redefined to bring them in line with the facts of history and reason, both religion will eventually become irrelevant and extinct. How can any reasonable person believe that those who are killed in 'Jihads' will go to paradise, where 72 virgins will be waiting for them. What will a sane human being, even a saint, do with 72 virgins? Why are Christianity and Islam obsessed with virgins?

These facts do not distract from the fact that Jesus set a good example for humanity in moral conduct, which we should follow. It just shows that God does not need to visit a woman as some people claim he did, for a Virgin to bear a son. Men are quite capable of making virgins to bear children. Let he who reads, understand.

Merry Xmas.