Monday, November 1, 2021
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Dear Editor, Below is article for your consideration. Thanks Kind regards Eke .

I have just returned from another harrowing trip to Nigeria, visiting Abia state and my heart aches.

I will leave the criminality that goes on in the name of governance in Abia state for another time.

I experienced first hand the activities of Nigeria army in south east Nigeria and I am alarmed by what I witnessed.

The daily violations of the rights of the people through brutality and humiliations. The dehumanisation of people at road blocks in the name of looking for IPOB members. The extortions racket that is fun by the police.

The latest is the destruction of a farm in one of the eastern states by men of the Nigeria army, which has been debunked by the army.

The question is why Debunk? Why not take the video and identify the people and investigate. This is what a normal army will do. But an army full of Boko Haram members, and ethnic irredentists will simply debunk and believe that whatever it says is the truth and the law.

The Nigerian army in south East Nigeria has become a homicidal army of occupation, which has lost the confidence of the people, has no regards for rules, human dignity and human rights.

It goes to burn villages and intimate unarmed villagers living their lives, under the guise of looking for IPOB members, while fulani terrorists called bandits continue ethnic cleansing of Nigerian villages in middle belt, southern Kaduna and various parts of the country.

Nigeria is no longer a United country under the rule of law, Buhari has declared war on non Fulanis in his attempt to make Nigeria a Fulani nation.

Many ethnic communities are living a nightmare under Buhari and his sectarian federal government.

What we have in Nigeria today is not democracy. It is a sinister type of authoritarianism, clothed in the garb of democracy. It is tyranny of a dubious majority.

It is worst than tyranny because it suffers the delusion that it is a democracy.

It is what a country gets when itís democracy is not about the freedom and rights of the people, but a mechanism to, appropriate collective wealth by a few and hold on to power to serve selfish and sectarian interests.

It would seem that the political space in Nigeria is currently occupied by people with toxic sectarian agenda, who do not have the independence of thought, integrity, knowledge and moral conviction to govern for all, under the rule of law. It is a government that sees the world through ethnic and religion lenses.

It is worse than autocracy because it is deceptive, ignorant, adamant and audacious, and has no qualms using force, intimidation, deception and impunity.

It lacks sensitivity, has arrogant disregard of the rights of the people and devoid of sense of accountability, creating environment, where might is right, injustices flourish and, impunity reign supreme.

The government has no shame lying and disregarding truth. The government has no qualms abusing and bastardising the judicial system and process.

Nigerians are living more than a nightmare under Buhari. Nigerian has become a dystopia, where human lives mean very little and no one knows, if the country would survive.

This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that the federal government and all security agencies are unable to deal decisively with those who are breaking the law because they are from the same ethnic group as the president. This is both dangerous and tragic.

Buhari has failed to show leadership and due diligence in dealing with, Boko Haram terrorists, fulani terrorists conducting ethnic cleansing of indigenous Nigerian communities and Fulani bandits engaging in kidnapping and robbery.

It is something unimaginable that a president of a democratic country would pander to ethnic nationalism at the expense of the citizens of the country whose constitution he swore to uphold.

For a Nigerian president to acquiesce With the declaration that Fulanis from all over Africa are Nigerians, is akin to Hitler annexing German speaking parts of Australia and France. It shows that Buhari has no regard for nation states and that the only identity he values is his Fulani identity. I suppose it is time to tell Buhari and Miyetti Allah that Nigeria is not a home land for Fulanis.

Buhari has allowed a culture of intimidation, banditry and terrorism to take root and this has undermined the rule of law and civil society.

It is clear that it is the sectarian attitude of the Buhari government that is destroying the Buhari government policy of transferring wealth to Fulanis through direct government payments, banditry and foreign exchange manipulation that are destroying Nigeria.

The behaviour and conduct of Buhari is more than dereliction of duty, it borders on treasonable felony and Buhari must now stop before Nigeria reaches point of no return, if Nigeria has not already passed it.

A good leader governs for all.