Thursday, November 8, 2018

here is a video making round in social media. It is the video of a pristine estate purportedly owned by the wife of Rochas Okorocha, Imo state Governor.

It is yet another example how Rochas Okorocha pillaged Imo state during his 8 years as governor.

It has been the misfortune of Igbos since the end of the civil war that the worst of us , the most depraved of us, the greediest of us and the most diabolical of us, often gain power.

Apart from Chief Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe, Abia and Imo have not produced any political leader of character, vision and value as governor, since the end of the civil war. There is literarily nothing to show for the 16 years of Orji Uzor Kalu and T A Orji as governors of Abia State and nothing has changed in the 4 years of Okezie Ikpeazu. What we have in this two Igbo state as governance is criminality.

Today, the only part of Ngwa road Aba that has resemblance of a road is the part Chief Mbakwe, as governor of old Imo state constructed in late 1970s, when I was in secondary school.

Igbo states, Abia and Imo states are particularly unfortunate to have the most unfit for offices gaining power. This is the state of affairs in the region, where IPOB is demanding for Biafra. The Igbo leaders loot the treasury impoverish their states and pauperise the people, while encouraging those who should hold them to account to agitate for Biafra.

Rochas Okorocha has proved to be one of the most unscrupulous and diabolical igbo man I have met. He is one of the people who resuscitated the Biafran agitation.

I remember when he came to London after the death of Ojukwu. He was singing ĎAgamu ahapu Biafra ga ebe ozo ga birií Rochas Okorocha was standing with Victor Umeh and Peter Obi fanning the flame of Igbo nationalism and sowing the seeds of agitation. The three men were then in APGA. They were exploiting the death of Ojukwu to build their own political careers before their greed and the pursuit of their selfish interests forced them to part ways. We have IPOB, militarisation of Igbo land and many dead and incarcerated Igbo youth to show for their action.

I knew they were playing a dangerous game making Igbos believe that APGA was their route to Biafra. Today Peter Obi and Rochas Okorocha have reunited in APC, while the people they used or deceived suffer the consequences of their ill though out actions. They are not the only Igbo elites, who think they can exploit Biafra, while flourishing in Nigeria.

Like the the rest of them, Rochas sings Biafra in private and shouts Nigeria in public. He speaks from both sides of his mouth. Some Igbo leaders flocked to take pictures with Nnamdi Kanu, only to sanction python dance, when he threatened their political fortune.

Rochas Okorocha is serving out his second term in office as Governor and currently the Orlu APC Senatorial Candidate.

His son-in-law, Uche Nwosu married to his first daughter is presently his Chief of Staff, whom he is plotting to impose as the Governor of Imo state come 2019.

The Minister from Imo State Prof. Anthony Anwukah is also the father in-law to his second daughter, Uju Okorocha.

His youngest sister, Ogechi Ololo, is his Deputy Chief of Staff as well as his special Assistant Domestic Affairs. Currently the Commissioner of Happiness

His wife Mrs. Nkechi Okorocha is in charge of "Amnesty" in Imo State with a five billion naira budget. Also a house of Reps Candidate of APC Aham Okorocha his son is the House of Assembly candidate of APC in Ideato.

His eldest sister, Mrs. Geraldine Obinali, collects all market fees and fines in Imo State.

His eldest brother Gerald receives the account for all Motor Park tolls in Imo State.

His younger brother Okey is in charge at Imo Transport Company.

His brother, Jude is in charge of revenue from sand dredging, and any laterite excavation pit in Imo State.

His second Daughter Mrs. Uju Rochas Anwukah is appointed as Board member from Imo State at Federal College of Education Ndele Rivers State. This is not a man who is running a state, but a boss who presides over a criminal empire.

Like T A Orji of Abiís state he wants to hide in the senate to escape prosecution for his crimes, while in office as a governor. For Igbo governors like Rochas, T A Orji and co, they came , they saw, they looted and ran to the senate. It is not difficult to conclude that no people with men and women like Rochas Okorocha, as leaders, who are immersed in corruption, drunk on nepotism, exercises power arbitrarily, have no regard for due process and govern on the whim, will ever evolve into a civil society.

This is because men like Rochas Okorocha are exploiters, takers, looters and Moochers, people who never add real value to society nor know how to transform their ideas into knowledge.

They regard their views as superior for the only reason that it is their view. They have over valued ideas about whatever they think, even when they have no expertise or training in the area. This is why they are very dangerous. They are arrogant and petulant.

Rochas Okorocha tore the text book of governance and took nepotism and government by whim and caprice to great height. At the moment, he is hell bent on imposing his son-in-inlaw to succeed him in complete disregard of the rules.

Not long ago, we witnessed the tragedy of Okorocha and Zuma, which exposed both his poor judgement and intellectual deficit.

If Okorocha wanted to honour a South African president, the right thing would have been to honour Nelson Mandela and invite Zuma. But, what business has a governor of a state with honouring a head of state and wasting the money he needs to make life better for the people?

Rather, Rochas Okorocha chose to honour Zuma, in a delusional attempt to raise his profile because of his ambition to succeed Buhari, when everybody knew Zuma was a political liability and under investigation for corruption. Now we know why he loves Jacob Zuma.

During Zumaís watch, Nigerians in South Africa, majority of who are Igbos were subjected to xenophobic attacks as Zuma tried to deflect the consequences of his corrupt government. In spite of the glaring facts, Okorocha decided to honour him.

I hope that the long suffering people of Imo state would do what right and reasonable people anywhere would do under the circumstance, which is to bring Rochas Okorocha to justice, when he leaves office and ensure that he does not benefit from his crimes against the people and state.

The estate built by his wife with money stolen from the state should be balloted amongst civil servants and pensioners.

It is their sweat and blood. Igbos must rise up against corruption, criminality and dishonesty of Igbo leaders to have a future either in Nigeria or Biafra. The problem of Igbos in Nigeria is not the northern domination, it is criminal Igbo leadership.